A doll of voodoo own hands. What is it and how to do it

Voodoo is an ancient African religion thatstill remains traditional in the most backward countries of Africa. In the modern world the voodoo doll came from there. The followers of this religion believe that the voodoo doll is like a bridge to a person, giving its possessor full power over him. She was endowed with the energy of a certain person, the owner of this thing could affect a person while away from him. It was used for both good and bad for the person whose symbol it was.

handmade doll

As a rule, the doll was used withnegative intentions. Sorcerers and magicians poked it with needles in different places, it was believed that the person who was symbolized by this thing would be affected by the organ that was pierced with a needle. Eventually, the sufferer died.

A voodoo doll was made by hand. From time immemorial, wisest sorcerers and magicians only collected the material themselves and sewed or molded it from wax. Voodoo magic was considered one of the strongest. And African sorcerers and shamans are the most insidious. It was believed that they communicate directly with otherworldly forces and are able to convince them of the need to do what the shaman needs.

Making dolls by your own hands is the thingsimple, but not very simple. Usually, it takes more time to collect materials than to create. In order for the energy of a certain person, with a small prototype of a doll, to switch to the thing itself, we need material such as nails, hair, blood, saliva, skin and other possible elements that are sometimes not easily obtained.

making dolls own hands

A voodoo doll made with its own hands, cannot quite beautiful, but more often even quite ugly, but this is not the main thing, because the main thing is what information load it will carry. And now about the process of making.

As a general rule, there is no general instruction for creating,after all, the Voodoo doll was made by many generations in many countries, by various magicians who have this or that improvised material. I will tell you how it is made of cloth.

Let's start with collecting the material, and we needwas indicated earlier, hair, skin, blood, saliva, tears, any similar elements of a certain person. Also for the filling of the doll you will need moss (it's easier to find) or dry herbs.

voodoo magic

We cut out two pieces of cloth about 15at 15cm. This will be the right and left halves of the doll. Sew them, leaving a hole so that you can fill the space inside with moss, grass and the rest of the material. In the same way, we make arms and legs, only the size of the flaps should be much smaller. In total there will be 4 - 2 hands and 2 legs. We make our doll head, tying the upper part stuffed with the material of the trunk with a string. In the same way, we make the waist (if desired). We stuff our hands and feet and sew them to the trunk.

It is worth noting that he is on the victim. Saliva - in the head, nails - in the hands and feet and so on.

You can also make doll hair from threads and collect them with a bunch on the head. The eyes are made from coals, which are taken at a crossroads, from small buttons or simply embroidered, just like the nose and mouth.

The Voodoo doll with his own hands is made simply, onlyit is worth recalling that one should not do it badly to a person, because, as has long been known, all evil returns. Try to make a Voodoo doll of yourself, let it be your talisman.

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