How to copy text in "Instagram": instruction

"Instagram" is an incredibly popular sociala network in which some unnaturally large amount of content is aggregated every day: photos, videos, texts and so on. It's not just that this company was once bought by Mark Zuckerberg's child. Yes, Instagram is part of the Facebook Corporation.

It's no surprise that many users wantTo extract a part of the content from the "Instagram" and share it on your resource. Quite often, by the way, a lot of necessary information is in the commentary to the post with a photo or video. But getting it from there is not easy. On mobile devices, comments are not clickable, so you can not select text in them. What to do then?

In this article, you will receive an answer to the question,How to copy the text in the "Instagram" from the comment. In addition, you will also learn a lot of additional information about the text content of this social network.

how to copy text into an instagram

How to copy text in "Instagram"?

Extract the necessary information from the text in thissocial network is relatively simple. It all depends on what kind of device you use: a computer or a mobile gadget based on one of the popular operating systems.

First, let's take a look at the simplest example: how to copy the text in the "Instagram" from the computer.

how to copy text in the instagram from the phone

Personal computers

It should be noted that the "Instagram" on the computer inbrowser (in standard form without third-party extensions and add-ons) and "Instagram" on any mobile device as an application - completely different things.

In the computer version, unlike the mobile version,There are no restrictions for interaction with the text of the posts of users. Therefore, to understand how to copy the text in the "Instagram", it is much easier in the desktop version of the site. On a PC, you can simply open any photo or video and copy the description with a normal selection.

How to copy the text in the instagram from the comment

Android: Tablets, Smartphones

Now you can figure out how to copy the text in the "Instagram" from the phone based on Android OS. It is not much more difficult to do this than on a personal computer. You just need to learn the algorithm.

In the mobile app, if you use more oftenit is they, and not the browser version on the smartphone or tablet, you need to open the desired post. Then, in the upper right corner, you will need to find three points vertically.

Clicking on them will open a menu where you will be asked to either complain about the post, or copy the link, or include notifications of publications. You must select the second item.

The copied link must be inserted in thebrowser search string on a smartphone or tablet. And just in the opened version of the post it will be possible to copy the text from the description by usual selection. It turns out that copying the text in "Instagram" on "Android" is not difficult.

how to copy the text in the android program

iOS devices: iPhones, iPads and iPods

Nevertheless, Android is not the only mobile phonean operating system that people use. There is also iOS. Although to understand how to copy the text in the "Instagram" on an iPhone, for example, even easier.

In fact, in the case of iOS devices, the same instruction as described above for Android devices can be used.

For devices on both operating systems, there isAnother universal way, which is associated with an additional software. This software is a popular messenger "Telegram". Its functionality involves the use of bots. One of these bots is InstaSave. It can be found in the search for this particular name (without quotes). By the way, this bot is free. Once you have opened a dialog with it, you can familiarize yourself with the instruction for using it, or simply insert a link to the post in the dialog box and send it to the bot. He himself will extract material from the social network and in two messages will provide the picture or video from the post, as well as its description.

how to copy the text in the iphone to iphone

How best to make posts in the "Instagram"?

In order not to cause unnecessary trouble for one's ownsubscribers who follow the information that you post in your account, you must adhere to several rules for compiling posts in the "Instagram", which will be described below.

First, you need to break the text into paragraphs. Words and sentences written in solid text are very poorly assimilated, unlike those that are distributed according to paragraphs. Only need to take into account that the usual gap in the paragraph in the "Instagram" to the post will not work. An empty string will be deleted by the system. It is necessary to occupy it with some kind of symbol. For example, an emoji-emoji of white color or an ordinary dot. In this case, everything is limited only by the imagination of the author.

Secondly, the text of the description should not be insertedlinks. They will be non-ciphered, and subscribers will not be able to use them. Consequently, the whole meaning of such links disappears. Undoubtedly, they can be copied, but above it has already been described how this is done in the framework of "Instagram". Therefore, it is better to save all useful links in the description to the profile to the column "website". In this case, they will be active, and subscribers can pass on them.

Thirdly (not an obligatory clause), the texts toposts can be supplemented with emoji-emoticons. Many users (if not the vast majority) of "Instagram" like this visualization. The main thing is not to overdo it with the number of these emoticons. In addition, it is worth remembering that it is appropriate to insert them, and not as horrible.

Fourthly, if you want to print some kind ofdescription for the photo: clever idea, own thoughts, but do not know what exactly to write, it is better not to do it at all. With a high probability nothing sensible and interesting to think up will not succeed.

The result

Thanks to this article, you learned how to copy the text into "Instagram", as well as how to better create posts in this social network, so that they were convenient and interesting to view and read to subscribers.

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