How to sew a blouse with your own hands?

You like to dress individually and lookfashionable and creative? Are you keen on sewing and want to improve your skills by learning how to sew without a pattern? Then this article is for you, because in it you will find free instructions and tips on how to make fashion accessories yourself, sew yourself quickly and without a blouse pattern.

Choosing a blouse model

Women and girls are such by nature that theyI want to be unique and look beautiful at any time of the year. On the eve of the spring-summer season, I naturally want to replenish my wardrobe with new items, sew a new blouse, and not one. Immediately accept the postulate - there is no ugly female figure. Any flaw can be disguised, just need to listen to the advice of the tailoring masters.

Usually the beautiful half of humanitycomplex about the extra kilograms, especially those collected in the winter. What can you offer for girls with excess weight, how to sew a blouse, so that this nuance would not be noticeable? The main thing is to pay attention to the choice of fabric. This should not be loose material, so that additional processing is not needed. The model should not have elements that are visually filled, such as flounces and ruches. The blouse must not be fitted.

Blouse Bat

As an option blouse, which has a free cut,it is possible to offer a bat sewing model. The fabric for it should be light, but not crumbling when cutting. For work you will need: fabric, pins and scissors.

Blouse Bat

To sew a blouse with your own hands, you needThe prepared fabric should be folded in the form of a kerchief on the corner, and the places where the line will pass will be pinned. The neckline can be any, but on the model in the photo above it is made in the form of a boat. Cutout is processed by oblique bake or braid. Next, a line of side seams is made. You can leave the bottom and edges of the sleeves in the form of corners, and you can cut it under the oval. All slices are processed and decorated, if desired, with a decor.

If you do not round the bottom and the sleeves, the cut of the fabric can be rolled up before the cut or zigzag around the entire perimeter of the square. This will simplify the work.

Blouse for full

No one will look at extra pounds ifput on the right clothes. For example, for a full-blown blouse with a V-neck neckline. For her, you should choose a fabric of discreet colors, it's better if it's pastel colors. If you sew a fabric blouse to release, it will perfectly hide the extra pounds. For the summer version of the blouse fabric is chosen the easiest - cotton. It can be a nice cambric cambric. The braid can be a braid and small pieces of leather or velor.

Blouse for full

For cutting, you need to take a material length of 160 cm andwidth 130 cm. The fabric should be folded in four. Removed measurement - hips, and a quarter of the measure plus 5 centimeters is postponed from the central fold. From this point, the line of the side seam is drawn, which does not reach the top by 25 centimeters (here is the sleeve of the blouse). At the top is the neck in the form of an oval, and then in front of the cut of the neck we turn into a V-shaped cutout. The cut from the fabric is ready. It remains to sew the blouse with your own hands, spending the side seams, making belt loops, decorating the sleeves with the braid.

For the belt to the blouse you need to take the material lengthtwo meters and a width of 25 centimeters. Since the material is thin, it needs to be folded several times and stitched. The ends of the belt, like the sleeves, are decorated with braid. As a result, I got a wonderful elegant blouse. By the way, it will look great on a skinny girl. Just need to take less material.

Blouse from the cut of the sun

Sometimes, even having a desire to update your wardrobe,nothing is found in stores that could please the eye. It happens that the style is like, but this size is not. The easiest way is to make a new thing yourself. For this it is enough to buy a summer light fabric and sew a blouse with your own hands without a pattern. It was without her. As you will understand, without sewing, sewing is much easier.

This blouse can be sewn, as well as the previous one, only withtwo sutures and a sharpening of the neck. The fabric should be so large that the radius of the circle is equal to the length of the product. Pattern is made on the fabric according to the scheme in the photo below, thanks to which it is clear how to sew a blouse.

Blouse Half Sun

The cut circle is necessary or padded, and ifmaterial is flowing, then overthrow. In the place on the diagram, where the inner circle is drawn, this is the circumference of the hips. Where there is "stitching and attaching" on the chart, these are shoulder seams. Next is the processing of slices. It takes one hour and a half to complete the work.

Master Class. Blouse from the circle

In practice, what was stated above is simple andremarkably tells the designer on sewing clothes Olga Nikishecheva in her master class on video. For a complete figure, complex models are not needed, but the original, creative and hiding extra pounds - this is what is said in the video. After watching this video every fashionista wants to create a blouse for her wardrobe.

Model with hanging sleeves

Blouse with beautiful, hanging sleeves - one of thethe simplest options for a summer blouse. How to sew without a pattern this model, we will consider on a photo more low. To sew this blouse, it is enough to have a cut of fabric equal to two lengths of the product, plus five centimeters on the bottom of the blouse and the seams in the shoulder of the sleeve.

To cut this blouse you need a T-shirt or T-shirt. Having outlined its outline, draw the necessary length of the sleeve and the bottom of the blouse. The crochet consists of two parts - the back and the shelf. Before sewing, you need to overthrow them. Then the side of the blouse and the bottom of the sleeve are scribbled. On the circumference of the neck is sewn a bake, which on the shoulder has a distance between the shelf and the back of about 3-4 centimeters.

Blouse with hanging sleeves

Alternatively, you can individually trim the shelf and separate the back, leaving long ends to make ties on the shoulders. It's up to each fashionista.

Cut by one technique.

To have a stylish new wardrobeblouse, you do not have to be able to sew. It means, to own the subtleties of sewing. It is enough to buy a thin elastic material. It can be tricotin or wet silk. These fabrics do not crumble. The size of the fabric should be equal to two lengths of the product, ie 130-140 centimeters, and have a width that is equal to the distance from the elbow to the elbow of the open hands. This is approximately an average figure of 75 centimeters.

Blouse of the original cut

The photo clearly shows how to sew a blouse. To do this, it is enough to stitch two side seams, and then either sew the belt, as shown in the two upper technical drawings, or on the side seam to pick up, as on the bottom. And it will be two versions of blouses. Sutures and free edges need to be treated.

The blouse is made of a circle

To sew a model of a blouse (in the photo below), you needMake a cut of the circle, whose diameter is 140-150 centimeters. Fold it in half and once again in half. Set aside from the angle horizontally 10 centimeters, this will be the width of the neck of the blouse. Put down the vertical in 7 centimeters. Connect the resulting points and make a cutout.

Blouse made of a circle

From the center, set horizontally to 22centimeter and drop the perpendiculars to the edge of the circle. From the top point to postpone 25 centimeters. It will be armhole. From this point to the bottom of the blouse, heal the side seam with pins and stitch it. The blouse can be decorated with embroidery or applique. If the width of the material does not allow you to make a pattern from the circle, you can make it from two semicircles. In this case, it is possible to simulate the cuts in the upper parts of the sleeves, in the shoulder seams to make the assembly.

It's not so difficult to do modeling, the main thing is to want to create something original for yourself.

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