How old is Alexander Malinin? Family and biography Malinina

The singer's biography does not begin with the merry weekdays of childhood. However, he was able to overcome difficulties that met him on the life and creative path, and become a real artist.

How old is Alexander Malinin

History of creative life

Alexander Malinin - Honored and People's Artist of Russia. How old is Alexander Malinin?

The famous singer performs on stage with1976. He began to work in the very well-known ensembles "Blue Guitars" and "Metronome". At that time he was only 18 years old. Soon, in a relatively short creative period, he became one of the most sought-after singers in Russia. Now he is 57 years old. His creative life is rich and diverse.

From 1983 to 1987 the singer worked with StasNaminym. He participated in the Alla Pugacheva Theater in 1988. Already since the 90s he has been performing with his numerous solo programs. And now A. Malinin remains very popular.

Alexander Malinin. Biography

short biography

Alexander Vyguzov was born on November 16 in 1958 in thefamily of railway workers in the city of Sverdlovsk. He was the first child in the family. The boy's life did not start very smoothly. His father - Nikolay Vyguzov - having a strong predilection for alcohol, often drank his salary.

Alexander grew up with his brother, who is youngerfor five years. To feed their children, their mother Angelina Malinina worked as a regular worker - sorter at a vegetable base. After the divorce of his parents, Alexander changed his name and became Malinin. During the tour of her son, my mother often acted as an accompanying and dresser. She still lives with his family.

The history of the beginning of creative life

His conscious creative path AlexanderMalinin, whose biography is rich and enjoyable moments of life and hard, began in 1976. At that time he entered the Workshop of Pop Art at the State Philharmonic of Sverdlovsk. After his graduation, he was immediately recruited to the People's State Ural Chorus as a vocalist.

In 1977 he was called to serve in the Armed Forces.Forces of the USSR. There he was a soloist of the song and dance ensemble of the Ural Military District. After serving in the army, Alexander Malinin joined the regional philharmonic society of Moscow and began to solo in the vocal-instrumental ensemble "Sing Guitars". From 1983 to 1984 - the vocalist of the ensemble "Metronome" (actor "Mosconcert"), and from 1984 to 1987 Malinin worked as a soloist in the group Stas Namin.

Malinin Alexander the singer. Biography

Solo creativity

It can be said, took place as a personality MalininAlexander. The singer, whose biography is full of pleasant surprises, first made his solo debut in 1987 at the festival of rock music in Moscow. A stunning, unforgettable impression was then made by the song "Black Raven" performed by him in an unusual manner and an amazing Russian romance "The coachman, do not drive the horses." And yet the main event in the artist's life was ahead.

At the famous All-Union competition of youngperformers of "Jurmala-88" he became the owner of the grand prix. Since the first solo performances, how many years have passed? Alexander Malinin managed to win an indisputable victory among a huge number of talented artists as a solo artist for only one year.

Since 1990, Malinin has conducted more than 10 of his show programs. Six of them were shown by various channels of Russia, including abroad.

In 1992 A. Malinin opened his own creative workshop. In it he propagandizes the best samples of Russian song culture and conducts the school of Russian romance.

The family of Alexander Malinin, her role in the singer's work

Some time later Alexander Malinin changedhis usual image on stage. The romantic man with the guitar was replaced by a confident actor, in a very respectable suit and with the gentleman's manner. However, his charming smile, familiar to many millions of women, remained.

Such a pleasant and unusual reincarnationIt was thanks to happy changes in the family. A truly happy father, Alexander Malinin, his biography shows this. In addition to adult children, he grows charming and charming twins. They were called Ustinya and Frol. Such beautiful old Russian names were given to them by the famous father.

Children of Alexander Malinin

According to many friends and acquaintances of the singer, Malininrecently changed a lot. He became a real family man. It is believed that all these transformations have occurred thanks to his wife, who is vigilantly watching his stage image.

The attitude of the singer to children, their upbringing

The family of Alexander Malinin

When in 2000 twins were born, how old was Alexander Malinin? At age 42, he again felt the happiness of paternity.

Malinin believes that in the upbringing of children, the fathershould take an active part. Adults in the family must be consistent in their actions. In addition, parents and children should be friends, however, the strictness of the parents will not be superfluous with the disobedience of the younger ones. By itself, the singer is soft to the children.

All the big holidays the artist spends with his family. The children of Alexander Malinin receive enough attention from their father.

Malinin claims that in the family they haveequality, although many journalists believe that Emma's wife dominates him. Alexander often mentions that he was lucky in his personal life: his wife is a real friend, who in any case will help solve the problem and at the right time will support it. The success of a happy and long marriage, A. Malinin believes, is the mutual respect of the spouses.

Recently (in 2007) the popular singer had grandchildren. At the stepson of Alexander Anton, a son was born, who was named Plato, and Arianna's daughter.

A. Malinin also has older children from previous marriages: son Nikita Malinin (mother - violinist Inna Kurochkina) and daughter of Cyrus (mother - singer Olga Zarubina).

Spirituality in the life of Alexander Malinin

The role of religion in the work and life of a singer is difficultto overestimate. With his wife he was married. Malinin himself believes that they are crowned once and for all. Has passed since then how many years? Alexander Malinin, who recently celebrated the 20th anniversary of the marriage life, can be envied. He continues to love his wife, he believes, sent to him by God.

Talented and hardworking Alexander Malinin. The singer, whose biography can serve as an example of perseverance and perseverance, achieved a great deal in his life. And this is only his merit.

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