Sergey Dovlatov, writer: life and creativity

Sergei Dovlatov - a writer whose life was told to them by themselves during his lifetime. The stories of the lyrical hero in his books have become a true autobiography.

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In the Leningrad theater family of Donat Mechik inthe first year of the Great Patriotic War, a son was born who later took the surname of Dovlatov. The writer, who became one of the readers of the last decades, spent his first years in Ufa. He served in the zone, worked in a large-circulation Leningrad newspaper, served as secretary and acted as a guide. In his spare time he wrote short stories. However, none of Dovlatov's books in Leningrad was published. As, however, in any other city of the USSR.

Sergei Dovlatov - the author, whose prose, like life,full of sadness and self-irony. A person writing can not give up literary activity, because it is an integral part of his entire existence. But if a person who lives in a world of words does not provide a material basis for a loved one, he finds himself in a difficult situation. The way out of this situation for Dovlatov was emigration.

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New York

A completely different world I saw in this Americancity ​​writer Dovlatov. His biography includes a ten-year period of stay in exile. These years he worked as a journalist in a prestigious publication, worked on a popular Russian-language radio, and it was then that fame came to him. His works were highly flattered by great contemporaries: Kurt Vonnegut, Irving Howe, Victor Nekrasov, Vladimir Voinovich. Twelve books Dovlatov was published abroad. Most of them were translated into English, German and other languages ​​during the author's lifetime.

Death overtook him in an ambulance. A few meters to the hospital. In premature death guilty of carelessness, due to which at the right time there was no medical insurance, and fate. In the courtyard of the hospital for the poor died one of the most published today, the authors - Sergei Dovlatov. Writer Igor Efimov said of him once: "He died from undeserved dislike for himself." In honor of the famous emigrant is named one of the streets of New York.

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The author of this story in one of the letters to the publishersaid once that the events that formed the basis for her, predetermined his writer's fate. The artist becomes a person when he has the ability to extract images and story lines from the dark abyss.

In his youth, one of Dovlatov's favorite writers wasErnest Hemingway. Obviously, under the influence of the American and world classics, a unique Dovlatov style was formed: realism, brevity, lack of metaphors. However, as the author of the "Zone" himself said, he wanted to be like Chekhov only. Simple people and the situations in which they found themselves, interested him as nothing else.

The story "Zone", like other works,was first published in the United States. The book is a reflection of the criminal world, whose witness was Dovlatov himself. The writer presented the events in a kind of chaotic style. Working as a warden, he saw the horrors and savagery of the world in which he found himself. But I was able to convey everything I saw on paper simply, without pathos. Happiness, pleasure, joy, anger, envy - all these categories are present in any society. And it does not matter who his members are - criminals or good citizens. In how simple and naive can be the joys and hopes of a person caught in jail, under inhuman conditions, one can see some absurdity. But Sergey Donatovich, probably, therefore became a writer, that he managed to consider the classic image of the "little man" in time.


Sergei Dovlatov - a writer whose books have becomethe continuation of his personal tragedy. Many authors, who belong to his generation, suffered a sad fate. They were not recognized in their homeland, they lived almost in poverty, they were persecuted by KGB officers. But the works of Dovlatov, contrary to all the blows of fate, are permeated with lyricism and self-irony. This is a distinctive feature of his prose.

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Several years before his departure, Dovlatov worked in theReserve of Pushkin, in the Pskov region. His books did not print. There was nothing to support the family. But not the work of the guide inspired the writer to create another autobiographical book, and the ubiquitous "little man".

In an unusual perspective, the author describes"Reserve" of their characters. A special place is taken at first glance by the secondary hero Ivan Mikhalych: a man who drinks, but is noble, since he does not collect or even give up bottles. The charming image of a village drunkard, the eccentric personality of a local brawler, an unpleasant but frank conversation in the office of a security official. And all this against the background of constant experiences caused by separation from the family. This is the extraordinary gift of Dovlatov: it is important not to write, but to speak, and the simpler the better.

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