How to make a kokoshnik to a Russian costume

Kokoshnik is a headdress thatsymbolizes the Russian national costume. It is known from ancient times. In the old days it was made by skilled workers who specialized in sewing headgear, which knew how to make a kokoshnik so beautiful that it was difficult to remove its eyes from it.

How to make a kokoshnik
Hanging kokoshnik on holidays, so for himcreations used in most cases, expensive fabrics and jewelry, natural pearls, chases, silver and gold threads, glass beads, live or artificial flowers. Today kokoshnik is also used as a headdress in the manufacture of Russian national costumes. In addition, it is often used in the making of a New Year's costume for the Snow Maiden.

How to make a kokoshnik yourself

The first thing to do is prepare materialsfor making a headdress. It will take a thick paper, from which the base will be made. It is desirable that it retains its shape well and does not break when folded. Before making a kokoshnik, you also need to prepare batting or sintepon, a small amount of beautiful fabric of the desired shade, an elastic band, braid, beads, beads, rhinestones, sequins, material for making applique.

How to make a kokoshnik of cardboard

How to make a kokoshnik yourself
First you need to take measurements, make a drawing forregular paper, cut it and make a preliminary fitting. If the shape and dimensions of the product are suitable - you can transfer the pattern to the prepared cardboard and cut out the base of the future headgear. A similar part should be cut out of batting or sintepon, then stitched it to the cardboard blank in such a way that it could not move.

Then you can start to cut out the parts from thefabric, they will need two - for finishing the front and back sides. At the edges, you should leave allowances of not less than 1.5 cm. On the sewing machine, you need to sew the cut parts along the upper circle (except for the part that will be attached to the head), then turn the workpiece and iron it, remove the filament.

Now you can proceed with the assembly. Talking about how to make a kokoshnik, you should remember that all operations for its manufacture must be done very carefully. Next, in the sewn-out case we insert the cardboard base in such a way that the sintepon is on the front part of the product. The remaining lower open cut should be tightened and sewn inside.

How to make a kokoshnik of cardboard
Finally, you can proceed to the most pleasant parttalk about how to make a kokoshnik - to the question of its decoration. To do this, harvested sequins, beads, rhinestones and beads are used. Elements of the décor are sewn to the product with small stitches, while it is stitched through. When creating a pattern, you must strictly observe its symmetry. To make the kokoshnik fit snugly to the head and hold well during movements, an elastic braid is attached to its lower ends.

How to make a kokoshnik for the Snow Maiden

According to the technology described above, you can also sewkokoshnik for the New Year's costume of the Snow Maiden. Naturally, its color should match the color of the outfit, it is best to take the same fabric for its manufacture. You can decorate the headdress with the help of shiny silver beads and sequins, beads, you can also make appliqués of silvery brocade fabric in the form of frosty patterns, decorate the kokoshnik with beautiful silver braid.

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