Beautiful places for photo sessions in St. Petersburg: review, features and recommendations

The photo has long entered our everyday life. Each of us at least once in my life photographed, and someone even organized thematic surveys.

Kinds. Where is the best photo shoot in St. Petersburg?

Photosessions are divided into several types: wedding, children's, family, personal, so-called "pregnant", "nude", LoveStory, creative holidays, important events in life, stag parties and many others. Depending on the theme, style, format of the upcoming shooting, we select places for photo sessions in St. Petersburg. Correctly chosen location is almost half the success.

What to look for when choosing a place for a photo shoot

Be sure to consider the time of year, weather,number of participants. Choose unusual, interesting places for photo sessions in St. Petersburg, good, there are many of them. Be original, and your photos will be the envy of your acquaintances.

beautiful places for pbb photo sessions

What places to choose?

It will be easier to make a choice if you answerfollowing simple questions. Space for photography will be indoors or outdoors? If the location is closed, then for the shooting fit all kinds of exhibitions, museums, art cafes, mansions. If open - pay attention to parks, gardens. What architecture do you like, old or modern? Depending on your preferences and choose a place.

A bit about wedding photography ...

Each bride wonders about howMake it so that it is her marriage that has become special, unique, unrepeatable. How to organize everything, where to organize a walk? How and where to make a photo session for the wedding?

Surely every couple has a favorite place,which mean a lot to both. For example, the place of dating, meetings, walks, the first declaration of love. Each of them evokes pleasant memories. Be sure to visit them on your wedding day, take a picture for memory.

Places for photo sessions in St. Petersburg

If you prefer the classic places forwedding photosession in St. Petersburg, then pay attention to the parks and gardens. There are a lot of them, and each is unique: big and small, popular and not very, in the center and in the suburbs, old and very young. Photos on the background of ponds, greenery, beautiful sculptures, flowers, well-groomed alleys always turn out fresh and elegant.

Spit of Vasilyevsky Island. Probably the most significant and visited by the newlyweds in the city. From here you can see a beautiful panorama of the Rostral columns, the Exchange building, the Winter Palace, the Peter and Paul Fortress.

Rival for popularity and attendance inThe day of the wedding with the Spit of the Vasilyevsky Island can only be a monument to Peter the First on the Senate Square. Here you can not only take pictures, but also let the pigeons into the sky.

Very often young people choose St. Isaac's Cathedral, Palace Square, Kazan Cathedral, Mikhailovsky Palace for shooting.

places for wedding photosession in St. Petersburg

As a place for a photo shoot in St. Petersburg for a weddingat any time of the year you can recommend the Botanical Garden. In spring, during the flowering of sakura and magnolia, it is especially beautiful. There are several alpine slides and a Japanese garden. Spring flowers bloom in the meadows: daffodils, primulas, primroses, rhododendrons. Even if the celebration takes place in the winter, greens here can be found in the greenhouse. At the end of February, azalea blooms, and in October and November an orchid and bromeliad exhibition is held. In total, about eight thousand plant species grow here.

Sakura is also growing in the Chinese Garden of Friendship onFoundry, 17. Here you can contemplate the Chinese flora - willow, pine, apple. Pagodas, stone benches, dragons, symbols of strength and wisdom, a small bridge, thrown across a pond - will become an unusual colorful decoration for your photos.

Not far from Derzhavin's estate on Fontankais broken unusually quiet and well-groomed Polish garden. Once in here, the first minutes surprised his comfort and tranquility. This garden is rich in various flora. Lovely white arbours and bridges, murmur of water create a peaceful mood. It is usually crowded here. Izmaylovsky Garden is a short walk from here.

unusual places for a photo shoot in St. Petersburg

Unusual places for photo sessions in St. Petersburg

In St. Petersburg there are a few special open locations, suitable for a photo shoot, which can not be ignored:

  • A painted courtyard.
  • Corner of Paris.
  • Pavilion Chapel in the Alexander Park.
  • Mosaic courtyard.
  • Dacha Gauswald.
  • Business Center "Baltic Pearl".

