"The Legend of the Siberian Land" - actors and the plot of the film

Today we will talk about the film "Legend of the Siberian Land". Actors and roles are presented below. The director of the picture was Ivan Pyryev. Operator's work Valentina Pavlova.


a legend about the land of Siberian actors and roles
We will discuss the plot of the film "The Tale of the Siberian Land". Actors will be named below. The main character is Andrei Balashov. Before the war, he was a pianist. The hero loved Natasha Malinin. She reciprocated him. The war began. Andrei was seriously wounded at the front. I had to forget about the piano. The hero went to Siberia with grief.

Key players

Composer and musician Andrei Nikolayevich Balashov andsinger Natasha Malinina - the main characters of the film "The Tale of the Siberian Land." Actors Vladimir Druzhnikov and Marina Ladynina performed these roles. Let's talk about them in more detail.

Vladimir Druzhnikov was born in 1922., On June 30, in Moscow. Comes from a military family. People's Artist of the RSFSR. He joined the auxiliary staff of the collective of the Central Children's Theater. Later he began to play the leading roles. During the war he left for Siberia to evacuate with the theater. There he worked. After returning to Moscow from the evacuation, he was accepted into the first set of the Moscow Art Theater studio. He did not complete the training. The actor was expelled for participation in the film "Without Guilt, Guilty". Vladimir Petrov is a filmmaker who was looking for the performer of the main role in this film.

Marina Ladynina was born in the Smolensk region. People's Artist of the USSR. Shortly after her birth, she moved with her parents to the village of Nazarovo, which is located near the town of Achinsk. She became a teacher at the age of 16. I taught local people a letter. Soon for the first time appeared on the stage amateur drama circle. She had a beautiful ear and a voice. The future actress went to Moscow, her goal was to enter the acting courses. From the first attempt she became a student of GITIS.

Boris Andreev embodied the image of Yakov Z. Burmak - the driver of the bus "Aeroflot". This actor was born in 1915, on February 9, in Saratov. People's Artist of the USSR. He was a student of the Saratov Theater College. He played in the drama theater of Karl Marx. Changed the scene. Collaborated with the Theater-Studio actor in Moscow. He passed away in 1982, on April 21.

Other heroes

the actors of the film a legend about the land of the Siberian
Actors of the film "Legend of the Siberian Land" VeraVasilieva and Sergey Kalinin played the role of the waitress-barmaid Nastasya Petrovna - former sergeant and head of tea Kornei Nefedovich Zavarin. Let's talk about them in more detail.

Vera Vasilyeva was born in 1925., September 30, in the Tver province. People's Artist of the USSR. She was educated at the Moscow City Theater School. Debut in the movie was a role in the comedy "Twins". With great confidence, charm and warmth, Nastya played in the film "The Tale of the Siberian Land." She became an actress of the Satire Theater. Played more than 40 roles. Ushakov Vladimir Petrovich, her husband, Honored Artist of Russia, actor of the Satire Theater. Publishing house "White Alves" published a collection of memoirs of Vera Vasilyeva. The book was called "The continuation of the soul."

Sergey Kalinin was born in 1896., On August 28, in Kostroma. He moved to Moscow during his student years. He began performing at the Maly Theater. Later he joined the staff of the Moscow Art Theater. There he performed until he retired.

Elena Savitskaya played Kapitolina Kondratievna.

Narcissistic pianist Boris Olenich and musicianSergei Tomakurov, Andrei's friend, also featured in the plot of the film "The Tale of the Siberian Land." Actors Vladimir Zeldin and Mikhail Sidorkin performed these roles.

Grigory Spiegel played a cheerful violinist.

Interesting Facts

a legend about the land of Siberian actors and roles
Let's give some information about the film "Legend ofthe Siberian Land ". Actors were named above. The tape was released in 1948. The painting combines genres of melodrama and a musical film. Writers were Nikolai Rozhkov and Yevgeny Pomeshchikov. The composer was Nikolai Kryukov. The artists of the tape are Boris Chebotarev and Arthur Berger.

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