Booties-boots with a description. Booties-boots: schemes

Knitting is an amazing art thatwill give you the opportunity to create useful things not only for you, but also for people close to you. With the help of knitting you can create beautiful things for the interior of your house.

booties knitting boots

The latest fashion trends show that knityou can not only clothes, but shoes. For example, you can make booties-boots with knitting needles. Your child will like them, and you can also make such boots for yourself.

Knitting boots

Preparation for knitting boots does not require yoularge material costs. You will need yarn and knitting needles that match her number. To create the boots you will need more soles, which you can take from your old shoes or boots.

booties with knitting needles with description

Very exciting activity - knitting. Booties, boots of any color for any time of the year can be created. Knitted boots can be of different types: openwork boots for summer, boots in glamorous style, winter boots, homemade boots. You can knit for adults and children. As a rule, summer fishnet boots are crocheted, and winter warmer boots are knitted with knitting needles.

Preparing for knitting

To start knitting boots, you need to knowthe size of the foot of the person you are knitting. Any booties, knitted boots, fit you in the event that you properly remove the size of the foot and make a pattern on paper. Knowing the size of the shoes, you can go to the shoe repair shop and purchase the sole of the size you need. In this case, pay attention to the fact that this sole can be easily pierced with an awl and that it can be pasted insole.

Yarn for boots

When choosing boots, pay attention to whichyarn you will knit. Very light shades of yarn look elegant, but boots from it will be branded, and you will often have to wash them. This can adversely affect their appearance. To your booties, knitting boots turned out well, you must first calculate the loops to start knitting. To do this, you need to make a small sample, tie it with the selected pattern, wash and dry. After that you can count how many loops you should have in centimeters, and how much you need to type on the knitting needles at the beginning.

booties knitting needles master class

Now you start making boots. Ready boots look good in the event that they are starched. Booties, boots with knitting needles with a description will be better if you use not only knitting yarn, but also fishing line.

Knitted boots for adults, lower part

If you want to knit boots that a person will wear on the street, then, of course, you will need a sole or old shoes.

Booties-boots with knitting needles in this case is easy to make, especially if you were previously knitting. Warm boots for adults are created from two parts.

knitting booties booties

First we type on two spokes forty loops anddistribute them to four spokes. We knit in a circle to a height of four centimeters, while using a handkerchief pattern (one row - facial loops, one row - purl). Then we share our work.

On ten knits we knit a pattern with braids or a pattern"an elastic band two on two". So we knit up to a height of ten centimeters and there we close the loops. We continue our work on the remaining loops. This will be approximately 70 loops. We knit again on four spokes with a handkerchief pattern.

So we fix about two centimeters and close the hinges. Then the lower parts of the boot are sewn together, and sewn to the sole of the shoes.

Cuff Boots

In order to make booties, boots,knitted needles, you will need to create cuffs - the upper part of the boots. We collect twenty-two loops on the line, and we knit at first three centimeters with garter stitch, and then gradually add four more loops and go to the pattern "two or two rubber bands" or "three by three" (which in this case will seem more beautiful). We finish at the height of the cuff thirty-eight centimeters. Then this part of the boot is sewn to the bottom part, you can sew buttons on top of it.

Knitted boots for children, the beginning of knitting

Very nice knitted booties with knitting needles,a master class on which is already in front of you, is quite suitable for young children and teenagers. Such boots can be worn as slippers in the room, you can wear it in the warm season on the street.

booties knitted boots

The child's leg is approximately equal in length to thirteencentimeters, and to tie the soles, we take the Turkish yarn type Yarn Art Bulkey, we collect eight loops and knit a series of facial. In the second, fourth, sixth rows we evenly add one loop at the very beginning of the row, then we knit 34 rows further. To create booties, knitted boots, need your desire and diligence.

After tying twenty more rows, we begin to close the loops gradually, to finally get eight loops on the edge. So the soles are obtained. The edges of the soles can be crocheted.

Top of boots

For the top of the boots we type on the needles of forty loopsand distribute them so that the three spokes have an equal number of loops, and on the fourth - two or three loops more. So knitted boots boots with knitting needles. With the description of the process you met. Now we proceed to untying the toe.

how to knit boots booties

In many ways the process of knitting such booties is similar toknitting sock. Therefore, if you are accustomed to knitting socks, then booties you can easily master. After all, first booties knit on five spokes just like socks, and then a little differently.

For our kicks, the toe knits like this: Two face, two purl, two facial, two purl, and so fifteen loops. But on the side it is necessary to tie two loops. This creates booties-boots with knitting needles, the master-class on which we now hold.

We knit the toe to a height of thirteen centimeters in the pattern and close it. You can make different patterns - elastic bands, braids, bumps. Any of these patterns will give your boots smartness.

When the toe is finished, we knit a pattern of "rice" ten rows. We also make a series of facial loops and a series of purlins, close the loops. Then we sew the top of the boots with the sole, you can decorate them with beads.

Children's boots-ugg boots

When knitting children's boots, you can combine knitting needlesand a hook. Booties-boots with knitting needles with description you can make easily, using yarn of wool, and yarn will need a little - about a hundred grams.

First we knit the soles of the crochet. You can make a double sole - white and gray. We make a chain of 18 air hinges with a hook, and we tie it with columns with a crochet. There are many schemes that will show you how to make an oval using the hook. A crochet hook is useful to you even if you are learning how to knit booties with knitting needles.

Now you need to collect 72 loops for the rear armsloops on knitting needles. On the knitting needles we are tying several rows of facial loops. Booties-boots with knitting needles will work well if you use the colored threads to identify 21 loops on which the toe will be made.

The following series is tied according to the principle: two hinges are knit together face-to-face, as a result there are 14 loops. We continue to work as long as there are seven loops left on the knitting needles, we add two to them, and we can start creating a tongue of the boot. To do this, you need to knit a fragment with the pattern "rice" on the nine loops obtained, that is, when one wrong loop with one face is alternating, and in the back rows, the loops are knitted according to the pattern. So we get booties boots with knitting needles, a master class on which we are holding you.

Those loops that remained before the knitting of the toe,are used to create the shaft. We send 32 rows of facial smoothness, we make round edges, as a result, we have the bootleg ready. You can make embroidery on it with threads of different colors. Embroidery is done with a plastic needle with a thick eye. You need to have a pattern pattern that you will embroider. Effectively it will look like a Norwegian pattern. If you want to make beautiful booties-boots with knitting needles, the scheme should be selected carefully.

Do not forget to make shoelaces of different colors, that is, weave white and beige threads.

Summer boots

Knitted boots can be worn not only in winter, but alsoin summer. But for the summer you will need to knit them out of cotton yarn or acrylic with the addition of viscose. You will need one hundred and fifty grams of cotton thread for work, an awl, a crochet hook, scissors, a needle with a thread.

booties knitting boots

So, if you have old flip-flops, in whichyou do not go any more, then you need to carefully separate the insoles from them. Then along the edge of the sole with a stylus puncture small holes at a distance of 0, 5 centimeters from each other. We select suitable insole insoles and stick them on top of the soles. If you can not do it yourself, then give it to the master in the shoe shop - he will do it for you.

Now we knit the boots themselves.We hook up thirty air loops (the number varies from the size), we knit the posts without a crochet three centimeters, then knit an openwork pattern. An openwork pattern can be any - it can be chains of air loops that alternate with columns with a crochet, there may be columns with a double crochet.

When our bootleg is ready, we shouldattach it to the foot. To do this, you must first attach it with tailor's needles, and then you can hook it. Carefully sew the boot to the sole, and now you can wear your summer boots.

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