How to become a sales representative

Market economy is, first of all,intensive development of production and sales. Alongside with such branches as advertising, management, currency operations, one can observe also rapid growth in the field of commercial intermediation. Being a sales representative of a manufacturer of quality products is not only profitable, but also prestigious. What is needed for this, what qualities should the applicant have?

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The first thing that needs to be determined by those who want toTo become a sales representative is the choice of an industry or a group of goods. Of course, if you have the talent, the ability to establish relationships with people and with a competent approach, you can sell anything: from yachts to supers. However, in order to become a sought after sales representative in a certain industry, it will take at least six months or a year. After all, each product group has its own specifics, each segment of the market - its customer and pricing policy. The sale of expensive high-precision equipment is different from the promotion of the production of a creamery or recyclable materials. Therefore, anyone who thoroughly understands the specifics of a product or service can become a highly paid sales representative. After all, at the first contacts with the potential buyer it will be necessary to answer the questions about the product correctly.

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The second necessary quality, which is vitalit is important for all who want to be a successful sales representative - the ability to build relationships with customers and management. The basis of the profession is the mediation between the producer and the consumer. Therefore, it is necessary in this way to establish contacts with both parties in order to fulfill their expectations as quickly and as qualitatively as possible while at the same time striving for the greatest margin for themselves. A sales representative with no work experience, usually as a reward, receives a commission on sales. Consequently, for him the first place will be the volume of revolutions. However, the features of communication with customers depend on the specifics of the goods. If the number of customers is important in the field of food, beverages or household appliances, then in the field of equipment, for example, for thermal power plants or for plants, one supply contract can provide profit for half a year or a year ahead. And then the most important thing is not the pursuit to serve as many consumers as possible, but to ensure that one or two large customers are satisfied with the products in order to build long-term reliable partnership relations with them.

Work as a sales representative in Moscow and other major cities gives great prospects for development.

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Acquiring experience of communication with customers, having establishedsales channels in one industry, you can subsequently switch to another, more ambitious and complex. Many start with a sales representative in furniture production, in the field of food. Great prospects open up to those who speak foreign languages. He can apply directly to a foreign producer with a proposal to become a sales representative for Russia on the principle of exclusivity. Presence of driver's license, profile education (economics, management) are desirable, but not mandatory. After all, in this profession very much depends not only and not so much on knowledge, but on communication skills, beliefs, self-promotion. But training on active sales will be useful to everyone who wants to try their hand at this activity.

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