Домовята own hands: how to make. Householder of thread

Domovyat, made with their own hands, - what could be better than a gift to oneself and friends? Moreover, it is not just a toy, but an ancient amulet.

Home-like as a guardian

For many centuries, the houses were responsible for the comfort and order in the house. They also protected him from all evil spirits.

The householder has several names: the owner, the householder, the housekeeper, the landlord and so on. He even has his own holiday - February 10th. On this day it is customary to humor your house-servant. For example, pour sugar in a saucer and put it in a secluded corner.

We bring to your attention several master classes that teach you how to make your own homemade doughcloth, burlap, thread and nylon.

List of tools and materials for the manufacture of woolcloth from the burlap


  1. Sackcloth.
  2. Rope.
  3. Material for packing (cotton wool, sintepon or any grains).
  4. Glue.
  5. Rubber band.
  6. Pins.
  7. Two beads for the eyes.
  8. Woolen thread of red color.
  9. Large beads.

Master-class: brownie from burlap


Domovyata of burlap are made as follows:

  1. Cut a large sacking flap with the same sides (for example, 20x20 centimeters). Its size depends on the size of the finished house.
  2. Spread the shred and place in its center the chosen stuffing (for example cotton wool).
  3. Fold the corners of the burlap together, as if making a knot.
  4. Add more stuffing if necessary.
  5. Tightly tie the corners with rubber bands (picture 1). The torso turned out to be a housekeeper.
  6. Excess sacking, from which the tail turned out, raster and make of it a "hairstyle" (picture 2).
  7. Cut another slice of burlap and peel it into strings.
  8. Weave four plaits from several threads (picture 3). This will turn the handles and legs of the housekeeper.
  9. Attach the pens and legs to the trunk with pins (picture 4).
  10. Take the string and fold it several times in half, so that in the end you have a piece of about five centimeters.
  11. Tie up the resulting accordion from the thread in the middle.
  12. Cut the thread from two ends, so that in the end several connected threads are obtained.
  13. Fold what happened, fold it in half and bandage it.
  14. Raspushite. You have a nose and a beard (picture 5).
  15. Stick a nose with a beard to the body (picture 6).
  16. Cut two small pieces of sackcloth.
  17. Fill them in the same way as the body.
  18. Put a free end of the stem inside each piece and tie a knot.
  19. Embroider a red thread with a spike and glue the eye-beads.
  20. Stick large beads on the bast shoes.

home-made by own hands

Home made of sackcloth is ready!

List of tools and materials for the manufacture of a house made from capron

housewifery from capron

Home made from nylon is made with the help of such tools and materials:

1) kapron tights or socks;

2) material for packing: sintepon, cotton wool and the like;

3) beads for the eyes: two large white and two small black;

4) thick wire;

5) needle pins;

6) thread with a needle;

7) make-up shadows;

8) cloth;

9) scissors;

10) elastic bandon.

Home made of pantyhose: master class

If you have never made a doll from kapron, do not worry. The proposed master class will give you a detailed description of the process of working with photos.

housewives of pantyhose master class

Domovjatas with their own hands made of capron are made as follows:

