Konstantin Lavronenko: Filmography, biography and personal life (photo)

It is absolutely impossible to imagine suchfilms like Operation China Box, Isaev or Nanjinsky Landscape without Konstantin Lavronenko. And after all, these roles could not have been, given the 20-year gap between his first student work in the film "I still love, I still hope", left unnoticed, and stellar - in "Return".

konstantin lauronenko

The actor of a rare fate

Konstantin Lavronenko, whose filmographyconsists of paintings, where he has only the main roles, took the niche allocated to him and is good as a performer everywhere. Why handsome, with the characteristic appearance of a "real man", had to live to 42 years to break into the cinema, immediately receiving international awards of the highest value? He is the only Russian actor awarded the main prize of the Cannes Film Festival "For the best male role" (only Nikita Mikhalkov congratulated him from the entire film community). And why the novice director was not afraid to take on the main role, not only that unknown to any artist, but also a person who left the profession in general. And how good that he came back ...

The triumph of justice

Nobody better than Konstantin Lavronenko, did not playwould be so Duke of Buckingham. You believe that the love of the queen was the meaning of life for him. For 10 years, the actor starred in 25 films and today is one of the most filmed and sought-after actors. Since 2009 he is an Honored Artist of Russia. In this case, we can talk about the triumph of justice, because not all the actors seen by the viewer from a young age achieve such brilliant results by the age of 50.

An ordinary boy from an ordinary family

konstantin lauronenko filmography

Konstantin Lavronenko was born in 1961 in theRostov-on-Don in an ordinary family (in the social sense) - the father of a worker, the mother of a librarian. But not all families have a truly warm relationship and mutual understanding. And Lavronenkov's house was also hospitable, therefore crowded and cheerful. The father, whom the boy was always proud of, was obviously a gifted person, as he always appeared in the center of attention of any company. And further on in life the actor was lucky with his family.

Good rear

konstantin lauronenko with his wife

Konstantin Lavronenko and his wife lived in marriagemore than 20 years. In quiet times, not all actors' families can boast of this, and their marriage fell on troubled times, when almost all, with rare exceptions, representatives of the sphere of art and literature were doomed to lack of money. Marriage resisted. And, probably, this is not only the merit of the wife. Konstantin had before his eyes from childhood an example of human relations in the best sense of the word. In those days, the boy grew up doing football and boxing, and the fact that he decided to start studying in a drama club could be considered submissiveness to his beloved older sister Olga, who could not help but be proud of him, of course, outstanding external data. But no. It turns out that the boy was very talented imitating and copying popular actors, especially Raikin. Well, who did not copy Raikin then? But not at all it turned out.

konstantin lauronenko personal life

Multilateral giftedness

It has been repeatedly asserted that if a persontalented, he is talented in everything. Let not in everything, but in many ways. So is Constantine Lavronenko. Among other things, he learned to play the bayan and accordion perfectly. But this, so to speak, a statement of facts from the side, under the motto "There was a time ...". And then the 14-year-old teenager future actor Konstantin Lavronenko, whose personal life is being studied now quite intently, rushed, like all teenagers, from side to side. And his parents reproached him for not doing anything to the end, and that, therefore, nothing good would come out of him.

The act of this man

The source of biographical information about this actorcan serve as a letter written by Constantine himself at the breaking point of fate, at a time when he was particularly difficult. And, although he calls himself "a complete egoist" and "cattle" (born in the year of the Bull under the sign of Aries), the fact remains - he left the profession, he began to earn money for the family, working as a driver or as a chauffeur. This is a male act, to which not all individuals with a "subtle soul organization" are capable of.

