Play-Doh plasticine - the best gift for the child!

The American company Hasbro is producingchildren's interactive toys and developing table games. One of the most popular products of this company is Play-Doh plasticine. The company produces many different sets for modeling, you can buy them in ordinary toy stores or order on thematic sites.

Play doh plasticine

Play-Doh plasticine is very loved by children aroundthe world, since almost all babies love to sculpt, get great joy from the work, acquire new skills and abilities in a harmless and effective way.

Such popularity is the mass for modeling Hasbrowon thanks to a unique formula that is kept secret. However, it is known that Play-Doh plasticine is made from natural food products and is the safest molding product in the modern world. Parents can allow the child to play absolutely independently, not being afraid that he will bite off a slice or even swallow. Even if this happens, there is absolutely nothing to worry about.

Play-Doh plasticine is very plastic and freeIt takes any form, it does not stick to your hands and dries quickly, while it's pretty hardening. Modeling allows the kid to improve the fine motor skills of his fingers, as well as to develop the imagination, the perception of the world. Molding various figures, children easily fix knowledge of colors, shapes and textures of objects.

Plasticine play doh cake factory
Play-Doh modeling kits will be enjoyablea gift for any holiday, in addition, you can buy both simple jars with plasticine, and whole sets of games that help the child to play role-playing games. So, plasticine Play-Doh "Factory of cakes" - a set that contains absolutely everything necessary for children to create delicious, colorful cakes and cakes that are very similar to the real ones. The cake can be multilayer, for this there are many molds in the package, and with the help of a pastry toy syringe, the cake can be decorated with monograms. The set also includes a special tool to sprinkle the cakes with "chocolate" crumbs. Also here you will find a knife, fork, spoon, plate, molds and 2 jars with plasticine. "Factory cakes" will be a wonderful gift for the girl, will help develop her imagination, independence.

plasticine play doh cars 2
For boys, the plasticine Play-Doh"Cars 2" - the characters of the favorite cartoon can for a long time lure the child. In this set there is everything to dazzle the cartoon characters and create your own story with adventures and races. In the Play-Doh package "Wheelbarrows 2" you will find 4 jars of different colors, 3 forms of machines and other various accessories that will help to recreate events, to blind roads, houses, garages, etc.

If you are not interested in such sets,plasticine Play-Doh is also presented in other interesting versions: "Spaghetti Factory", "Ice cream factory", "Popcorn Factory", "Hamburger", "Naughty Monkey", "Funny Bus", "Princesses Disney" and many others. The choice is so wide that every parent chooses exactly what his baby likes.

Hasbro's plasticine is much better than the domestic mass for molding, does not stain hands, does not clog under the fingernails and easily retains its shape.

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