How to choose the right summer dress for full women? Choose the right model

summer sarafan for fat women
Women are different. And despite the fact that the fashion dictates our own, sometimes cruel rules, and on all the catwalks beautiful outfits show fairly thin models, many of the fair sex are the owners of magnificent forms. Sometimes these luxurious ladies are very shy about their shape and resort to various ways of losing weight, but many in order to look great and remain confident in any situation, it is enough to have good taste and be able to choose the right clothes. It's about how to choose or sew a summer sarafan for fat women, and we'll talk about this article.

Properly selected clothes - it's beautifulway not only to emphasize their feminine forms, but also to hide from prying eyes what is not intended for them. In case your figure does not meet the standards of beauty, you can learn how to choose dresses and costumes in such a way that the confidence in your irresistibility never leaves you, and this is especially true in the summer, since it is at this time of the year that we are maximally denuded, demonstrating our shape.

sundresses summer for full
Summer dress for full women. Selection and tailoring rules:

  1. The first rule is the form. Ideal for owners of magnificent forms will become models of dresses and sarafans in the floor or below the knee. So you will look more stately and slim.
  2. As for the coloring, summer dresses forfull can be sewn from fabrics to peas, especially since it is very relevant for the past few seasons. It will also look good vertical strip, but this does not mean that you should avoid horizontal lines. Just to choose them should be treated with caution.
  3. If we talk about prints, then definitely it is worth to abandon the big picture, this can visually make you even more complete and overweight.
  4. If your problem zone is the stomach, then you will be fine with a summer sarafan for fat women with high waist (in Greek style). In addition, a similar model will emphasize the luxurious breasts.
  5. Holders of luxury forms should be avoidedtoo thin straps, as many women with such figures have hands - this is one of the problem areas. It is better to choose models with closed shoulders or a small sleeve.
    summer crochet crochet
  6. Summer sarafan for fat women should be sewnfrom the right fabric. Natural materials such as linen, cotton or silk are the best. Try to avoid too thin jersey, it can only emphasize your shortcomings. If you are a needlewoman, you can yourself tie a summer sarafan crochet. Such models are very popular on fashion podiums.
  7. Wide hips will well hide the skirt of the "klesh" style up to the knee or below.
  8. Choose the colors that suit your hair and skin.
  9. And most importantly - wear your dresses, sarafans and skirts with pleasure, be always confident in yourself, and then you will not be left without attention.

By observing these simple rules, you can alwaysbe irresistible. However, do not forget that you need to watch your body and figure. After all, a slender sports body is not only beautiful. It is a guarantee of health, so do not forget to eat right and try to avoid fast food. Drink more water, exercise, then your body will definitely say "thank you" to you.

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