CVV-code - card key, not accessible to scammers

Buying goods in online stores, paying for airand railway tickets, services of various enterprises, as well as other payments made online, have long become the norm of life for a modern person. The increasing spread of Internet purchases is accompanied by an active growth of fraud. There is a need to come up with new ways to protect bank cards from access to ill-wishers. One of the latest measures taken by payment systems is the CVV-code.

What is this "beast" and where does he live?

CVV-code is the protective numbers printed on the reversethe side of plastic cards of the most popular payment systems. It is located on a strip intended for signature, and consists of three signs. These figures also allow to lower risks for the people making purchases on the Internet.

cvv code

However, not all cards have such protection. Let's take a look at the example of the Visa payment system. So, for unnamed electronic cards, you can simply not find CVV-code. Visa Electron, for example, was originally intended for making electronic payment for purchases through special terminals. In this case, you can determine whether the transaction is being made by the cardholder (a passport is required, a PIN code is entered) or not. Later, some banks started issuing Visa electronic cards with CVV code. However, it is not always possible to make purchases on them through the Internet, it depends on the issuing bank.

The decision to buy depends on the availability of CVV-code

Which cards necessarily have a CVV code? Visa Classic and the category above must necessarily contain three protective numbers on the reverse side. They are located to the right of the owner's signature. In order to pay for such a card services or goods via the Internet, before completing the operation, you will need to enter the CVV code

cvv code

This requirement is due to the fact that anythe Visa card is configured to automatically verify the specified security data. Naturally, in addition to CVV-code, you must also enter basic information about the card and its holder, namely: FII, card number and expiration date.

Be carefull!

Often after the completion of subsequent operations,the service does not request the CVV-code again. For example, it happens when you transfer money in the Skype system. Therefore, the risk of using the information entered is still there. To protect yourself from scammers, after the operation is completed, delete your data from the memory of such services.

CVV-code is not only from Visa, but also from MasterCard,and from American Express. The cards of the first two payment systems are similar in many respects, including this code, which represents three digits on the reverse side of the plastic. At American Express it consists of four digits printed on the front side of the card. Be careful when using this payment tool in public places to prevent information from falling into the hands of intruders.

cvv code visa

How else can you secure your online shopping?

Also it is possible to advise to use forInternet purchases a separate card, the money for which you will transfer if you need to perform such an operation. All the rest of the time she will have zero balance, and the swindler can not withdraw money from there, even if he tries very hard.

There is also a special card for paymentexclusively on the Internet - Visa Virtual. Information about its CVV-code will be available to you immediately at the time of release. It can become additional to any of your existing Visa cards, and the need to enter information about the main payment tool will disappear.

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