Job description and duties of the chief technologist

Since the job description of the maina technologist refers a professional taken to work to the number of managers, to accept or dismiss him from work is possible only on the orders of the general director, to whom he, in fact, submits while performing his duties.

General Provisions

To get this post, you need to bea professional with a higher technical education. In addition, usually a candidate is required to be employed in the sphere in which the organization operates for at least five years. It should be noted that at the same time the candidate should occupy only leadership and engineering positions during this period. In the absence of a specialist who holds the post of chief technologist, his duties are shifted to a direct deputy. And, if necessary, he will be responsible for the effectiveness, quality and timing of the work.

What is guided by

The leading technologist, carrying out hisprofessional activity, should be guided by the laws of the country concerning the sphere of work of the enterprise where he is employed. Also, he must take into account and follow orders and instructions given by the higher leadership; execute all the rules of local acts and regulations, and take into account the job description of the chief production technologist.

What you need to know

The knowledge of a specialist in this position shouldinclude information about the technological preparation of the organization, including from methodological and regulatory materials. He also needs to understand what profile the company has, what its specialization is and how the company's technological structure is organized; see and understand the prospects for the development of technology in this industry and ways to improve the efficiency of the organization itself. The chief technologist should know what technology the products are manufactured at the enterprise, where he is employed; to understand, on what methods and systems the design is carried out, and also how the technological preparation on manufacture and in the given sphere basically is carried out.

chief technologist

His knowledge must relate to the productioncapacity of the organization; he should know all the technical characteristics, features of the equipment design and in what modes it works. The chief technologist of the plant is obliged to understand his work and clearly know the rules of operation. Technological training should be simple and understandable for him, including its order and methods. He ensures that all requirements regarding raw materials, materials and finished goods produced by the organization are met.

Other knowledge

As the chief technologist should make outtechnical documentation, his knowledge should concern all instructions, regulations and other documentation of the guiding type aimed at the development and execution of these papers. He should know by what method the mechanization and automation of all processes in production is developed and working, and also by what methods the economic efficiency of the introduction of modern technologies and techniques, new rules is determined. Must have an idea of ​​the organization of the labor process and of how rational are the proposals and inventions of employees and third-party organizations.

department of chief technologist

The department of the chief technologist is engaged in attestationproducts, so he must know its order and be able to determine the quality of goods. It is important that he can design technological processes in production with the help of computer technology. The main technologist should understand, according to what order the equipment is put into operation. His knowledge should include all the requirements that relate to the rational organization of labor during the design of technological processes. Taking into account the industry in which the enterprise operates, the chief technologist must monitor all novelties and adopt the foreign and domestic experience of competitors, understand the basics of the organization of production, management and economy; know the legislation in the field of environmental protection, labor law and labor protection requirements.

Main duties

In the duties of chief technologistfirst of all, the fulfillment of instructions of the higher leadership. In addition, it should organize the development and implementation of technological processes and regimes. And they should not only be economically justified, but also progressive, that do not harm the environment and conserve natural resources. He must carry out work aimed at increasing the level of preparation of the enterprise from a technological point of view, which will reduce the expenditure of financial injections, the use of raw materials and other production materials, labor, while improving the quality of products or services provided, depending on the scope of the organization, where a specialist works.

job description of the chief production technologist

The main technologist should develop and applyin practice, methods to speed up the process of acquaintance of employees with new equipment, modern materials and other innovations in this area. He manages the process of planned introduction of new equipment and technologies that will make production more efficient. A professional should develop technological documents, organize the provision of all workshops and departments with timely incoming information. If changes are necessary in the documents of the enterprise, it is the employee in this position who should consider and approve any changes.

chief process engineer

It is the department of the chief technologist that performscontrol of prospective and current plans for the preparation of technological changes in production methods, checking whether there are any violations. And if there are any, then it eliminates them in accordance with the instructions of senior management and other instructions relevant to the organization.

