Beach tunic. With our hands we create a beautiful and light cloak

The beach tunic is done by itselfeasily. After all, in the process of sewing such a product does not require special accuracy, since it is a wide and simple summer clothes, which is made of chiffon or cotton fabric.

Beach tunic. With our hands we create a beautiful and light cloak

beach tunic
Necessary tools and materials for tailoring:

  • light fabric (it is desirable to purchase a bright chiffon) - two meters (depending on individual sizes);
  • non-thin threads in the tone of the fabric (for originality, contrast can also be used) - one coil;
  • a piece of chalk or dried soap - for cutting out;
  • English pins - for fastening the fabric;
  • scissors sharp - for cutting tissue;
  • sewing machine;
  • any decor elements (beads, thread-elastic bands, laces, decorative shells, etc.).

Beach tunic. With your own hands we make a pattern

Acquired two meters of light and airchiffon or cotton fabric should be bent in half (across) the front side inward. After that, the material must be fastened with English pins so that the main parts do not move during the cutting process. Next, on the underside of the fabric, chalk marks should be placed indicating the middle of the product. Thus, from this line at the fold should be laid in different directions for seven to nine centimeters, and downwards - one hundred and fifty millimeters. These values ​​will further determine the size and depth of the tunic neck.

Then on the fabric (on the side sections)it is necessary to note the approximate width of the sleeve (twenty-five centimeters) and the product itself. By connecting the points with a smooth curving line, you should get two details of the future tunic, which must be carefully cut with sharp scissors, leaving at the edges one centimeter of the allowance for the seams.

beach tunic with your own hands

Beach tunic. With your own hands we sew the product with a thin needle and contrasting threads

Before striking both parts on the sewing machinemachine, they are recommended to sweep with each other with a thin needle and contrasting threads. This is necessary so that the fabric does not move during the treatment, but the product is even and beautiful.

Thus, the lateral incisions should sweep the future tunic, and then bend the bottom so that it does not crumble during socks.

tunics of large sizes
Beach tunic with our own hands: we sew the product on a sewing machine

After manual processing, the sour cream details followstitch on the sewing machine. It is also required to stitch the bottom and gently treat the neck. It is worth noting that in this way you can sew large tunics yourself. To do this, you only need to know the waist size of the person for whom this beach clothing is intended.

To make the tunic more beautiful and attractiveattention to the surrounding people, you can additionally sew small ruches (along the neck), make neat assemblages on the sides, using a string of elastic, and also sew small decorative shells or other liked elements by hand.

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