Numerous administrative duties

To date, the development of the service sector has reached a level where a person feels most comfortable in an institution where there is a professional administrator.

Although we have to face absolutelythe opposite situation, when, despite the decent level of services that this or that institution provides, the desire to return there again after one visit is lost. It's all about the unprofessional work of the administrator, who was not able to smoothly organize the interaction of the staff and adequately accept the client.

The duties of the administrator are comparable with the work of the secretary. It is safe to say that this employee is considered the right-hand man of the director.

As a rule, the administrator is responsible for orderingwhere he works, it can be a night club, a billiard room, a beauty salon, a restaurant, a hotel, etc. It is already difficult to imagine the work of an institution to provide services without this important person.

Duties of the administrator includea huge list of tasks that he must perform, so often a person who has work experience and possesses such qualities as responsibility, organization, diligence and, no less importantly, the ability to work in a team, is accepted for this position. Why is the last point of such importance? Because the duties of the administrator include the correct organization of the entire work process and often the distribution of wages and the regulation of the system of premiums and fines. This can be done professionally only by a person who knows how to approach this issue in a reasonable and unbiased way, without thinking that this can lead to a deterioration in relations with some members of the workforce.

The administrator should be familiar with all orders, orders and other normative documents, which, in one way or another, are relevant to the work.

Moreover, it is this employee who is"Face" of the organization and on how correctly and courteously he can meet the client (to provide a first impression) depends whether the visitors will come back here again. From this it follows that the profit of the institution depends on how professionally the administrator performs his work.

For sure, every woman at least once in her life was inbeauty salon, even if the master usually comes to her directly at home. It is difficult not to notice that it is the presentation of the beauty salon administrator that plays a decisive role in deciding whether to use the services of specialists who work there.

Duties of the beauty salon administratorinclude an infinite number of orders that must be performed. These include banal, such as receiving phone calls, meeting customers and referring them to the right person, financial transactions (paying for services and buying additional hair care products, nails or skin, which the master will recommend). But few people thought that on the shoulders of the administrator is responsible for the most incredible trivia: buying light bulbs, etc.

Administrative duties may not include the item "make tea orcoffee to customers ", but it is this" cozy "touch that can accommodate visitors and make them permanent guests in this institution. The administrator should be able to correctly resolve conflict situations and respond correctly to the increased tone of clients, which they sometimes resort to.

It should also be noted that it is not written anywhere,that the duties of the administrator include a presentable and accurate appearance, but this is how the person occupying this position should look. In addition, he must have a good diction and literate speech, which does not contain the words "parasites".

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