How to sew sleeves on the sofa with your own hands

Bring a feeling of comfort in the home environmentcan be easy and simple. Sometimes, in order to create a certain atmosphere, emphasize the interior design, it is enough to learn how to sew the covers to the sofa with your own hands. In addition, this fashionable detail helps protect furniture. It is always possible to change the case if circumstances so require (for example, it needs cleaning or you have new ideas for decorating the room).

how to sew sleeves on a sofa
What material will we take?

First you need to decide: what kind of fabric will be the cover? To practice, you can take something inexpensive, old, for example, a cotton sheet.

After we have learned, we will take another cloth. In order to understand how to sew sleeves on a sofa to make them beautiful and durable, you need the cloth that meets the following requirements. It should not slide, after washing do not sit down, do not stretch, with a simple, but beautiful pattern. If your family (especially children) like to dine at the TV, then choose a color so that the drops that remain from the food are not visible on it. If you have pets, then you need a cloth that does not stick to wool.

Getting Started

sewing of covers for sofas
Of course, sewing covers on couches begins withcreate a pattern. It may seem that the matter is difficult. After all, the subject has a complex form. But it's not scary. The cover can be spacious and just be thrown over the couch. In the scheme it is necessary to take into account all proportions of furniture. To do this, the sofa should be well measured, writing down its length and width. On the pattern, you must take into account the allowance, and it should be large enough. If, for example, you came out that the back of the sofa is already 10 cm, you need to cut out a rectangle with an increase to a larger value. It is enough 15-20 centimeters. This will protect you from mistakes.

Sash the cover on the corner sofa
To implement your idea andto get acquainted with the ways how to sew sleeves on a sofa, we will consider this process in more details. Pattern can be drawn or used for her newspaper. They should be glued together so that they mimic the shape of the furniture. For the seat to pick them you need exactly the size. On the fabric to the result, add 20 centimeters. The width of the armrest is measured near the seat, and also at the floor, below. To pattern the fabric, you must choose a larger width and allow for the allowance (10 centimeters). To determine the length of a piece of tissue, you need to measure the entire armrest and the distance from the seat to the floor. On the fabric, add to each edge of five centimeters.

For the armrests, you need to cut two identicalparts and secure them with pins. Then the planned seams should be sewn on the machine. To fasten the bottom and side edge of the case, use braids, ribbons, cords. As an ornament fringe fits.

Unlike a rectangular, sewn a cover onthe corner sofa is a bit more complicated. Because of its shape, each part must be made separately. But in general, the process is very similar to the one described above. On the sewing machine all the details are put together. Now you can be proud of your own work!

sofa cover
There are many options for sewing covers on a sofa. Here you can be guided not only by fashion, style, but also by your own taste and imagination.

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