Square crochet motif: diagram, description of crochet

Crochet not only calms the nerves, but alsoallows you to acquire beautiful things of your own production. The needlewomen skillfully weave threads and get real designer things. Knitted objects of the wardrobe at all times looked attractive. In clothes from tracery motifs women from the people and royal persons dressed. Regularly invent new patterns, which are complicated and supplemented by nakidami and air loops. But the square hook motif is particularly popular. The scheme of such an element is presented in the article below.

square crochet pattern

Square motifs

Square crochet motifs with diagrams are presentedin our article. They are of different complexity. Of course, on the one hand, things from motives are made easy. But there is also the second side of this needlework. It is required to tie dozens of squares to create a real masterpiece. The needlewomen like to tie a square crochet motif. The scheme can be of any complexity. During such creativity, all remnants of yarn are used. The color solution is very diverse. It all depends on the person's preferences. In yarn stores you will find many colors and shades. The dimensions of the motifs will depend on the thickness of the thread and the number of the hook.

It usually takes quite some time toto connect square motives crochet. Schemes, description of the sequence detail each step. Any square begins with a set of chains from the air loops. After that they close in a circle. Next, we use columns with a different number of cusps.

Square motifs with a simple pattern

Let's look at a simple square motifcrocheted. The scheme is easy to decipher. In the picture, you see that you need to start knitting with a ring. It is made up of eight air loops. Next, the circle is tied with columns without a crochet. In order for the square to have a proportional shape, each row must begin with a lifting loop. The third row consists of an alternation of a column with one crochet and five air loops.

square crochet motifs with patterns

From the fourth row will form petalsflower. Each piece of paper is made up of a set of columns: one half-column, one post with one crochet, two sticks with two crochets, an air loop, two stitches with two crochets, one post with one cuff and one half-tumbler. Each petal closes with a column without a crochet. It turns out a clear flower. Now the motive must be enclosed in a square. To do this, from the top of one petal, we select seven air loops, connect them to a new top of another petal, using a column without a crochet. The angular parts assume nine air loops. The resulting row is tied with columns without a crochet. The next is done in the same way. The last row is knitted, alternating a column with one overhang and one air loop.

Motifs with complex patterns

Of course, the beautiful squareCrochet motifs. Schemes for such elements are more complex. Do not rush to perform such patterns. It is necessary to begin with the simplest. Learn to understand and decipher patterns with simpler sets of loops. To connect them, only the initial skills are needed.

crochet scheme of square motives

There are more complex motives. They contain unusual pictures in the center of the composition. There are also such square motifs, which are tied to the three-dimensional flowers in the center. They are knitted only by professional needlewomen. From the first time it is difficult to perform such a square crochet motif. The diagram contains a set of columns with a different number of cusps.

beautiful square crochet motifs

Motifs with children's drawings

Very often motifs are used for knitting clothesfor children. Well-looking square motifs crochet with patterns on which flowers are depicted. They fit perfectly into dresses and skirts for girls. But not only these elements can be created with their own hands. If you manifest a fantasy, you can enclose any figure in the square.

square crochet motifs pattern description

We bring to your attention lovely owls whowill be a wonderful decoration of children's clothing. Your child will certainly appreciate such efforts. Of these, you can tie a unique plaid, which will decorate your baby's bed. Pillows and carpets will also look unique. If desired, any hero can become an ornament of the interior. The main thing is to properly enclose it in a square.

Square patterns in the interior

Knitted items always attract attention. To decorate the interior often use crochet. Schemes of square motifs are especially often used by eminent designers. You too can decorate your house with unusual bright things. It only seems at first glance that such things are created long and hard. Of course, masterpieces are not created in a few hours.

Crochet square pattern motifs

In any case, the process is worth the result. Use to create many interior items openwork square motifs crochet. Schemes can choose any complexity. If desired, alternate a variety of motives. Let's see what can be connected in this way.

Curtains and blankets

Square motifs can decorate any window inindoors. Interesting openwork curtains will add coziness and will attract attention. If you want to create something special, then by all means use this method of knitting. Particularly advantageous curtains from yarn look in the country house. It is not necessary to use multi-colored threads. One tone looks noble and stylish. Pay attention to the color solution of the entire interior.

openwork square motifs hook pattern

Pillows and plaid will be a great addition tobedroom or living room. It's always nice to pour a mug of hot coffee, turn on your favorite movie and take cover with a soft warm blanket. From the motives such a thing looks very attractive. Everyone knows how well calms crochet nerves. Schemes of square motives can be various. It depends on your skill.

Pillows decorate the sofa or armchair. Strong knitting is especially attractive. Such things will not leave anyone indifferent. They can become a wonderful gift to your loved ones.

square crochet pattern

Bolero of motives

A special place in each person's wardrobeoccupy knitted things. It's always cozy and warm sweaters. Or open-work dresses and skirts. A lot of patience requires crochet. Schemes of square motives allow you to create real masterpieces. Every fashionista will like the bolero, which is made up of ten attractive squares. Such a thing will decorate any dress or blouse.

square crochet motifs with patterns

The color of the product can be any. If you are afraid to experiment with bright colors, then choose the classic color - black. He always looks chic and expensive. If you have a daughter, then please update her wardrobe with such a feminine thing. Beautiful things should be in the chiffonier even the smallest lady.

Bags of square motifs

Crochet square motifs, schemesare presented in the article the most diverse. In fact, each needlewoman can easily create their own exclusive models. After all, this is how new patterns and openwork elements are born. It's hard to imagine something more beautiful than yarn products. Crocheting allows you to create lightweight and unique interior items and wardrobe items.

beautiful square crochet motifs

If you like square motives, thenuse them in your bag. Knitted accessories are in great demand. A hand-tied bag always attracts the eye. You can link it yourself. Squares will be a wonderful decoration. It is not necessary to use the same patterns. By combining elements, you create an exclusive item. It can always be presented as a gift to your beloved friend or sister.

crochet scheme of square motives

Your talent needs to be used to the fullest.Decorate your house with unforgettable motives. Knit clothing and any accessories. So you show your individuality and show the world your creativity. Do not be afraid to be bright and bright. Improve technique, and you will learn how to create unforgettable objects from motives. They are not only square, but also triangular, round and even multi-faceted.

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