Knit crochet tunic and observe the basic rules

You decided to tie your tunic with your own hands andcreate it not only unique and original, but also the color and size you need, and where to start, do not know? We will consider this issue in detail in our article, we will give all the necessary recommendations that will certainly help you in the execution of the conceived thing.

What are tunics

crochet tunic
Original tunics are knitted not only with knitting needles, butand crocheted. They are made both from thick 100% of cotton yarn, and from thinner threads of the same origin. It is from natural fibers that the beach tunic is crocheted. It turns out to be easy, "breathable" and simply irreplaceable at high temperatures. Such sweaters do not lose their original color and size, even with their frequent wear, which is an undoubted plus.

We choose the appropriate scheme

Schemes for knitting tunics are hugequantity. The choice will depend only on your skill level and on the model that you want to perform on your own. Remember only that if we crochet a tunic, then certainly by the existing scheme. After all, only the correct execution of a thing will lead to a good result.

Knit crochet tunic of a certain length and density

beach tunic crochet
There are sweaters having a length just below the zonebreast, and tunics up to the knee. It depends on the season in which you will wear a knitted thing. For summer it is preferable to fishnet models with a lot of holes. The length of the tunic varies depending on the style. For winter, we knit crochet tunic more dense and long, which will make the thing warm and comfortable in the cold.

Determine the true size of the sweatshirt

Tunic, like other things, knit by certaindimensions that are removed from a person in advance. To do this, use a centimeter tape and record all the results in a notebook. Only after that you can proceed to set the air loop tunic hook and to calculate the true size of the future jacket. To do this, 10 cm air loops are recruited from the selected yarn. The rows are also sent to a height of 10 cm. From the result obtained, it is calculated how many air loops are needed to assemble the whole product or its half, and how many rows are to be connected as a result to obtain the necessary length of the tunic.

We knit a jacket and at the same time decorate

We knit a jacket
Summer tunics decorated with beads are widely knownand beads. Ways of entering these elements are different. This is also the beading of beads after the end of the making of the thing and its embedding itself when performing the azhur. The second method is the most practical and original. It allows you to more carefully fix a bead or beads on a tunic, and also save on decorating elements. Also, such a method looks simply delicious when tying out individual elements of a thing and is considered the most convenient for sectional knitting.

Finish the product

Remember, if we crochet a tunic, performingits individual elements or shelves, then the product is considered finished only after the correct assembly and stitching in certain ways. Collect the model is thread, used for knitting. For stitching, a needle or hook is usually used.

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