American writer Thompson Hunter Stockton: biography, creativity

Thompson Hunter Stockton was a bright, rebelliousand a talented personality. He had a rare gift - to write live and to write about the truth. As you know, the truth is not always sweet, more often bitter and shocking. Especially if it is a question of the government, the state structure and its obvious gaps.

Writer Thompson Hunter Stockton in years of activejournalistic activity put the American society upside down. He discouraged people with his truthful notes and articles that were of a political nature. His writing style was significantly different from the generally accepted one - it was an expressive, emotional and deeply personal way of first-person narrative. In other words, Thompson conceived a new direction of writing articles - gonzo journalism. A strong word, he was passed absolutely on all and was not shy in expressions. Such an unusual way of self-expression brought the author of many books fame.

Thompson Hunter Stokton

Home - a broken truck

The youth of a journalist can not be called sweet andplain. After the death of Thompson's father, the family remained in the care of their mother. The woman is addicted to alcohol. Infinite drinking, of course, did not bring anything good. Eternal need and permissiveness did not affect the best way on children. Hunter was addicted not only to alcohol, but also to drugs. This attachment to the "separate reality" led him to an accident. The truck on which the writer worked, crashed, as the driver, Hunter, was under the influence of either alcohol or drugs. To avoid punishment, he quickly retreated and fled to the army, where no one could get it.

Service in the army - the rudiments of unusual talent

In the Thompson army, Hunter Stockton did not differdiligent behavior. A young man wrote for a newspaper military base, led a sports column and not only - he described absolutely everything he saw. Nothing escaped the brave journalist's pen. All shortcomings in the organization of the military base were instantly disclosed, which led the journalist to the inevitable result - he was sentenced, and ahead of schedule. The discouraged leadership could not curb the obstinate soldier. After Thompson's army, Hunter Stockton gave himself completely to his bright and crazy fate.

fear and disgust in Las Vegas

The cycle of life

Despite the sad departure from the army, the militaryThe program allowed Hunter to enter Columbia University for free. In the period of training, he worked part time in the magazine Time, where he was quickly fired for the fight he had waged with a local chef and the breakdown of an automatic machine with chocolates. But such minor troubles never depressed the journalist, because he was the only one who dared to write the truth and not be afraid of the consequences.

Studying ended in squabbles, but he still receivedDiploma and went to Puerto Rico, where his first stories and stories were born. Among them was one, now known to all. This is the story "Rum Diary". In it, Thompson talks about the fate of the journalist and the newspaper where he works. Needless to say that all employees are mired in drunkenness and debauchery (the main condition for almost all of the author's works)? The tragic and shocking novel The Rum Diary brought Hunter notoriety not only in the "diligent" American society, but throughout the world.

rum diary

Personal life of a journalist

In Hunter's seemingly turbulent and irrepressible lifethere was a place for the family. Thompson married his long-time friend - Sandra Conklin. She was his friend, wife and a reliable support for many years. But Thompson's addiction to drugs and alcohol caused endless miscarriages and the death of their newborn babies. There was born and survived only one child out of six possible - Juan.

These problems practically brought Sandra tosuicide, but the moral support of her husband did not let her say goodbye to life. They raised their only son and were really happy. Thompson and Sandra later divorced, but remained bosom friends until the last day of Hunter's life.

Thompson Hunter Stokton books

Thompson's unusual life span

Thompson Hunter Stockton, whose books are nowpopular throughout the world, spent a year in a biker environment. Fate pushed him with a famous and fearing group of people called "Angels of Hell." What only decent citizens attributed to this motor club - and the kidnapping of children, and murders, and violence, and everything that the devil was capable of. The year of life among these bikers allowed the author to discredit stereotypes about them. He, as usual, paints described the essence and purpose of the existence of the "Hell's Angels", which had nothing to do with the opinion of others. This unusual segment of Thompson's life was the prelude to the peak of his popularity - work in the magazine "Rolling Stone."

Thompson Hunter Stokton Quotations

Significant work

Thompson's first article in the magazine was a bright anda live first-person report on another unusual experience - an attempt to take the position of sheriff in a small town in Colorado. In the light of the pre-election campaign, he conducted propaganda of free access to drugs for personal use! Pasted the town with posters with a naked girl, signed excerpts from their articles. At the same time, he shaved his head, in order to strike the opponent with a sarcastic phrase about his "lush vegetation" on his head. Thompson's shocking and frank election campaign, of course, failed, but it served as the basis for writing the first known article in the Rolling Stone - "The Power of Freaks in the Mountains." In this same journal, the journalist's two main works were published: Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas and Fear and Loathing during the Election Campaign-72.

Labor that brought fame

The book "Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas", likemany other works of Thompson, shocked and intrigued the reader. It tells of a strange journey of two heroes in America. Strange because it did not have any specific purpose. Every minute lived here and now. The car of heroes was filled with drugs of all imaginable and unthinkable kinds - from LSD to cocaine. Among the stimulants for the change of consciousness was present and alcohol in large quantities. Here with this set are the heroes of the book and travel around the country.

Each episode of life is perceived and transmittedunder the influence of drugs, through the shroud of cocaine and booze. Despite the altered state of consciousness of the characters, the book tells about the truth, the true existence of American society. For a bold narrative and debunking of myths, the author's book was not published for a long time, but Rolling Stone took all responsibility and did not regret it. The work instantly gained popularity and fame, which the writer so sought. In English, all his creations were first published, later they were translated into other languages, including Russian.

film adaptation of works

The screen versions of the author's works carried him toa new round of fame. In the movie "Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas" starred as the protagonist of all the beloved Depp. Thompson and Johnny became friends, they were connected by an unusual view of this world. For the role, the actor needed to shave his head, in which Thompson himself helped him.

Books for those who are not afraid of the truth

All the author's books are imbued with tragedy and humor,an unusual and sometimes aggressive interpretation of events. The book "Fear and disgust during the election campaign-72" clearly shows a bright, strong and lively syllable. "This is my calling card," Thompson said of Hunter Stockton. The author's quotes have spread all over the world, they are filled with biting and sarcastic utterances against American presidents and politicians. His works are intended for those who are not afraid of addicts and the truth of life.

Unusual hobbies of the writer

Hunter collected all kinds of species throughout his lifeweapons. In his collection you could find the most unusual items. He cherished it and each time demonstrated the results of his hobby to the guests. According to some admirers of the writer, this fascination arose from his main statement: "I must be sure that I can control my death." To remain weak in the arms of his son, the writer was afraid most of all. He would prefer to end his life in his mind and relative health, and only weapons could help him.

writer in English

At the age of 67, Thompson, in his cozy little house, locked himself in the office, pulled the trigger and died out of his own free will. Everything was as he had planned. This sad event happened in 2005.

The life and work of Hunter Thompson went througha haze of altered state. Perhaps this helped him to muster the courage and scream about the obvious gaps in society and state structure, the sad existence of law-abiding citizens. He is like laughing at the law and the rules invented by "fat politicians". The journalist has filtered through the prism of truth everything that came across on the way. Was it not for this that a seemingly dissolute and evil addict was appreciated and loved by readers around the world? You can answer this question only after reading his articles and books. In the depth of smoke from marijuana lies a shocking truth - the drug is politics, not cocaine.

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