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In this material, we'll talk about the movie "Freaks"(1932). The actors who took part in the work on the painting will be described further. It's about a classic American feature film, directed by Tod Browning. The genre of the picture can be defined as a drama that contains elements of a horror film. A free adaptation of the work of Spurs by Tod Robbins.


freak actors
First, let's talk about what the film "Freaks" is about. Actors will be named in the following sections of this material. The plot narrates about the circus wandering troupe, where along with the usual actors are special people who have extreme deviations in physical development.

The beautiful gymnast Cleopatra learns that the LilliputianHans, delighted with her beauty, inherited the condition. She pretends that she fell in love with the hero, and then forces him to leave Fried's dwarf, with whom they had an engagement. Hans and Cleopatra are playing a wedding. Guests at the celebration are all the ugly troupes.

Also there is a strong man Hercules - loverCleopatra. The freaks want to do a ritual to take the girl into their own circle. However, the intoxicated beauty, and with her and Hercules, begin to mock them. The dwarfs realize that Cleopatra is not at all as magnanimous as she looks. They begin to follow her.

The history of the dancer of Venus andClown Froso. This girl recently threw Hercules. Venus and Froso are a pair of lonely people, in whom kindness breeds mutual affection. They live next to circus freaks, but they belong to these people with equal humanity. At the same time, other circus artists continually humiliate freaks.

Cleopatra after the wedding tries to poison Hans,using a slowly acting poison. The hero pretends that he is seriously ill, but the freaks know about his wife's plan and wait for the most suitable moment for revenge. Hercules in the back hit with a knife and surround. His further fate is unknown. In the original version of the work he is castrated.

During the next move the Cleopatra vanturns over. Urodtsy during a thunderstorm overtake a girl in the forest. It is not known what exactly they are doing with it, but after a few years a wandering farce with a completely different Cleopatra is shown. It's a speechless, insane and ugly female duck. In the finals, Venus and Froso help Gans and Frida reconcile. The girl still loves him.

Main roles

movie freak actors
Cleopatra and Hercules are the main characters of the film "Freaks". Actors Olga Baklanova and Henry Victor embodied these images on the screen. Wallace Ford played Froso.

Roscoeots, Leila Hayams, Harry and Daisy Earls

freaks 1932 actors
The actors of the film "Urotsy" (1932) Harry and Daisy Earls embodied the images of Hans and Frida. Leyla Hayams played Venus. Roscoeots embodied the image of a character with a similar name.

Second plan

Siamese twins are also featured in the plotthe movie "Freaks". Actors Violetta and Daisy Hilton embodied these images. Rose Dione appeared on the crane as Madame Tetralini. Josephine Joseph embodied the image of the hermaphrodite in the film "Freaks."

Actors Schiltzi and Prince Randian played themselves.Olga Roderik embodied the image of a bearded woman. Johnny Eck played a man who does not have the lower part of the trunk. Frances O'Connor played a woman without arms.

The company MGM at the urging of Browning in the twenties acquired the rights to the work of Robbins.

Interesting Facts

the movie ugly actors of 1932

Now let's give some interesting information about the film "Freaks". The actors who took part in this picture were named above.

In 1932Irving Thalberg offers Browning a production with John Berrimore called "Arsene Lupine". The latter refuses, preferring to work on "freaks". At his request, writers Willis Goldback and Elliott Clawson were involved in the project. Also in the creation of the script involved Charles MacArthur, Al Bowsberg, Edgar Allan Wolfe and Leon Gordon.

The plot was formed in five months. From the original work in the script, perhaps, there was only the marriage of the lilliput with the usual woman and the wedding feast of the heroes.

It was planned to participate in the picture of Jean Harlow, Myrna Loy and Victor McClaglen. However, Thalberg decided not to use celebrities of the first magnitude.

When shooting the tape in many ways, Tod Browning was guided by his own experience. At the age of 16, this man fled the house and worked for a long time as part of a wandering circus.

The most important group was shot in the filmactors, who have physical deviations in the history of cinema. Tod Browning on casting invited most of the freaks from all the circus wandering in the US.

Curiously, all the artists in the picture are called real names. This fact adds to the film a hint of documentary. The exceptions are Daisy and Harry Earls.

Filming continued in the period October - December1931 The duration of the picture was 90 minutes. However, test scans were conducted. According to the results, it was decided to reduce the tape to 64 minutes, removing the most shocking scenes.

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