Beautiful palm from plastic bottles for garden

Our planet begins to fill up graduallygarbage, which does not have time to be processed. You can look at it and do nothing, but there are people who start using junk material for useful things. They make beautiful things from unnecessary bottles, discarded tires, stoppers from wine and metal cans. When you see the beauty made of ordinary rubbish, you also want to create from this material some original and unique thing!

If a "palm tree" suddenly appeared near your housefrom bottles of plastic, yes not one - do not be surprised! This only means that close to you lives a person who is not indifferent to environmental purity. But in order to grow such a "garden", you need very little, namely: your desire, handy materials, as well as your hands. Just imagine how nice it will be for you and others to look at a beautifully made thing.

palm from plastic bottles
"Palma" from bottles, a master class for which wenow hold, will please both you and passers-by. Before starting work, it is necessary to prepare the material. We need plastic bottles of two colors. The size of the bottle will determine the shape of the future "palm". For street wood, it is better to use a capacity of 2 liters. For home "palm" you can use 0.5 liter bottles.

On average, a tree needs about 20bottles of brown for "trunk", as well as 8-12 pieces - for "leaves". But there are several technologies here, so the final amount depends on them. "Palm" made from plastic bottles is "fluffy" and stable, if you use a metal rod as a rod. But the tree also will approach. Find a suitable branch - firm, elastic and even. It must be secured so that the tree does not fall. You can use a tire for this. Beautifully look next to two or three trunks of "palm".

palm from bottles master class
A bottle approximately in the middle is neatly cuta zigzag line. It is necessary that we have turned out corners, which must be slightly bent. If the bottles are not very large, then use both parts of the bottle. They can be alternated, fixing that bottom, then the neck. But some one part, for example, the upper one, which already has the necessary opening, is quite suitable. Prepare the details of the "trunk", we begin to string them on the rod. And the "palm" of bottles of plastic gradually "grows" up.

The next stage is preparing the "leaves". We cut off the bottom of the green bottles. Then do along 2 or 3 incisions, not reaching the neck. The lid is used as an element of fasteners. For a small "tree", 3-4 "palm" leaves will suffice. In order to get a high "palm" of plastic bottles, the branches can be made from 2 connected bottles together. But here you need a wire, and in the cover you must first drill a hole.

palm tree
Gently combining all the elements together,we get a beautiful "palm garden." To strengthen the "tree" use a tub or pot, pouring in it the earth, sand or stones. From above on the "palm tree" you can put a children's toy-monkey. In order that she was not bored, you can also hang artificial bananas.

For a wide plastic "palm" you canuse five-liter bottles. The color, however, it will be green, but if desired, the "tree" can be painted. In order to "palm" of bottles with their own hands did not stand alone, put a number of plastic "flowers" and "animals" made from automobile tires. So we can decorate our yard and use discarded garbage.

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