"Riv Gosh": feedback from employees. Work in "Riv Gosh": feedback from employees in St. Petersburg, Samara, Moscow

"Riv Gosh" has long been positioning itself as acosmetics store. And he is not the worst. Therefore, people tend to get there to work. This is especially true of the female half of humanity. Let's try to understand what the work in "Rive Gauche" is. Feedback from employees about this organization will help in this difficult issue.

riv gosh staff feedback


Perhaps, we will begin with that we will understand with the basicactivity of the company. Then it becomes clear why women are trying to get a job in it. "Riv Gosh" is nothing more than a popular perfumery and cosmetics store. To some extent it is branded. Here not only a huge assortment of goods, but also the prices are quite affordable.

Probably, now it is not necessary to reflect, whyit's women who are trying to get a job at Rive Gauche. Reviews of employees about the store are mostly positive, and in fact the competition for such kind of boutiques is huge. Zachit, it will be necessary to make considerable efforts that buyers would come to the outlet. And basically it is done by means of stimulation of workers on qualitative performance of tasks in view.


Well, now it's time to take a closer lookabout "Riv Gosh" reviews of employees. Samara it will be or any other city, not important. Everywhere the opinions about the trade network are approximately the same. And we will start with a review of available for employment vacancies.

The most common post here isSales Manager. Perhaps, for many, this vacancy will seem humiliating. But not in "Rive Gauche". Reviews of employees (Moscow, Peter and other cities) about this place of work are more than positive. And a little later we'll figure out why this is so.

work in Rive Gauche staff feedback

Further - senior managers. This is already a more prestigious vacancy among other trade networks. However, as a rule, the senior manager is a worker in the network "Reeve Ghosh", who showed himself on the good side, a sort of step to increase. And directly senior managers are rarely recruited.

In addition, if you are interested in "Rive Gauche"(Novosibirsk) reviews of employees from among men, it is worth noting that the trading network also recruits security guards for work. Strange as it may sound, but the desire to get this vacancy is gaining momentum. And this happens not only in Novosibirsk, but also in other cities too. And this despite the fact that the work of a security guard in itself is not considered prestigious or highly paid. So, there are reasons for that.

Of course, to work in our current tradingThe network also requires lawyers, accountants and supervisors. True, it is difficult to find such vacancies. They are either appointed by someone "their own", or simply allocated from the rank and file employees of the best and conduct their increase.


Speaking of some vacancies, it is worth starting withwords about wages. Very rarely people work for pleasure. Basically, you have to do this in order to make a profit. The more it is, the better for employees and the more positive are the opinions about the firm.

But what in this respect about "Riv Gosh" reviewsemployees? SPB, Moscow, Kaliningrad, Samara - it does not matter which city you are talking about. Salaries and conditions are approximately the same everywhere. So let's find out what people think about earnings in today's perfume and cosmetic network.

work in Rive Gauche staff reviews

Many people say that it is in this organizationyou will receive a high income. Of course, such promises are given by the leadership in the interview. In principle, it is difficult to blame for lying, because everyone does it. Otherwise, no one would go to work. But can you really make big money in today's store? Or is it another fairy tale?

Earning here is a relative term. Of course, in the first place it is worth noting that the work in the "Riv Gosh" reviews of employees in this regard is different. But their character is mostly not the best, but nevertheless not horrible, as in most similar organizations.

The thing is that managers have a small salary,frankly speaking. The usual staff - about 7,000 rubles, the senior - 10,000, plus bonuses and additional charges. These stimulants are made up of one very interesting sales system, which we'll talk about a little later. But, as a rule, it is extremely difficult to receive an additional 5,000 rubles a month to the salary.

The network "Riv Gosh" reviews security officersrelatively normal wages. After all, they receive a stable salary of about 15,000 rubles. Yes, this is not enough for Moscow. But on top they can be assessed bonuses. And this is often more than offered in other organizations for the services of a security guard.

Of course, the management receives a very highearnings. So for them, undoubtedly, the work in "Reeve Ghosh" is profitable. Feedback from employees (Moscow, St. Petersburg and other cities) is confirmed. The exact income of the "top" is not known to anyone. One can say only one thing: there is enough for a good life in the capital, and even more than that.

Operating mode

The second important point is the workday schedule. On it (and on the conformity of this with the salary, too), potential employees pay their attention. Work in the "Riv Gosh" reviews of employees (St. Petersburg and other cities of Russia) in this category is neutral. Everything, as already said, depends on the position held.

giv gosh staff feedback on work

Undoubtedly, management gives only positivecharacteristics of their organization. As a rule, they have something like free graphics in practice, and on "paper" - a full 5-day week. So many employees about this mode can only dream of. For this reason, opinions about the organization are positive.

