How to make your bunny costume?

As time has shown, the bunny costumes remainpopular on children's New Year's matinees and to this day. If you needed such a carnival costume, then you should not rush headlong into the children's clothing store. You can sew a bunny costume yourself, right at home.

bunny costume

What should I do first?

First of all, it is necessary to remove all requiredmeasures. It is necessary to measure the growth of the child, girth of the hips, waist and chest. After you receive the measurement data, you can proceed to the next step, the essence of which will be to purchase a cut of fabric and create the necessary patterns. By the way, to the indicators obtained during the measurement, you need to add 8-12 centimeters so that the product does not sit too tightly.

bunny costume for adults

How to sew a children's costume bunny - step two

After you have made patterns, you canproceed directly to sewing. However, you need to consider that our bunny will have ears. They are made of fairly wide and long strips of fabric. It is better to take the same material as for the bunny costume. This is to ensure that the same shrinkage is obtained when washing. As the filler of the ears, it is possible to apply foam rubber cuttings. It is also necessary to use steel wire, which will become a frame for them.

The bunny costume must have a hood, towhich actually and will be fastened ears. In order to sew it, you need to take a rather large cut of fabric with a size of 20 to 60 centimeters. When you will sew a hood, do not forget that you need to leave holes for fixing the ears.

baby bunny costume

We continue to sew - the third stage

When the ears and hood work is over, you can go on sewing a vest and panties.

The vest is best sewed from fur fabrics,because they are much more resistant to wear and do not require frequent washing, which may be needed after the first matinee. Children in fact quickly spoil clothes, which is not surprising.

The bunny costume also includes panties. They are sewn according to the usual ready-made models, so they will not make much labor at home. The main requirement - panties should not turn out too narrow, because in that case your child simply can not sit down.

The main condition for sewing panties isobservance of the required sizes. Also, you need not forget that you will need to sew a hare back, which you can do very simply. It is better to attach it slightly higher than the anatomy requires, so that it does not interfere with your child's sitting.

Completion of work

When you sew all parts of the bunny costume anddrove them to the size, you can go to their connection in one unit. Take into account that the costume is not separate, but the overalls type, moreover, it is warm enough, therefore it is not recommended to put a lot of clothes under it, otherwise the child may become sick from the heat. It should be borne in mind that such suits are made for any planned events, during which the child will have to move a lot.

Here we are with you and made a children's carnival costume. You can make a bunny costume for adults in a similar way.

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