From the life of clever villains. Who is the MODUK (Marvel)?

MODUK ("Marvel") is a fictional character fromthe Marvel universe, invented and painted by Stan Lee and Jack Curbey. This is one of those villains who, for the destruction of enemies, prefer to use high intelligence and the results of scientific and technological progress instead of incredible power and destructive power.

MODOK ("Marvel"): biography of the character

Prior to his transformation, George Tarleton was a technicianin the organization A.I.M ("Advanced Ideas of Mechanics"), and even then he had good mental abilities. True, this was not enough for him, so the scientist constantly carried out experiments to increase the level of his intellect. Probably, that's why he was chosen to implement the new idea of ​​the company A.I.M - creation of the project "MODOK" ("Marvel"). The photo of the character is given below.

modob marvel
The purpose of the manual was the invention of super-intelligentorganism to study a strange, but very powerful toy - the Space Cube. But they did not immediately realize what clever, treacherous, ambitious and power-hungry computer they invented. MODOK ("Marvel") quickly dealt with them and began to manage the organization. He turned into a villain whose primary goal was to destroy the meta-people. After all, their abilities often prevented him on the way to world domination. The first and main enemy was Captain America, who once decided to intercede for the Shield agent Shenon Carter. After that, they fought several more times.

New enemies

MODOK ("Marvel") immediately realized that to achieve the goalYou can only declare war on your most powerful opponents. He considered such a Hulk. But it is not necessary to be a genius to assess the situation and understand that in an open battle of a green monster he can not be defeated. Therefore, MODO kidnaps Betty Ross (the Hulk Woman) and, through mutation, turns her into a Harpy. But his plan failed, Bruce Banner saved and cured her in time.

Ambitions constantly filled the villain, and heHe grabbed at any chance to prove to all his superiority. Therefore, when he received an invitation to participate in the "War of Super Villains", which was organized by the Black Lama, he accepted it with pleasure. True, he could not win, the prize went to another participant.

modob marvel biography
Failure in the tournament very upset him, and thenModoc invented, probably, the most insidious plan for the time of its existence. He was going to make a major terrorist attack using a new deadly X virus. Only first decided to check the infectious agent on the homeless. But again they interfere with him. The thing, Aquaman and Captain America tear off the villain's plan. True, they almost die from the virus.


In the meantime, A.I.M there is discontent due to lack of technical progress. A group of people are trying to overthrow him, for which he hires a killer from the Serpent Society. Thorntail does the work, and the body of the MODOK returns the organization.

Later, one of the agents uses it to destroy the Iron Man. As a result, the body of MODOK also collapses. After this, A.I.M creates his female counterpart, which is called MODAM.


But the time of MODOK has not yet expired, and the villainreborn. This is facilitated by a grouping called "Starosty". MODOK ("Marvel") asks to help him regain control over A.I.M, and in return promises assistance in the implementation of their aggressive plans. But ultimately does not fulfill the promise.

modover marvel movie
Later, when the MODUK becomes a member"Intelligentsia", several agents of this team are exposed to the rays of Cathexis, capable of transmitting energy from one object to another. As a result, one of these people, Amadeus Cho, receives a powerful ability to change reality. He uses this power to reverse the process and turn MODOK back to George Tarleton. The military immediately take him into custody and try with his help to prevent the "Judgment Day". But the guy's brain was too damaged to remember those times when he was a mutant.


After the mutation of MODOK ("Marvel"), severaluseful skills. First, he increased his mental capacity and memory, as a result of which he could not only solve the most difficult arithmetic problems, but also perfectly calculate the probability of the origin of certain events.

Secondly, he possesses psionic abilities that enable him to take control of whole groups of living beings. It can also create protective fields that can withstand powerful explosions.

Thirdly, MODOC is able to generate a powerful energy beam and teleport through technologies developed by the organization A.I.M.

 modoc marvel photo
But the mutation effect brought the villain someinconvenience. After all, his head has increased several times and now outweighs the body. Because of this, he has to wear an exoskeleton. But here there are advantages, as it is equipped with rocket launchers and other types of weapons.

Modoc (Marvel): the film

Unfortunately, the hero has not yet become the character of the film. But it can be found in many animated series. Among them, "Iron Man" (1994), "Iron Man: Adventure in the armor", "Super Heroes Squad", "Perfect Spider-Man", "Avengers, the general collection!", Etc. Also this character is used in several video games.

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