Recommendations on how to install a theme for Windows 7

I'll start with the fact that the price of variousversions of the Seven are different. And recently I was convinced why. Earlier, when I came across only the maximum release, I somehow did not really care. But when I purchased a new device with a pre-installed Seven, marked "home base", everything immediately fell into place. It was after this that I realized what the catch is with the different versions of this operating system.

how to install a theme for Windows 7

And it all started when I was puzzledHow to install a theme for Windows 7 of this version. At first I found out that in this release there is no personalization function in the menu. But it is he who is responsible for all manipulations with the system interface. Therefore, I could not install the themes for Windows 7 that I wanted. Having studied the necessary material, I found out that there is still a possibility to change wallpaper with a splash screen. However, for this it was necessary to go into the control panel, which for me created certain inconveniences. I used to do this with a few clicks on the desktop.

install themes for windows 7

But, as it turned out later, it was not the mostterrible. When I was looking for the answer to the question how to install a theme for Windows 7, it turned out that in this version of the Seven, this feature is simply not available. If you try to do this, you will immediately receive a message stating that this issue does not support topics. But our craftsmen still found a way out of the situation, for which they bow low. But more on that later.

So, how to install a theme for Windows 7 in asituation in which I found myself? You can of course re-install this basic system to the maximum. Still, as an option, you can use little-known software to patch your system. Well, or pay the company Microsoft in order to switch to a more functional release. All these options were not suitable for me.

Christmas theme for Windows 7

At the same time I really wanted the New YearThe theme for Windows 7 was installed on my machine. And I found a very simple, but at the same time, effective solution to this problem. There is such a package that automatically installs the personalization panel. It is called the Personalization Panel. Soft adds to any limited version of the Seven personalization option, which is not available in these releases. Thanks to it, your system will support themes, the ability to change wallpaper and colors of windows.

When I installed it, it immediately appeareda necessary panel with the help of which I easily managed to establish the desired topic. As for me, so this is the best solution, taking its simplicity. After all, you do not need to "quack" the licensing system or change it to pirate. And it will cost nothing to you. So, if you are faced with a similar problem, use my recommendations. I think that you will be satisfied. With the help of it you will put any topic you just want.

I hope you have learned how to set the topic forWindows 7. Tell all this to your friends who have a licensed Seven with limited functionality. This will also allow them to solve problems with installing the right interface without interfering with unauthorized software.

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