We master with our own hands a vase of newspaper tubes

If you have the strength and free time, anya person can make a stylish decoration for the design of his house by creating it in such a way that it seamlessly blends into the existing interior. Even a seemingly unnecessary newspaper can acquire a second life in skillful hands. Newspaper tubes are ideal for creating an outdoor vase. She can take a worthy place in the house or become an original gift.

A few words about the classic version

Here we will discuss in more detail how to createan outdoor vase of newspaper tubes. The following description refers to the simplest, but here it is necessary to make the most of diligence. The thing is that the parts are small and require careful handling. Photo vases from newspaper tubes are presented in the article.

outdoor vase with your own hands

What you need to do crafts

Before you try yourself in the role of the creator of a vase from newspaper tubes, you need to have at hand a set of the following tools and materials:

  • several newspapers;
  • knife;
  • scissors;
  • a tube of paper towels;
  • glue;
  • akvalak;
  • thin knitting needle.

Step-by-step instruction

newspaper rolls

To make a vase of newspaper tubes, beginners need to adhere to the following recommendations:

  1. Sheets of the newspaper must be cut into strips 5 cm wide. For faster work, you can cut the strips at once in the number of several pieces, and not one at a time.
  2. Each strip must be screwed onto the spoke. The knitting tool is put on paper and make a few turns. After the tube is ready, one edge is glazed with glue, and through the opposite one, the needle is extracted. Subsequently it is also fixed to prevent unfolding of the tube. If you want, you can immediately glaze the workpiece with glue and attach to the tube, but it is recommended to cook a number of tubes, and then to arrange them.
  3. To create a vase from newspaper tubes, it is necessary to cover the entire circumference of the tube with blanks. The adhesive base will grasp better if the paper is squeezed using tape or elastic.
  4. After drying, the elastics are removed, and the top is given a zigzag shape, a cone or an uneven oval with scissors.
  5. At the last stage, the tubes are glued transversely to make the vase look more original. Now you need to mix the AQUALAK with any color and paint the hand-made.

It would seem that the vase is almost ready, but there is one more detail, namely the formation of the bottom.

a vase of newspaper tubes for beginners

How to make a bottom for crafts

Weaving the vase from the newspaper tubes will not be complete unless you know how to make the bottom part:

  1. It is necessary to select the tubes in the amount of 16 pieces and divide them into 4 parts with an equal number of blanks.
  2. To facilitate the work of the press, you can press the paper slightly in the middle, then it will be convenient to lay the workpieces with a cross.
  3. After that, glue is used for fixation.
  4. Now the very formation of the bottom begins. Here it is necessary to use one more paper stick, which will braid the crosspiece.
  5. Observing the above instructions, it is recommended to make several rows.
  6. Here you need to divide the sides, consisting of 4 tubes, in half and weave a few more rows.
  7. The bottom of the bottom is formed. If you wish, you can continue using another color or pattern.

How to make a vase with a curved shape

Yes, it is also possible to do this artifactown hands. The use of racks and circles that have a dense base, allows you to receive a very diverse work, as well as vases of paper with an original unique shape.

weaving of a vase from newspaper tubes

Step-by-step recommendations

  1. How to twist, dye and dry the tubes, has already been described above. It is worth knowing that a large vase may require more than a hundred pieces.
  2. At the first stage, the bottom is made.
  3. On the resulting bottom, put the rack and fix the first circle at the correct height. The weaving is done around the circumference before reaching the circle, as soon as it happens, it needs to be removed.
  4. To fix on the counter one more circle, which will have a smaller diameter in comparison with the previous one. Now it is necessary to weave three rows, raise the base.
  5. At this stage, again, you need to change the circle to the next one and add it to its edge.
  6. To complete the work, you need a tube, whichwill help to form a vase neck from newspaper tubes. Suitable cardboard, located in the center of the roll with paper towels. The weaving continues until it reaches the edges.

An important stage of the work is that with each setting of the circles the vase should be covered with several layers of varnish, and only after the artwork has dried, you can create a masterpiece further.

Vase decoration

vase of paper

And now the craft is ready. You can leave it as it is, or decorate it a little. If we talk about the elements of the decor, then in the course are things that are at hand, so as not to run to the store for additional purchases. For example, the following materials are used:

  • satin ribbons;
  • glue of the brand "Moment";
  • A thread that matches the color of the ribbons;
  • decorative multicolored beads, size does not matter;
  • In addition, you can use the buttons.
decor elements

From the ribbons flowers are formed by collecting on a string, andthe role of the core is assigned to the button. If such work seems too complicated, you can make a few bows that will be fixed later on in the vase. All the same buttons or beads are placed in the center of the decorating elements. Some needlewomen collect beautiful beads from beads, and then braid them around the vase. Any fantasy can be realized.

The variants presented in the article allow each person, who is keen on needlework, to create an interesting vase that will take a worthy place in the interior of the house.

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