Crochet crochet: first experiments

Wishing to create an additional comfort in the house, manyNeedle-makers are accepted for knitting napkins. Of course, everyone wants to immediately weave an openwork large napkin, but the lack of experience in knitting and practicing is affected. The first models often come out not very successful.

Crochet crochet crochet: thick napkin
To fill your hand, it is better to find small ones, nottoo complex patterns. Crochet napkins for beginners involves the creation of small, neat products. To begin with, it is enough to choose a napkin to which not only a schematic is attached, but a detailed description of the process.

Crochet crochet crochet is made from thincotton threads: only in this case you can get a delicate, as it were an airy, product. The hook should correspond to the thread: the ideal variants of hooks for openwork napkins are numbers 0.5 and 1 when using thin cotton threads.

If you want to tie a dense napkin touse it as a stand, then it is better to choose a thicker yarn for knitting, the hook number must correspond to the number indicated on the yarn label.

Knitting wipes crochet for beginners: round napkin napkin

Knitting the most popular round napkinscrochet starts from the center: first, a chain is formed, consisting of air loops, which connects to the ring. To tie each of the following rows, you must type a chain of lifting, consisting of 2 or 3 air loops. To make a beautiful napkin, just like in the picture, you need to follow instructions exactly, not forgetting that crochet crochet patterns are the main source of information for both beginners and experienced knitters. But if the professional knitting is easy enough to navigate in the conventions, then the beginner should try to remember what each of the symbols means. Crochet crochet knitting in this case will go much faster.

If you decide to start learning about the hookwith the knitting of napkins, it is better not to hurry and train to weave different loops: double and sturdy posts, columns without crochet and with nakidami, with double and even triple caps.

crochet crochet patterns

For the first experiments one can choose a square ora rectangular napkin, which is tied in rows. So, a fairly popular version of the napkin is a mesh net. Knit it is quite simple: dial a series of air loops (its length depends on the desired length of the product), then tie 3 loops for lifting. Entering the hook in the 3 loop, not counting the one that is already on the hook, knit the pattern, alternating the empty and tied cells. To create an empty cell, you need to tie a column without a crochet, and behind it 2 air loops. For a filled cell, there is a row of 3 stitches with a crochet. At the beginning of each new series do not forget to make 3 air lifting loops. So you tie the checkered tissue.

If you like crochet crochet crochetin this way, you can create original patterns. Drawing an ornament or figure of interest to you, knit in such a way that the picture itself was tied with filled cells and was surrounded by empty cells. So you can even make thematic napkins and use them as a gift: the anchor to the sailor, the violin to the music teacher, and the scales to the seller.

If you still want to master the knitting of napkinscrochet, starting immediately with round openwork patterns, you should be ready for the fact that at first it will be difficult to navigate, but in time you can even develop author's schemes of napkins, creating unique options.

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