Pattern toys from the fabric with their own hands. Simple Pattern: Master Class

We offer you several master classes that help to answer the question of how to create soft toys with your own hands. Useful tips and patterns are attached to everyone.

What do you need to create a toy?

The list of the main subjects for creating toys from the fabric:

  • patterns of toys;
  • thread;
  • the cloth;
  • filler;
  • needle.


  • sewing is most convenient on a sewing machine;
  • choose a bright fabric, you can with an abstract pattern;
  • prefer hypoallergenic filler, such as siliconeized fiber, holofayber;
  • as an ornament can serve as ordinary children's clothes (for example, put on a small baby blouse or a football).

Soft toys with their own hands. Patterns. Master classes on their creation

If you have at least a little drawing skills, then it will not be difficult to create a pattern for the toy.

Patterns of toys made of cloth with their own hands are simple

The pattern of toys from the fabric with their own hands is created as follows:

  1. Draw it in the shadow of the existing toy. To do this, put the cat, puppy or someone else in the profile in front of the lamp. After that, put a white sheet of paper so that the shadow of the toy falls on it. Circle the pencil with a shadow. Pattern is ready.
  2. Also you can resort to fantasy. Make a sketch of the future toy. Divide it into details (for example, trunk, head, legs, tail) and draw each separately. Parts must be drawn in profile.

Patterns of toys made of cloth by their own hands (simpleoptions) can also be done as follows: take the old toy, straighten it and look at the details. Do this carefully on the seam, without damaging the fabric itself. So you will understand how to build a pattern and what it is.

Do not be afraid to experiment. The pattern of toys made of cloth with their own hands, containing a minimum of details, is suitable for beginners. Then you can proceed to the big ones.

Cute cat

How to make soft toys with your own hands? Pattern and the manufacturing process will be considered using the example of a toy-seal.

how to make soft toys with your own hands pattern

  1. The seal pattern is shown, so take it and print it out.
  2. Cut out all the details of the pattern and transfer it to the fabric with a chalk, pencil or marker. Do not forget that the contours are drawn on the reverse side, having previously folded the fabric in two layers.
  3. Tear the fabric of the parts clearly along the contour.
  4. Cut out the stitched parts.
  5. Make a small incision in the center of the face and twist it.
  6. Make a small incision on the body of the seal, where you plan to sew the muzzle, and turn out the part.
  7. Place the filler inside the muzzle and body.
  8. Sew incisions on two parts.
  9. The turn of the muzzle came. Make a spout of thread or a piece of fabric stuffed with filler, sew eye-beads and thread out of the thread.
  10. Sew the face to the body.

Cute cat

Kitty is ready. Such a toy can be used as a pillow or decoration on the door handle.

Magic Snail

It's not at all necessary to do something complicated, if the pattern of toys made of cloth with your own hands contains simple details, then the crafts will be ordinary.

Pattern of toys made of cloth by own hands

From such ordinary elements you can make an absolutely magical soft toy.

Sequence of work:

  1. Print out the pattern and cut out the details.
  2. Take two types of tissue - for shell and body.
  3. Fold the fabric in half, the front part inside.
  4. Attach the pattern details with the pins and circle them.
  5. Stitch the details along the contour, leaving the space marked on the pattern by the contour.
  6. Turn the parts through the holes left.
  7. Push the filler inside the parts of the cochlea, tightly and neatly.
  8. Sew the hidden seam of the hole.
  9. Sew the shell to the body.

magic snail

Now you can decorate the snail, trusting yourfantasy. In the presented example, the toy is decorated with a patch made of a different fabric, on which the accessories in one style are glued - bows, flowers, other ornaments. Fine, pastel or paint paint a blush and eyes, on the neck tie a bow, and on top glue the flower. And to the place of joining the shell and the shell, sweep the white lace.

Funny goat

A soft goat toy made of fabric, sewed by your own hands, which can be done on the next pattern, will appeal to both children and adults.

soft goat toy made of fabric

Operating procedure:

  1. Translate the pattern on the fabric.
  2. Stitch the fabric along the contour, leaving a small piece on the tummy, and cut it out.
  3. Unscrew the part.
  4. Thoroughly fill the body with filler.
  5. Sew a non-sewn piece.
  6. Make a muzzle: sew small buttons or beads in place of the peephole, under them thread embroidered nose and mouth.

To make the goat look original, sew a toy from an abstract fabric and decorate the horns and neck with bows.

The basic details of patterns of toys from a fabric the hands

Simple details of this pattern allow you to make a whole menagerie. It is enough just to replace some of them - and you can sew a bear, a bunny, a seal.

soft toys with your own hands, useful tips and patterns

For example, if the pattern of toys from clothhands you have prepared several different versions of the details) contains a long tail - get a raccoon or seal, long ears - a rabbit, leave it as it is - a little bear, a curled tail - a pig, and if you add brushes to sharp ears, you get a trot.

The main thing is, choose the right coloring for the fabric and make the appropriate face. That is, if you make a raccoon, do not forget that he has black stripes on his tail and a mask on his face.

The undoubted advantage of this pattern is that all four legs move with the finished toy, and the child will be interested in playing with it.

Teddy bear with blue ears

soft toys self-made patterns master classes

Such a wonderful bear can be made on the above pattern, without resorting to any additional changes in the details.

The order of creating a toy:

  1. Cut out the details of the pattern.
  2. We translate the pattern on fabric, folded in two layers. For the ears and nose, select the blue color, and for all other parts - the other.
  3. Stitch the details, leaving on each littlefree space necessary for eversion and filling. On the body, head and ears - at the bottom details, on the hands-hands - at the top, and on the legs-feet - above and below. Do not staple the details of the feet.
  4. Cut the sewn parts.
  5. Turn out each one.
  6. Nabeyte all, except the nose and ears, filler. Pay special attention to the tummy.
  7. Sew the details of the feet to the bottom of each of the paws.
  8. Sew on the head and all four paws in a circle, trying to make a secret seam.
  9. Sew ears on the head, giving them a shape.
  10. Make a muzzle: sew beads or buttons to the place of the eyes, sweep your nose and embroider your mouth.

Mishka is ready! If desired, you can attach a tail to it. To do this, make one more detail as small as the nose. Attach it to the back of the bear cub and stuff it with a filler. Sew a tail.

Add a teddy bear a scarf or a scarf, and if it's a girl, then bows are on your ears.

Do not forget that toys should be bright and interesting, and all the details, including those used for decor, are carefully sewn or glued.

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