To take your shot at the height, selectplace closer to the sky. The highest in St. Petersburg is the colonnade of the St. Isaac's Cathedral, the belfry of the Smolny Cathedral and the observation platform of the Peter and Paul Fortress. Will your photos be unique? Undoubtedly, because the panorama will be the tops of trees and roofs of houses.

place for a photo shoot in St. Petersburg for a wedding

By the way, about the roofs

Fans can climb up higher you can advisesuch objects as the "Roof" viewing platform, you can admire the city and at the same time be photographed for an unlimited amount of time. Also it is impossible not to mention the salon of Karl Bulla, from the open area of ​​which you can admire Nevsky Prospekt and Sadovaya Street. A few more places, undoubtedly worthy of attention:

  • Sky bar of Azimut Hotel.
  • Panoramic Restaurant Floor-41 of the Leader Tower business center.
  • The roof of the photo studio Skypoint.
  • The MixUp Terrace in the "W Hotel".
  • The open area of ​​the restaurant Terrassa, which offers an amazing view of Nevsky Prospekt and Kazan Cathedral.

A river tram that runs along the rivers and canals of St. Petersburg is great for a photo shoot. Yes, a bit windy, but the views will change every minute.

More and more often as a space for a photo shoot in St. Petersburg choose bridges and embankments

Very interesting in terms of architecture Bolsheokhtinsky, Lazarevsky, Little-Stabled bridges. An unusual building has a three-piece bridge.

It is impossible not to recommend Semimost -unusual in its beauty and mysterious place. There is a belief that if you stand in such a way that you can see all the seven bridges from one point, then the desire is sure to come true. What can we say about the pictures taken here, they turn out magical.

interesting places for photo sessions in St. Petersburg

Extremely beautiful are the Marble, the Cross, the Small Chinese Bridges in Pushkin.

If the weather dictates conditions to you and does not allowhold a photo shoot in the open air, you can always choose several interesting closed locations. For example, the creative cluster "Artmuz" (13 line Vasilevsky Island, 70-72). This place undoubtedly deserves attention. In two buildings there are art galleries, exhibitions, dance, design studios, loft, observation deck. There are bars, cafes, a lounge zone. Each gallery hall has its own unique stylish design.

How about a photo shoot in a submarine?

In St. Petersburg, and such a survey is possible. The submarine "Narodovolets" museum is located at Skipper's channel, 10.

A few more interesting and unusual places where you can hold a photo session:

  • The house of the giant.
  • Bringing Down the House.
  • Museum of Soviet slot machines.
  • Museum complex "The Universe of Water".
  • Interactive museum "Illusion".
  • Museum of the Rise of Machines.
  • Museum of Entertaining Science "Labyrinthum".
  • Mukhinskoye school.
  • Art Cafe "Republic of Cats" will certainly win a place in your heart if you love animals.

And a little bit about ancient mansions

places for photo sessions in St. Petersburg

Lovers of antiquity, moldings, parquets, fireplaces, unique wood carving will undoubtedly be interested in the following objects:

  • Villa Faberge (Aspen Grove, Sandy Highway, 14).
  • The Kelkh Mansion (Tchaikovsky Street, 28).
  • Russian Bank for Foreign Trade (Bolshaya Morskaya Street, 32).
  • The GI mansion. Vega (October embankment, 38).
  • House of Brusnitsyns (Tannery line, 27).
  • Homestead Demidov (lane Grivtsova 1/64).
  • Egyptian House (Zakharevskaya Street, 23).
  • House of the Russian fairy tale (Kolokolnaya street, 11).

Please note that some of the listed buildings are abandoned.

Beautiful places of SPb for photo sessions can be found everywhere.

Believe me, you will get an incredible charge of positive emotions and excellent mood for a long time!

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