How to sew curtains with your own hands? Good advice

Home textile designers call the keythe moment of any interior, and therefore it is advised to take it seriously. Curtains and curtains - the largest in size specimens of home textiles. And you can not go wrong with them. They should be selected, given the overall color scheme, style and purpose of the room. However, some women do not take risks and order the design and manufacture of curtains to professionals. Unfortunately, the cost of decorating the windows is very high. And many housewives, who left the finishing touches to repair, have nothing to do but to sew curtains with their own hands. So, ahead of hours of choice of style and color scale, trips to the shops of fabrics, the purchase of related materials and - the magic of creativity.

how to sew curtains with your own hands

Five simple tailoring options for the top edge

If you are gathered sew curtains by yourself, then readfive options for processing the top edge. All of them are lightweight both in cutting and in sewing. Curtains with this top of the five options are universal, they will look great in any room - from the kitchen to the nursery.

Simple top

The upper edge, as, in fact, the bottom withlateral, fold, press and pierce. Curtains with this top are most often hung on clothespins or hand-stitched eyelets. Using this type of upper edge treatment, you can quickly sew curtains for the kitchen. By the way, do not sew long curtains: today kitchen fashion dictates a shortened style.

to sew curtains for kitchen


This option is chosen by women whothink about the question: "How to sew curtains with your own hands, and so that the assemblies and folds were the same?" Laces, stretched through a special braid, can create a variety of forms of even and clear folds. To four bent and hemmed edges, you just need to sew the braid, and just pull the cord can be trusted and the child.

sew curtains yourself


Curtains "on the straps" look simple, but withtaste. And to sew them is not more difficult than strapping to a dress, well, unless the amount is more. The easiest way is to sew the hinges directly to the top hanger (from the wrong side), but it will be much more beautiful and firmer if the hinge edge is inside the finishing stitch.


Hidden loops

This version of the curtain top has its own charm. The main difficulty is to calculate the size of the loops. Here everything depends on the diameter of the cornice and the density of the fabric. Do not rush, calculate again, before you sew curtains. With your own hands, make a cut. And get down to sewing.



A feature of curtains on the eyelets - plastic ormetal rings - ideal vertical folds. Choose this option boldly - making them is not as difficult as it seems. Cut open holes and snap the two pieces of eyelets - it's five minutes for one ring.

When choosing the style of curtains, consider the overall style of the house. Curtains with beloved lambrequins are one of the elements of Art Nouveau, so in a room dominated by hi-tech, they will look, at least, strange. In addition, each style has its own "favorite" fabrics. So, the classics are heavy, dense curtains, and country, for example, - light and natural curtains. Before you can make curtains with your own hands, make sure that the chosen style and fabric do not contradict the overall interior design.

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