How to make a chicken out of strings: the original decor for the holiday of Bright Easter

It's difficult to find someone who does not like spring. This solar time, when nature is gradually awakening from sleep, the weather becomes warm, and the sun shines brighter. Pleases with spring and the number of different holidays. To many of them in our country it is customary to prepare in a special way, carrying out certain ceremonies, preparing traditional dishes and decorating their homes. You still do not know how to make a chicken out of thread? We bring to your attention some interesting ideas and a lot of detailed instructions.

Do you know how to make pompoms at home?

How to make a chicken out of thread
Beautiful chicks can be made from soft balls. But where can I find suitable pom-poms? Do not rush to tear off your favorite hat - it's not hard to make such decorative elements yourself from yarn and cardboard. The handmade "Chicken out of the thread" looks best in yellow. Take a suitable yarn of any shade: lemon or almost orange. From the cardboard, cut a circle with a hole in the middle, circle the workpiece and cut out another one of the same detail. The resulting details add together. Now take the selected threads and wind the circle, passing the hank from the middle to the outer edge. As a result, you should get a circle with a hole in the center, tightly wound with a thread. Then cut the threads along the outer edge of the circle. Take a small piece of yarn and carefully pass it between two cardboard circles, and then tighten and tie. Your pompom is ready, the base can be gently cut and cleaned, and the resulting ball can be fluffed.

Chicken from a pom-pon: a master-class

 chickens from thread to easter
Pom-pomp from yarn is ready, but how to turnhim in the chicken? All is simple enough: cut out the cardboard legs, beak and eyes for a small chick and glue them to the workpiece. Also for decoration, you can use buttons, beads of suitable size or sewn accessories of factory production. Go to the goods store for needlework: here you will find beautiful eyes and other interesting elements. If you have thin, multi-colored tapes at hand, make a bow and attach it to your head or breast, depending on what kind of chick you want to make - a boy or a girl. The legs can be made of wire, and in addition they can be wrapped in thin red threads.

Interesting ideas and useful tips

Chicken from threads with own hands
When making pompoms, choose the right onesize of the workpiece. Remember: the outer diameter of the circle is the size of the finished product, and the larger the inner one, the finer the ball will be. For the production of chicken, only one pom-pomchik is sufficient. Even more interesting work will look like if you take two soft balls. Fix the pompoms together so that a workpiece resembles a small snowman. Next, decorate it to your liking. In addition to the beak, eyes and legs, you can make wings and a tail. Now you know how to make a chicken out of threads, try experimenting with the design of a figurine - make an interesting hat or scarf.

Openwork chicks from thin threads

If at your fingertips only thin threads,try to make an openwork craft. The chicken made from thread and ball is very nice, and making such a souvenir is not difficult, even a child can cope with this task. Take yarn or sewing / embroidery threads, as well as PVA glue, for making such crafts. Air balloon inflate to the size of the desired craft and lock. Chickens from the thread to Easter turn out to be especially gentle and touching, if you use light shades of yellow as the main color of the craft. Pick up threads of a suitable tone and, having impregnated them with glue, start wrapping the workpiece. Many needlewomen are advised to just pierce the needle with a thread of the PVA bubble in the middle and, if necessary, pull the end. Wind the workpiece in all directions, and then leave to dry. After complete drying, it is necessary to pierce and gently pull the ball. The resulting workpiece must be decorated - from the materials available to make the chickens chicken and eyes. Very spectacular such openwork crafts look in the form of pendants. To hang the figures, it is enough to attach ribbons or ropes to them on the vertex. The chickens from the threads to Easter, made in this technique, are very light, they can be hung on curtains, chandeliers and lamps, furniture.

Ideas for decoration

Making a chicken out of thread
What crafts and compositions can be made fromsmall chickens? One of the most popular ideas for decoration is the Easter basket. Take the finished wickerwork, for example, left over from the flower arrangement, and plant the chickens there. You can add flowers, twigs, bright ribbons and any decorative elements used to decorate bouquets. If you know how to make a chicken out of thread, you can try making a spring nest. As a basis for it, take real twigs or paper. Place the selected material in the desired shape and fix it with bright tapes or inconspicuous threads. In the nest, plant chicks and decorate in addition with small flowers, decorative feathers and beads. It will be interesting to look like a nest, if you put a few eggs in it. Use whole eggshells from quail eggs or mold this shape out of plasticine, polymer clay or other plastic material.

Chicken from threads: you can make a whole brood by yourself!

Chicken from thread and ball
In our country, solar chicks are the sameA popular symbol of spring, as in the West is the traditional Easter bunny. And this is not surprising, because chickens are bright, lovely and very touching. Invite the child to fantasize about how the chicken might look like. With your hands, you can make beautiful applications on cardboard and fabrics from the remains of yarn. In the first case, you glue the bundles gathered in bundles onto the base, in the second you sew them. If you have enough yarns at hand, you can try and embroider the image of the chick. Now you know how to make a chicken out of a thread with your own hands. We wish you inspiration and creative success!

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