Program "Algobit": reviews. "Algobite": negative reviews

"Algobit", reviews about which vary from differenttraders, is an assistant in trade and at the same time is an innovative analytical tool. He is looking for high-volatility assets in the market at any given time. It signals the appearance of a trend that is just beginning to form.

algobite reviews

If you believe the advertising of the product, "Algobit" helps even beginners to earn binary options. