Origami paper. Beautiful flowers from paper: scheme

Undoubtedly, every man at least once in his lifefolded origami. At the lesson of work at school so accurately. And even earlier, in the primary classes, in this technique a jumping frog was made, remember this? So, origami is a whole art in which making that very frog is one of the simplest actions. In fact, all over the world this technique is very popular, in its honor are organized whole exhibitions on which these masterpieces are presented. The most attractive for masters are the flowers of paper. Simple schemes, various colors - and a real paper miracle is born.

flowers made of paper scheme

History of occurrence

Origami is a kind of art basedon folding paper and turning it into unique products. Thus, from an ordinary square leaf you can get a figure of an animal or a bird, a flower or a plant, fruits or vegetables, clothing or furniture and other things around us.

Folding the paper gained its popularity inJapan, although it originated in ancient China, when the paper was already created. For a long time, such figures were used in all sorts of ritual ceremonies. And now there are many beliefs related to such products. A little later, the origami art became accepted only for noble persons of the state, representatives of the upper classes.

beautiful flowers from paper circuits

The spread of paper folding techniquethe whole world happened after the Second World War. This art has become incredibly popular in different countries due to its fascination and uniqueness. In addition, such an occupation does not require any training from a person, just desire and self-belief is enough.

flowers from paper simple circuits
What is origami used for?

The first question, which is asked by the origami masters: "Who needs this technique and where does it apply?" After all, in everyday life, it would seem, a person is far from meeting with her.

In fact, origami is used for the mostdifferent goals. Having mastered just a couple of techniques, you can create simple figures together with your child. This will not only be an exciting pastime, but also a good activity for the development of the baby. In the process of folding paper develops fine motor skills, mindfulness and patience. The child can show imagination, creating his first masterpieces.

Products created in this technique can becomea wonderful gift to a loved one. Do not be skeptical about this option. After all, no doubt, it will be nice if the main gift is supplemented with a nice figure. Unusually and interestingly look flowers from paper. The scheme for their creation can be different in complexity and method of technology, but such a flower will not wither just the next day.

Paper Crafts Flowers Schemes

The original solution for decorating variousboxes, envelopes, frames for photos will also be paper figures. In another way, even a cash gift will play, if the note is neatly rolled up in a simple technique. Only if you are a beginner Origami, practice first in creating a figure on paper.

More and more popular decorationinterior volumetric hand-made paper. Stylishly look in the room not only kusudams, but also voluminous compositions in the form of animals or vases with flowers. Very often origami is used to decorate rooms where wedding ceremonies or holidays are held.

As you can see, the sphere of application of ancient technology is quite extensive, popular and multifaceted.

Varieties of art

There are several types of origami art. The most ancient is the classical origami, for which only a sheet of paper is needed, mostly square.

The second version of this technique is modularOrigami, an article in which consists of many small modules. The module itself is composed of the same square sheet in a certain way. Modular origami is voluminous, from it truly admirable figures are created. In this technique, glue is often used to join parts, although due to the frictional force, parts of the whole are firmly held in place and without fasteners. On the basis of modular origami, voluminous flowers are created from paper, the schemes of which are very diverse and varied in complexity. The most impressive products of this variety are kusudams - volumetric balls, mainly from flower modules.

A newer direction is simpleorigami, intended for beginners. In this technique, only a few techniques from the classical method are used, which contribute to the consolidation of the initial skills.

origami of paper flower scheme

Basics of technology

To master the art of creating paperfigurines, it is necessary to study a special system of signs, which was created in the 20th century by Akira Yoshidzawa. Thanks to it, you can record each step in making a model, in order to repeat it in the future. From these symbols is the origami scheme.

Having carefully studied the designation of each sign,By strictly following the step-by-step instructions, you can create a real masterpiece, in particular, flowers made of paper. The scheme of their addition depends on what kind of flower it is necessary to perform and in what technique.

So, according to the signs on the diagramthe origami player knows what needs to be done in the next moment - to add, unfold, inflate or reveal the figure. Thanks to coordinated actions and fixed knowledge, even unfamiliar figures will be obtained from the first time.

flowers from paper simple circuits

Material for work

The very first origami was created from cocoonssilkworm, which at certain actions were similar to paper sheets. True, the cost of this material was very high, so the masters began to develop new ways of making paper.

Whatever they used to create figurines -bark of trees, bamboo, various cloth. But the most optimal material was paper. In the modern world, the best option for creating origami is plain office paper. Due to its characteristics modular origami comes out perfectly - they do not crumble, they keep their shape and perfectly adhere to each other.

A good replacement for plain paper are stickers. They are produced in small form, so they simply create a small module.

In Japan, special factories producespecial paper - wasi. It is slightly different in quality, and is made from fibers of different plants. All over the world, for origami art, paper "kami" is used, designed specifically for this sphere.

Creating flowers

flowers origami from paper circuit

From a regular sheet using a variety of optionsfolding it is possible to compose flowers from paper. The scheme in each individual case will undoubtedly differ, as in principle the flowers in nature are different.

You can create one sheet of paper asa separate flower spike, and part of the whole future bud (module). More often, the figures of colors are created from several folded sheets of paper, fastening together. But for beginners or children it's worth starting classes directly with simple elements.

Having decided with the appropriate color, you canperform paper crafts. Flowers, the schemes of which are chosen by the master, should be done very carefully, so as not to crush the edges or center of the product, especially if the model is bulky.

Step by step creation of an origami flower

To master the technique of origami, you need frequenttraining and fixing the basic techniques. It is also worth remembering that large and bulky models can not come out right away, so do not be upset if you do not get beautiful flowers from paper from the first minutes. Schemes are different, you will certainly find one that will help you master and consolidate the technique.

First, consider the picture and try to reproduce all the actions, achieving the same final result.

beautiful flowers from paper circuits
Step 1. Cut a square sheet of white or colored paper in half. There will be a triangle. This triangle must be folded once more in half, so that a fold line is formed in the center.

Step 2. After that, the angles of the triangle must be folded along the resulting fold line so that they touch the center. The resulting pockets need to be turned out.

Step 3. Angles of triangles should be gently curled. From this figure will find a beautiful outline, and it already looks like part of the flower. Similarly, you should create 5 such modules and connect them together. That's so simple and simple simple flowers made of paper. The scheme, as we see, is not at all complicated, even a child can cope with this.

Three-dimensional flowers

The example considered relates to a modulartechnique of creating origami from paper. The flower, the scheme of which is presented above, is simple in execution. But in this art there are also complex models, consisting of a large number of modules. If the figure is made in the form of a ball of flowers, it is called the Kusudama. There is a belief that a hung such a ball over the bed will bring the owner a strong, healthy sleep and pleasant dreams.

In addition, unsurpassed in the interiorother modular flowers origami of paper. Schemes of such figures are created based on mathematical calculations. They can be found in specialized manuals, which are issued by master-origami masters.

bulk flowers from paper circuits


As you can see, what at first glance seemssimple and banal, in fact it is an ancient art and very widespread in the world. One of the beautiful creations is, of course, the origami of paper - a flower, the scheme of which can be as simple, for children, and very difficult, for true masters.

You can be sure of one thing: once you create a true miracle of paper, it will be difficult to stop.

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