Belarusian lotteries as a symbol of national idea

Belarusian lotteries are unconditionala phenomenon in the post-Soviet space. No other country has so many lotteries. In Belarus there are about fifty of them, and from the point of view of the presented names, there is a choice for every taste-professional, sports, ideological and patriotic. Yes, and the number of people willing to test at random taste the victory is becoming more and more. And the lotteries themselves in Belarus have not been exclusively national for a long time, as many players from the post-Soviet space take part in them. Figuratively speaking, the lotteries turned into an independent branch of the economy with a stable positive dynamics of income growth.

Features of Belarusian lotteries.

  • All lotteries in Belarus are state-owned andare under the control of various power structures. In this segment, competition is very limited, as evidenced by the presence of only a few operators. The most famous are "Belarusian Lotteries" and "National Sports Lotteries", which are unitary enterprises.
  • Each lottery must necessarily receive expert permission to use software and hardware from the analytical center under the president.
  • By law, the prize fund of each Lottery of Belarus should be strictly within the range of 45-50% of the collected funds. The second half of the funds goes to the state budget.
  • The most popular republican lotteries (in comparison with regional ones) are most in demand, which is explained by more solid winnings.
  • Social portrait of the average player. A middle-aged man, with a low income without a solid material basis, but with great ambition. Lives in the countryside.

Review of the most popular lotteries.

1. "Your lotto" - founded in 2001, offers solid, in comparison with others, rewards. In addition to money, apartments, cars and even precious stones are played out. The probability of a winning outcome of one ticket is 25%. The principle of the game is borrowed from the classic lotto with traditional variations for the lottery luring of players - Jeep-pot, Moment of luck and others.

2. "SUPERLOTO" - was created as a means of financial support for programs for the development of youth sports. The winner is entitled to only cash prizes. The playing field consists of 30 different numbers from 1 to 90, and the ticket itself is divided into rows and columns. The drawing is conducted with the help of numbered kegs.

3."Sportloto" - was founded in 2008 and is a direct analog of the popular Soviet lottery "5 of 36". Drawing prizes takes place in live TV 2 times a week. The biggest gain was 2.8 million Russian rubles.

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