We study how to update BIOS

Many computer owners are rarely askedthe question of how to update the BIOS of the motherboard, adhering to the principle of "works - and okay." And in vain! Because of this, the potential of the computer system is not fully realized. And he is often huge.

What the update provides

how to update BIOS
The basic input / output system (BIOS, BIOS) ismicroprogram recorded in a chip, the data in which do not disappear when the power supply is interrupted. After pressing the power button of the computer, the BIOS receives the control. The main components of the computer system are tested and configured. If all the steps are successful, the operating system starts loading from the specified media. Now BIOS has evolved to UEFI, gaining new opportunities, but its main tasks remain the same.

The functionality of this program depends on theversion. For example, if there is a malfunction in the computer, then, quite possibly, the reason for this is that the microcode BIOS incorrectly determines the installed model of the CPU and, accordingly, incorrectly configures it. Hence the error. Having figured out how to update BIOS, this problem can be solved. Moreover, there is nothing complicated in this.

update BIOS graphics card
In addition to properly supporting a new connectedequipment, knowing how to update the BIOS, you can add some useful configuration features. For example, the overclocking of the processor and memory may be of interest to the advanced setting of time delays (timings) for the controller, the function of unlocking cores and improved voltage control. By the way, you can update the BIOS of the video card. But this is a completely different topic.

Roll up your sleeves ...

That our article does not seem unfounded, weconsider in detail how to update BIOS. We point out possible pitfalls and give the order of actions. We will not specify how to update the BIOS Gigabyte, Asus or Asrock, as the general principle for all motherboards is the same.

First you need to define the model exactlymain computer board. It is indicated on the box or in the accompanying instruction booklet. Alternative solution - using the diagnostic programs Aida64 or Sandra. Next, you need to define the revision. To do this, you need to inspect the motherboard. This can be, for example, "Rev 1.0". After that, it remains to find the current version of BIOS. For example, in Aida64, you need to follow the path "Motherboard - BIOS".

update biogas gigabyte
After that you need to go to the sitedeveloper, choose your model, specifying an audit. In the "Support" (or "BIOS"), determine the desired version and upload it to your hard drive. In the "Utilities" you should find and download the program to flash the new file. Its names are different (for example, MSI has Live Update, Gigabyte has @BIOS, etc.), so do not forget to read the accompanying explanations. Next, you must install and run the utility. If the downloaded BIOS file is packed with an archiver, then it must be previously extracted. In the utility window, specify the file and click "Flash" ("Update"). Before the completion of the operation, the computer is better not to load other tasks.


You can not use BIOS files designed forfor different board revisions. If the computer frequently hangs, it is not recommended to perform the flashing, since a hang during this operation can lead to the system being completely inoperable. You must first eliminate the cause of unstable work. It is recommended to take care of the backup power supply (in case of voltage problems).

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