Origami for children 4-5 years: schemes and ideas

Origami is a popular form of creativity for children andadults. Even the smallest child will observe with pleasure how adults fold a paper airplane or a boat, and then play with it. It is possible to work on folding paper at an early age, there are origami schemes for children aged 4-5.

Benefits of origami

What will help in the development of the baby such an occupation? For a child, origami can become an exciting game that develops creativity and dexterity. Folding paper perfectly develops fine motor skills, because when folding sheets, finger coordination improves. This will help in the development of speech, when teaching writing and is useful in a music school.

In addition, neatness, ingenuity, memory, logic, assiduity, spatial thinking, imagination develops. Working with geometric shapes will help you understand mathematics better.

Another advantage of origami for children 4-5 years -for classes, no special tools are required. You just need a piece of paper. To diversify the creative process, you can use ordinary pencils, markers, colored paper, sequins, beads, buttons, etc.

The simplest origami for children 4-5 years old

Schemes can be found in children's magazines orInternet, and having some experience, already inventing yourself. First, the child needs to be interested by adding several figures independently. Very quickly the kid will want to repeat your actions. Start with the simplest shapes, and gradually move on to the complex ones. To begin with, it is better to choose simple animals and flowers.

Tulip is a simple figure from colored paper. It can become a gift to mom, grandmother, teacher or decorate a greeting card. It is extremely simple and the child will easily repeat it.

origami for children 4 5 years

Take a square sheet of paper and fold over it.diagonals. Angles of the resulting triangle bend, as shown in the diagram, lower end of the flower bend. To make a stalk, bend the corners of the new square to the center, fold the resulting figure in half and bend the bottom corner. Now the parts can be glued together or attached to a piece of paper.

The simplest are figures of animals. The child learns to recognize the images, he is interested in playing with such animals. They can draw eyes, a nose, a mouth, a mustache, paint with pencils, collect a collection of characters from a fairy tale or from domestic animals, wild, marine, African, etc.

For example, to make a dog, enoughfold the square sheet diagonally, from the lateral corners form hanging ears, and from the bottom - the muzzle. Now you can draw or paste a spout and eyes.

origami for children 4 5 years of scheme

Making a cat is as easy as a dog. Only the ears need to bend stronger, because the muzzle of the animal will be on the other side.

origami paper for children 4 5 years

So you can create a whole zoo! From triangles of different widths make for the beast of the trunk, draw or cut and paste the tails, paws.

Origami paper for children 4-5 years of average complexity

The most popular figures - an airplane and a boat - can be folded by each parent. The grown up child will quickly remember the sequence of actions and will soon repeat them.

origami for children 4 5 years
More complex origami for children 4-5 years is notnecessarily implies a design with a lot of folds, it can be composed of the simplest details. For example, origami "Teremok". From simple single-type details of "rooms" form a house and populate it with characters of a fairy tale. You can come up with large rooms for each animal, draw furniture in them, glue stilts to windows. Such an article can become a true family project, which will be constantly developed and supplemented.

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