But if you "go down" to managers and security guards,then you can see that the reviews are changing dramatically. And they are more negative. After all, these employees have not only an unregulated schedule, but also a floating weekend. And in the contract, as in the previous case, 2/2 or 5/2 is prescribed. The work time "on the feet" is about 12 hours - from opening to closing the store. Guards, as noted by staff, least of all complain about a similar schedule. After all, often on similar vacancies also at night it is necessary to work. But sales managers remain extremely unsatisfied working schedule. After all, salaries are relatively small for such conditions, and time in the workplace is enormous.


Working conditions, as they say about "Riv Gosh" reviewsemployees (privates) are far from the best. Special discontent is expressed by sales managers. After all, it is on their shoulders is the main work - the implementation of transactions with customers.

Girls work in stuffy rooms, sometimespoorly ventilated. Because of this, the pavilions often mix fragrances of perfume, but in such a combination that you can literally suffocate. And these are not the best conditions in the workplace.

Besides, there's no time to sit down. Managers and consultants in combination, are forced to stand for 12 hours. With all this they need to smile at visitors. And nobody canceled the form. This is another reason why the work in "Riv Gosh" reviews employees (St. Petersburg and other cities) is not the best. In fact it is necessary to stand on heels. And this is not such a simple task, especially if we take into account the fact that it is also necessary to smile sweetly, advise and help customers with the selection and search of the desired product. Hell labor, which is paid low.

riv gosh reviews of employees of Samara

Relations with management

Among other things, pay your attentionalso stands for such a fact as the relationship of the lower level of the organization with the higher. Often this very moment is able to attract new applicants or, on the contrary, to alienate them.

Feedback from employees about the company "Rive Gauche" in thisgood plan. But only in the event that the relationship concerns managers and senior sellers. In other respects, like in other organizations, relations with management are strained. Slightly, of course, but there is some tension.

You may be asked to stay overtime. And with all this, the time spent at work will not be paid. Or sometimes called to replace the employee, but no additional payments are not provided. In addition, in some cities there are leaders who do not treat their subordinates as people. And this, of course, leaves its imprint on the reputation of the store. Sor from the hut try not to endure, as the employer is then able to provide his employees with such a reputation that they will not be taken anywhere. And this is not the best scenario.


Almost every employee is offereda free course of study. There you will be given the knowledge necessary to build a career in the organization. And then "Reeve Ghosh" reviews the staff is extremely good.

As practice shows, all are trainedreally necessary things. In addition, if you are selling a new brand, you will be provided with separate training. These courses tell about the intricacies of sales. They can be useful to you in the future.

Training lasts a maximum of 2 days. After passing the test, you can start working. That is, you will be made of a qualified employee. Anyway, that's what the sales managers say, they work for Rive Gauche. And it is these people who are believed most often.

staff feedback about the company Rive Gauche


About "Riv Gosh" employee reviews are foundquite often good, because this organization is considered prestigious. And the reputation of the employer often changes the opinion of job seekers in one direction or another.

In our case, it is worth paying attention to the fact that"Riv Gosh" in the past few years everywhere shows and manifests itself from the best side. So, you can call it a good organization. Among other things, with the law the network has no problems.


The working form is one more thing thatmakes me change my opinion about the firm. In "Riv Gosh" there is a so-called "dress code." It must be respected by all - ordinary employees, and management. For this, employees and buyers leave positive opinions about the organization.

But girls are not always happy with the working form,especially if you have to stand for 12 hours a day on your feet. And a negative note in the "dress code" makes heels. Not very high, but they should be. Sometimes even half the day in such a form is simply uncomfortable and difficult.


Stimulation of employees is a key moment,affecting the rating of the organization. "Reeve Ghosh" in this sense has a rather interesting system that can not be found anywhere. These are bonuses from the organization in the form of samplers of products, which it sells.

To be honest, this technique attracts andgirls, and guys. Of course, is it bad if you get a probe of popular and new perfume or cologne? Of course no. Such stimulation is carried out once a month. Plus, for the holidays you also, in addition to the award, will also be presented with another probe. This "Riv Gosh" beckons to himself.

riv gosh Novosibirsk staff reviews


There remains the final clause, which affectsreviews of store employees. It's about premiums. As already mentioned, their accruals are non-standard and slightly entangled. For this reason, "Reeve Ghosh" reviews employees about work is not the most beautiful.

The problem is that every week(or month) you are given a so-called work plan. It will say what products should be sold first. Happened? Then with a sale you will get a percentage. If not, do not expect any increase to the premium. Premiums are formed exclusively on this system of "sales plans". Not the most successful method, but it helps to often promote one or another brand of cosmetics and perfumes, albeit at the expense of staff salaries.

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