The world of handicrafts and surprises: how to make paper shurikens

Shurikens - small metal objects, more oftenin the form of asterisks or four, six, and eight octets, which were used by Japanese scout warriors to inflict hidden blows on the enemy. It was quite a brutal cold weapon, which could be struck at a distance. Fake such a "gizmo" without difficulty is made of paper. You can make it both flat and bulk, in the "3D" format. Even shurikens-caskets are made of colored paper-bright, colorful, elegant.

how to make paper shurikens

Paper varieties

There are several options for how to make shuriken from paper.

  1. The first, the simplest: take a sheet of cardboard, quite large. Make a stencil of one of the "star" rays, circle. Of course, in shape, they should resemble rakes or helicopter blades. The number of them depends on the type of your shuriken. Cut out the rays. Put them on top of each other and make a hole with a screw. Pass through it a thin wire and fasten. Straighten the rays "in single file," one by one. That's how to make shuriken from paper in just 10-15 minutes. Useful advice: each lobe paint in some contrasting color. In flying such a shuriken toy will look very impressive.
  2. The second option is to make a craft on the principleorigami. This Japanese asterisk can be played by throwing it at short distances. After making a few pieces, arrange competitions for the whole family - it will be fun and exciting.

And now - how to make shurikens-stars from paper: detailed instructions

origami from shuriken paper

  • Prepare several sheets of a notebook or other, but sufficiently thick paper. Cut out the squares. Then fold each sheet in half and cut it - you will get 2 rectangles.
  • Now, each folded rectangle once again - along, but do not cut it. But corners bend - inward, point to each other.
  • The next step is how to make shurikens from paper: fold the blanks one more time, focusing on ready-made lines.
  • Details of the asterisk must berelative to each other in a mirror image. Therefore, turn one of the blanks from left to right and connect both parts. This is done in this way: the left triangle and the right of the workpiece, which is located below, are inserted under the central edge of each of the main triangles in the upper module. The whole figure somewhat resembles a star divided into parts.
  • At the final stage, the middle "blades" -the corners of the construction are bent relative to each other, and the shuriken acquires, in fact, the species that it should have.
    how to make eight-pointed shuriken
  • If you have a task - how to make eight-pointed shuriken, then you need 4 modules connected in series. They are mounted, inserting themselves in the grooves.
  • Now we should do this aswas proposed in the manufacture of the eight-pointed "weapon". That is, put one ready-made asterisk on the other, pierce the hole with an awl and join them in one piece. That's such an uncomplicated way - origami from paper - shuriken and artisan.

If from the first time you do not work at home - it does not matter. Re-read the instructions, try again - for sure, after the second or third attempt you will cope. Dare, good luck!

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