"Cold dish": content of the film by series

In this publication, we will reveal the summary of the movie "Cold dish" and consider the personality of the characters.

Cold dish movie content


Four-part melodrama "Cold dish" waswas released in 2015 by director Gleb Yakubovsky, who was remembered by the viewer for the paintings "I Hate and Love", "Daughter for Father" and other films. The series combines drama, crime and detective.

The role of the young girl Zhenya was played by the talentedactress Yevgenia Nokhryna, known for the films "Under the sign of the moon", "Hope", "Color of the fern", "Podsadnaya duck" and "Color of ripe cherries". The role of Bones Streltsov was played by Alexei Demidov, famous for his works "The Stranger Among His Own", "The Last Frontier", "Redhead", "Portrait of a Beloved" and others.

The content of the movie "Cold dish" is basedon love and revenge. Young girl Zhenya is going to marry a talented programmer Oleg. But her fiancé tragically dies in a car crash: a drunk driver crashed into his car, which was Konstantin Streltsov.

film summary cold dish

But wealthy Bones parents help their son avoidpunishment. Now Zhenya wants revenge. In this girl the employee of father Kostya, more precisely, the assistant who helps in personal interests helps. He came up with a plan according to which Constantine should be accused of attempted murder. And everything goes according to plan, but suddenly the content of the movie "Cold dish" changes dramatically, although the murder did happen. And Eugene learns that at the wheel of the car on the day of the death of her fiance was not Kostya.

The first and second series

Below is a brief summary of the series "Cold dish".

  • The first series begins with the preparation of a youngZhenya's girlfriend for the wedding. But suddenly her fiance Oleg after the next quarrel leaves the house for a bouquet, but for a long time does not return. Soon, Zhenya was followed by a call: Oleg got into an accident and died. The culprit of the accident, Konstantin Streltsov, was acquitted. Assistant senior Streltsov Rykov offers Eugene a plan for revenge: to arrange a murder in which they will accuse Kostya. The girl agrees. According to the plan, she is arranged by the secretary of Kostya, but he fires her the next day. Evgenia liked Constantine, and he intends to take care of her. Seeking revenge, the girl agrees.
  • In the second series, the content of the film "Coldthe dish continues to develop smoothly.Kostya invites Zhenya on a date, where she manages to carry out some of the insidious plan.Now Eugene needs to invite a young man to the cafe to fulfill the next point.Konstantin introduces Zhenya with his parents.Now the girl wants to give up revenge, but Rykov blackmails her, forcing to go to the end.

The third and fourth series

In the third series, continuing to follow the plan, Zhenyainvites Kostya to himself, but here the content of the movie "Cold dish" is changing dramatically. The girl finds out that Kostya is not to blame. But it's too late: Streltsov, the youngest, is accused of murder, which really happened. Now Zhenya's task is to save her beloved, and she succeeds. But Kostya learns that Zhenya only wanted to take revenge for the death of the groom and throws it.

The summary of the series of the film is a cold dish

Unexpectedly Eugene finds new facts of deathHis fiancé, related to the company of Father Bones. It turned out that behind everything stands the brother of Kostya Roman, who takes Zhenya hostage. He wants to put Kostya back, but he does not succeed. The fourth series ends well - love conquers all.

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