Make a pirate costume with your own hands is not difficult

New Year parties, which are held in the children'sgarden or school, always cause parents a lot of problems with buying or renting a suit for a child. To buy an expensive suit to dress it only once (it will be boring for the child to repeat the same image every year) - it is inexpedient, it is necessary to invent something independently.

Pirate costume with your own hands
The simplest in performance, bright, allowing the child to frolic in their pleasure, perhaps, will be a pirate costume. It is not difficult to create such a one with my own hands.

It is only necessary to thoroughly review the old thingsin wardrobe. Suit pirate costume for children not only for boys. He will be pleased to dress girls who are not restrained, who have a lively, mobile character.

Picking up things for rework

It will be necessary to emphasize that the activity of a pirateinextricably linked with the sea: as a basis for the costume, you can choose a vest or a striped T-shirt. The second option - to take a white shirt, and the edges of the collar and cuffs to sew white prisborennymi lace. To make a pirate costume with your own hands, you will need to find an old monophonic vest or, at the very least, sew it on the simplest pattern. The edges of the waistcoat can be embroidered with a bright shiny cord or braid.

The child probably will have breeches or capri,pants should be below the knee. In extreme cases - you can shorten the old pants, of which the child has already grown. The edge of the trousers is also lace. On your feet you can wear white knee socks or in bright stripes. Shoes can be decorated with bows made of scraps of fabric or golden brocade.

Do not forget about pirate accessories

How to make a pirate costume
Next, talking about how to make a pirate costume, will touch on the need to create "pirate" accessories. First of all, it is a hat-tricorn or bandana.

If it is difficult to make a hat with the manufacture of a hat, then it will take just a shred of bright or black fabric to make bandanas.

With the help of white paint for the fabric, we paint on it a skull and crossbones.

Making a pirate costume with your own hands, do not forget about the need to buy weapons, you can make it yourself.

An armed pirate can be a toy sword, saber or pistols. By eye you can sew a dark bandage, which is also associated with the image of a sea robber.

Pirate costume for children
The neck of the pirate should be decorated with a black kerchief, possibly also with a skull pattern. At the waist, the sea robbers wore sashes.

Make a sash can be made from a strip of fabric or a longa bright silk scarf. It should be well secured, so that it does not untangle with the active movement of the child. For the belt, you can fill a few multicolored light kerchiefs.

Pirate Costume for a Girl

Similarly, we make a pirate costume with our own hands andfor girl. To do this, you can use breeches, a vest or a white blouse with lace, sleeveless and bandana. The second version of the pirate costume for the girl is more feminine.

We take a bright, lush skirt, preferably red, a blouse trimmed with lace, instead of a sleeveless jacket you can wear a corset or a wide black belt. Bandana and neck scarf will be needed in any case.

When creating a pirate costume, do not forget about makeup. He will bring in the created image a special color and expressiveness.

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