Tilda lamb. Pattern and sewing

Toys in the style of tilde - it's not just children'stoys, they are often used as decor elements, not only in the house, but also in cafes, confectioneries or shops. In the year of the sheep, you can give your friends a toy made by themselves. It's great to receive such a gift as a gift.

tilde lambskin pattern

What will take care of before starting work?

Sewing any thing has its own algorithm, sometimes itsyou can break it, but the correct sequence allows you to do the work so that it is convenient. Also on special technology, you can sew a wonderful tilde lamb. Pattern for the toy is available on the Internet, it can be copied from the monitor without problems and at its discretion to increase or decrease in size. You can do this manually or use the resize function on the printer.

For lamb tildes, there are several variations of patterns, they are all lovely and wonderful. Today we will hold a master class on one of the variants of this toy.

lamb tilde

When you have decided with a pattern, you can choose the fabric and elements for the lamb decor.

The right fabric is half the success of the work

Fabric for lamb needs to be picked up taking into account that,that in reality the animal has curls. It would be nice to simulate such an invoice using a well-chosen fabric. Fleece performs this function well, it has a slight waviness and soft to the touch, but it does not give the effect of curls. It is worth saying that with a large selection of fabrics, it is possible to pick up a more successful option, then you will get a very natural tilde lamb.

For muzzle and hoof beigecotton fabric. For work, a dense cotton is chosen, so that the packing does not show through. The tilde of the lamb is already there, so you can measure how much tissue will go to the craft.

To design muzzle you need eyes. They are sold in different sizes, so you can choose exactly your tilde lamb. The pattern presented in this article gives several options for the design of the muzzle. Eyes can be purchased, you can use beads or draw eye sights with acrylic paints. To make the cheeks ruddy, you can use regular blush or lipstick. You can embroider your mouth and nose. When all the materials are prepared, you can start working.

Work algorithm

Pattern lamb tildes need to be transferred to the fabric,leaving allowances of 0.5 cm. We have only two parts. Torso and head are whole-cut. Cut out the templates of 2 trunk parts and 4 details of the ears from the same fabric, although the ears can be made from the same material as the claw. On all sides we lay down allowances of 0.5 cm. Then we cut out the muzzle and hoof. The first thing is to sew half of the muzzle to the half of the trunk. So you need to make two details. Now the two ready-made parts must be folded to each other and stitched with one seam. It is possible to make a tilde lamb shape in full size. Such a large toy can become a decor in any interior.

tilde lambs pattern master class

To lay a line on details it is necessary fromtummy to the back, legs at the same time do not need to stall. While the legs are not sewn, you can attach a heart to the tummy, in this position it is convenient to get under the cloth with the machine's paw. Otherwise, the finished product will also be able to sew a heart, but it will have to be done manually. Now the lamb needs to turn to itself the person, the seam appears in the middle of a toy. We make an internal line between the legs, the part can be turned out. This is a very convenient cut of lamb tilde. The master class is not complicated, a toy can be made in one day.

Working with small details

We still have 4 parts - handles and 8 parts -hooves. They also need to be sewn, folding the details face down and stitching on the typewriter. All small elements must be filled with sintepon or other selected filler. Details of the ears must also be strung together and twisted, they do not need to be filled.

Now we fill the sintepon with a head of lamb andsewing eyes and mouth. When the toy is fully filled, it will be uncomfortable to stitch the elements on the muzzle. If everything will be drawn, then you can fill the toy completely.

Ears of lamb are formed and fixed bythe sides of the head with a hidden seam. To the handles the same stitches are sewn on the hoof, the handle fabric in this place needs to be added a little. Hooves on the legs are attached in the same way. The fabric on the legs must be attached and the claw sewn with a hidden seam. The ready-made tambourine cutlery made it possible to sew the product very quickly. Handles are sewn on the sides of the body with a hidden seam.

full size cutlery

If any details of the face were not embroidered, thenthey can be finished, grind lamb and tie a decorative ribbon around the neck. That's all, the master class is over, and you should have a burning desire to sew such a miracle with your own hands.

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