  1. Cut a piece of pantyhose. From it we'll make a head.
  2. Raspushite stuffing material (sintepon or cotton), if required.
  3. Beat the cut piece of pantyhose (picture 1).
  4. Pinch one side of the pantyhose and attach it to the future nape of the head of the house.
  5. Leave the other end unbound.
  6. Roll a small ball out of the pack and place it under the capron where there should be a spout.
  7. Pierce two pin-needles nose down from the top (picture 2).
  8. Connect the needle and thread the resulting holes in two - the top with the bottom (picture 3).
  9. Repeat step 8 by letting the thread on the side of the spout and tightening it (picture 4).
  10. Make in each of the bottom holes a small stitch that is drawn up (picture 5). Nostrils turned out.
  11. Pick and clip the bottom of the pantyhose.
  12. Mark the eyes with the marker.
  13. Mark the corners of the mouth with the marker.
  14. Make your eyes. In one of the points planned for the eyes, insert a needle with a thread, then string a white bead, and from above a black bead. Pull the thread through the white bead back (picture 6).
  15. Bring the needle to the point that indicates the corner of the mouth.
  16. Tighten the thread and form a cheek (picture 7).
  17. Make another eye and cheek.
  18. Make a mouth. To do this, draw a stitch from one corner to the other and tighten it (picture 8).
  19. Remove the needle in the middle of the stitch just below the spout.
  20. Insert the needle in the middle of the mouth and tighten the thread (picture 9).
  21. Make the lower lip. Leave a little from the corners of the top and execute the stitch, then tighten it (picture 10).
  22. Form and sweep your eyebrows (picture 11).
  23. Separate the end of the capron, which was on the vertex. Cut off excess and carefully sew.
  24. Cut off the nylon, which was below, and cut off the excess. Sew it, leaving a small hole (picture 12).
  25. Apply makeup using ordinary shadows. For example, paint your lips and make a blush (picture 13).
  26. Make a frame of the trunk. The ratio of the head and body is 1: 3. Bend the wire as in picture 14.
  27. Wrap sintepon frame of the trunk (picture 15).
  28. Sew a shirt. Fold a piece of cloth in half facing up. Trim and sew it, as shown in picture 16. Make a small neck to pass the frame of the trunk.
  29. Sew pants. Take another piece of cloth or a piece of trousers. Sew it as in picture 17.
  30. Dress the frame of the trunk and sew the head (picture 18).
  31. Take the elastic band and chop it in half.
  32. Sew it round in the circle to the vertex (picture 19).
  33. Draw a palm on a piece of nylon, like a mitten. Cut it and sew the edges, leaving one for packing. Fill her up. Stitch the fingers (picture 20).
  34. Make one more hand and sew both to the frame under the shirt sleeve (picture 21).
  35. Make a cap and socks (pictures 22 and 23).
  36. Sew a cap and socks (picture 24).

housekeeper from pantyhose

Home made of pantyhose ready!

A list of tools and materials for making a small house of thread

  1. Two sheets of cardboard or two discs.
  2. Scissors.
  3. Woolen threads.
  4. Glue.
  5. Beads.
  6. Colored paper.
  7. The big needle.

    Master class: brownie from thread

    From threads Domovyata their hands more often made of pom-pom technology. That is, for a start you master pompons, then decorate it to your liking so as to obtain the house.


    Operating procedure:

    1. If there are no discs, cut two circles of cardboard and make a hole in the middle of each.
    2. Fold together the discs or circles.
    3. Thread the thread into the needle.
    4. Tightly wrap the circles together, holding the needle through the hole in the middle, as in the diagram above.
    5. Wrap a few more rows of thread in the same way.
    6. Insert between the circles one blade of the scissors and cut the thread.
    7. Slightly move the circles.
    8. Tie a knot on the threads between the circles.
    9. Remove the circles. You have a pompom.
    10. Cut out eyes and mouth from colored paper.
    11. Glue them.
    12. On top of the glue bead eyes, paper-pupils.
    13. Roll a small ball of thread.
    14. Glue it between the eyes and the mouth. It will be a nose.


    Home made of thread ready!

    List of tools and materials for making a dough-house from a dough

    1. Salty dough.
    2. Paints.
    3. Brushes.

    In addition, an oven is required.


    Ingredients for the dough:

    • two glasses of flour;
    • a glass of finely ground salt;
    • 180 grams of water.

    Master class: brownie from the test

    Prepare the salted dough. To do this, mix all the ingredients in a bowl and knead them thoroughly.

    Now proceed to molding the dough.This is the same as molding from plasticine. Take a small plaque and place the work on it. You can make a figurine of a housekeeper both flat and three-dimensional.

    Take each item separately, gradually connecting them to each other, as salt dough can have time to dry.

    First, make a head, make eyes, a nose andmouth. Then form a trunk. After that, make a couple of pens and legs. Attach the limbs and head to the trunk. Give the whole figure a shape. For example, highlight the cheeks and eyebrows on the face, fingers on the hands. Also do not forget to make a silhouette of clothes and hair on your head. In general, feel like a sculptor.

    After you have sculpted a figure, it needsdry. To do this, place it on a baking sheet and put it in the oven. Dry the figure for about an hour at a temperature of 80 degrees. Drying can be arranged on the battery, but this process will last much longer.

    When the figure has dried thoroughly, let it cool down. After this, proceed to decorating the housekeeper. Then show your imagination.


    Home made from dough ready!

    Tip: For needlework, choose bright colors of fabric, threads, dyeing paints and ornaments. So the household, made with your own hands, will be much more interesting.

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