Crafts from light bulbs with your own hands

The number of people burned in each house during the periodthe existence of light bulbs, perhaps even impossible to calculate. And all of them are thrown out, as a rule, "to nowhere." It turns out that they can find a useful application - the production of an interesting crafts made of light bulbs. Of course, except for them for some original thing, you will need other materials, but finding them will be easy, many of them are available in every home.

crafts from light bulbs

Balloons of light bulbs: we prepare materials and tools

Balloons - crafts from light bulbs, with the help ofwhich can unusually decorate the children's room or any other room. For their manufacture, nothing special will be required, and the process itself will not take much time or energy. To begin work, of course, is necessary with the preparation of everything needed for the future of the balloon.

To do this, you need glue, a brush fordrawing, multi-colored packaging paper, scissors, yarn or twine, acrylic paints, tape about 1 cm wide, awl, toothpicks, shine, several small plastic animals and light bulbs. For convenience of work, it is also necessary to have glass bottles with wide bottles at hand, where for the drying period it will be possible to install crafts made of light bulbs. It should be noted that the number of light bulbs, lids from bottles and animals must match the anticipated number of ready-made balloons.

Next, cut from wrapping paper 4oval with pointed ends of the same color and 4 - of the other. The length of these parts should correspond to the height of the bulb. How to do it, you can see in the picture below.

crafts from light bulbs with your own hands

Balloon from a light bulb: how to make?

Having everything you need at hand, you can godirectly to the process of making crafts made of light bulbs. With your hands, using a brush, you need to cover the entire glass surface with glue. Next, fix on the bulb 4 parts of the packaging paper of the same color so that between them the same distances are obtained, which in the next step will need to be covered with blanks of a different color, without forgetting to glue the edges of the already fixed strips with glue, as the details of a different color should cover a little the previous ones. After these actions, the bulb must be installed in a jar with a wide neck and wait for it to dry completely.

In the meantime, you can prepare a basket forfuture crafts from an old light bulb. To do this, take a lid from a plastic bottle and use an awl on its walls to make 4 holes. It is important that they are at the same distance from each other. Then the original basket should be covered with glitter. For convenience of work in one of the holes you can stick a toothpick and, holding the cover for it, make a color.

Assembling a balloon

While all the details of the future ball dry out, it is necessaryprepare two pieces of thick yarn or twine, the length of which is slightly larger than the two height of the light bulb. Each of the threads should be folded in half and, retreating about 2 cm from the top, tie the knot. Now you can go back to the dried bulb. On it with the help of glue it is necessary to fix prepared threads. In this case, each of them must be attached at different ends for the opposite sides of the "ball".

The remaining ends of the light bulb will be attachedplastic cover, but it's a little later. And first you need to paint the metal part of the future balloon with bright watercolor and wait for it to dry, cover the place of the joint of the paper with the paint with bright tape or ribbon. Now it remains only to place a small animal in the basket and hang the balloon in any suitable place. You can make several of these crafts and place them in different parts of the room or nearby. In any case, they will please the eyes of the owners of the house and attract the attention of their guests.

crafts from light bulbs

Bumblebee from an old light bulb

If you are interested in crafts made of light bulbs, thenDo not pay attention to the bumblebee, which will be discussed further, you simply can not. To make it, you need yellow paint, a permanent black marker, a drawing brush, scissors, black cardboard, glue, white brushes for cleaning pipes of minimum diameter, as well as plastic eyes.

First you need to paint the light bulb in strips,alternating with yellow paint and black marker. You should start with a yellow strip on the glass top. And finish it with a black marker, dyeing the metal tip of the light bulb, on top of which, after drying the paint, you need to glue your eyes.

Now the wings. For their manufacture, take two pieces of brush and bend them in the form of droplets, then attach to the back of the future bumblebee. Next, to complete the crafts of light bulbs, the master class involves cutting out of the black cardboard two narrow strips about 2 inches long, which must be slightly twisted on one side. Then glue on the metal tip slightly above the eyes - this will be the antennas. A ready bumblebee can be hung by wings, simply placed on a shelf or presented to someone as a souvenir.

crafts from an old light bulb

New Year's crafts

No less interesting can turn out the New Yearcrafts from light bulbs, which you can decorate the Christmas tree or just the walls of the room where the New Year will be celebrated. So, one of the easiest to make a product is a snowman. To do this, you must have at hand white and black paint, glue, buttons, a brush for drawing, as well as a scarf and a hat with a pompon. The last two parts can be either made by yourself or used by puppets.

New Year's articles made of light bulbs

Making a snowman from a light bulb

First you need to cover the glass surfacewhite paint. Then vertically, a series of buttons should be pasted, leaving an empty narrow glass part of the bulb - on it, black paint will need to draw eyes, nose and mouth to the future snowman.

At the final stage of making crafts fromlight bulbs you will need to tie a scarf between buttons and face, and put a cap on the metal tip and fix it with glue. Such snowmen can do a few and decorate them with a room in which the holiday will be celebrated.

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