Governing responsibilities

The incumbent specialist directsplanning and organization of new sites and workshops, checks and assigns their specialization. It monitors the process of developing new equipment at the enterprise, and also introduces new high-performance processes of technological type. He is engaged in calculations of the production capacity and operation of equipment, increasing the technical level of production with this information and calculating when it will be necessary to replace the old equipment. Compiles and revises the technical conditions and requirements that are imposed on materials, raw materials and other elements necessary for the manufacture of products. Using these calculations, the chief technologist is obliged to prevent the production of mares or reduce its level, to reduce the production costs of all types.

Management of resources and equipment

In addition, it must ensure a permanentimproving the technology of manufacturing goods and providing services, depending on the scope of the company where he works. To fulfill these duties, he must through the introduction of modern technologies that are distinguished by their progressiveness, productivity and enabling them to reduce the consumption of resources and materials. It is important that all these innovations are aimed not only at increasing the productivity of the enterprise, but also take into account the environmental protection, labor standards and other nuances necessary for the work of the enterprise.

Personnel Management

The duties of the chief technologist include:Certification of employees and rationalization of workplaces in the enterprise. He also carries out quality control of products, supervising the departments that perform measurements and other testing of production products. Through his knowledge and additional equipment, he checks the conformity of the manufactured products with all standards and norms of the state, taking into account all the necessary nuances, including the conditions in which the employees fulfill their duties. The most significant changes in the technological process, he must coordinate not only with the units of the organization where he works, but also with the research centers and customers of the company.

chief technologist reviews

The chief technologist supervises and carries outmanagement of all research and experiments related to the introduction of new technologies. Takes direct part in testing new types of equipment, equipment, automation of production and mechanization tools, developed by its departments. Manages his own department, coordinating the work of employees and improving their skills. Including increasing them in office, increasing or decreasing the scope of their duties and access to information.

Other duties

The duties of this employee of the company isproviding the enterprise with the necessary computing equipment, which will automate all processes in the enterprise. He participates in the development of new projects, dealing not only with technological support, but also with reducing production costs. He takes a direct part in the choice of exactly how the organization of labor will improve and the costs of raw materials will decrease for production. And also calculates how to reduce energy consumption and improve the efficiency of the company.


The instruction of the chief technologist assumes thathe has the right to all social guarantees, which are stipulated in the legislation of the country. In addition, he may require senior management assistance in matters relating to the performance of his direct duties. If necessary, he has the right to demand improvement of labor conditions, including purchase of new equipment and equipment, provision of a place for work that will comply with all norms and standards. If an employee loses his health during the performance of his duties, he may demand payment for social, medical and professional rehabilitation.

chief technologist of the plant
The chief production technologist has the rightto get acquainted with all the necessary information and project decisions of the management, if they relate to its immediate activities. He can suggest to his superiors to introduce new, more advanced methods aimed at optimizing the work of himself and his subordinates. Has the right to request all the information he needs, as well as documents of the company that he needs in his work. The chief technologist can improve his qualifications and has other rights that are provided by the law of the country.

A responsibility

Instruction of the Chief Technologistprovides for responsibility for the poor performance of his duties, and he will be responsible depending on the violated labor law points. He is also responsible for causing material damage to the company or management during the performance of their work. And, naturally, for any administrative, labor or criminal offenses in the workplace.

Conclusion, feedback

Instruction for a representative of the professionincludes many points and responsibilities. To get this job, you need not only to own a lot of versatile knowledge, but also be able to apply them in practice. Since this is a managerial position, one must also be able to work with subordinates. Typically, this vacancy occurs in large enough enterprises, so employers are trying to raise their employees in the post, and not to take on new ones.

the instruction of the chief technologist
On the other hand, very few people can cope withduties of the chief technologist. Employers' comments on this matter are basically similar. After all applicants for the post may have a suitable education and even a worthy experience, but do not understand at all with what they will have to face specifically at this enterprise. Although often management wants to hire a new employee, so that he can look at the production with a fresh look and really change his work for the better. Reviews also agree that now it is rather difficult to find a really reliable professional with a set of necessary skills.

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