The first fateful meeting

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And in his youth everything seemed affordable and possible.Moreover, Konstantin Lavronenko was doomed to meet with interesting people who play a positive role in his life. The first of them was Galina Ivanovna Zhigunova, mother of the famous actor and director Sergei Zhigunov. Usually, mothers of beautiful talented boys are unable to notice the dignity of other male representatives, intuitively perceiving them as rivals. But Galina Ivanovna, who herself was at that time at the correspondence department of the Shchukin school, was able to assess the perspective of the gifted young Bones. Infecting students with their love of the acting profession, passing on to them an interesting form of newly acquired knowledge, she was engaged in the correction of the local dialect (the children suffered from all the flaws in Rostov's "pope" dialect), the staging of movements and the ability to stay in public. Of course, Kostya stood out from all. And now, after taking some time in the drama circle of the Rostselmash plant, he goes to Moscow under the direction of the instructor Zhigunova.

First try

He was too young, and the first attempt failed.But he saw Moscow, plunged into this special acting atmosphere, "fell ill" profession and, returning home, entered the local theatrical school. Naturally, after the first course he was taken into the army. But even there he was attached to his favorite business, as he served in the song and dance ensemble of the North Caucasus Military District. After the army, Konstantin Lavronenko, whose personal life is now connected with Moscow, arrives in 1981 at the AA Popov's course at the Moscow Art Theater School, which ends in 1985.

The beginning of the acting career

Further, too, everything was going smoothly.He, thanks to the possession of a bayan, gets a role on the stage of the theater of KA Raikin "Satyricon", where he met his future wife. In this theater, the actor worked for about a year. Subsequently, there were several theatrical works, and even touring with the "Workshop of Clim" troupe abroad.

films with the participation of Konstantin Lauronenko

Leaving the profession

Roles were not fatal, the money profession in itTime practically did not bring. On the cinema there was no question. Konstantin Lavronenko parted with the acting, and sends all the forces to ensure the family, in which the daughter was already growing up. At one time he was engaged in restaurant business and rose to the post of director of the restaurant at the Moscow Art Theater. It would seem that life has gone on a different path.

Productive collaboration

But in 2003 he meets with a talented andcash-strapped director Andrei Zvyagintsev. They put the film with a very modest budget and bring it to Cannes. Probably, such cases are said to have been followed by "the effect of an exploded bomb". The audience applauded standing for 15 minutes. The painting received the main prize of the festival - "The Golden Lion" and 4 more honorable prizes. The total number of nominations and awards goes off scale. Honoring lasted until 2005, the last was the prize of the Swedish prize "Golden Beetle".

Finally noticed

And immediately a million questions arose about who thishandsome, and why he did not shoot earlier. The film was called the breakthrough of Russian cinema, for the first time after Tarkovsky's Ivan's Childhood. In 2007, in Cannes, the prize for the best male role is given to Konstantin Lavronenko, whose filmography by that time did not include a dozen films. Even if he stopped at this time to withdraw at all, he was forever left in the history of world cinema. This prestigious award he received for the role of Alexander in the film of the same Andrei Zvyagintsev. Truly, a happy duo.

In demand everywhere

actor konstantin lauronenko personal life

Movies with Konstantin Lavronenko from 2003 to 2007the year is very diverse, if only because one of them, the Archangel, is English-made, and the Master is Polish. The third film of this period is a very cute domestic filmmaker called "Nanjing landscape". Lavronenko, a unique discovery of Russian cinema, is unusually good in all roles, but one can not but mention separately his work with Sergei Ursulyak. He perfectly played the criminal Chekana in the "Liquidation", and the Red Army Commander Blucher, who before the revolution reached the rank of officer of the tsarist army, had many awards for heroism and personal courage.

Quiet and appropriate

He was so good, representing layers of higherthe officers of the new Russia, that abroad he was considered recruited by the "red" Austrian Count Ferdinand von Galen. Lavronenko perfectly conveyed this image. Films with the participation of Konstantin Lavronenko are interesting to everyone, including the Czech "Kainek", which has collected an unprecedentedly large cash register at home. The number of films and serials with this extraordinary actor is approaching three dozen.

"A great ship is a great voyage"

He can do any role - he can play andcomedy, and even the role of a miserable person is equally talented. But he is very handsome, and I want to believe that Konstantin Lavronenko will not become a hostage to his appearance. I want to believe that he completely overcomes the consequences of the terrible car accident, which hit the summer of 2012, and that human envy will not prevent him from delighting his fans with new masterpieces.

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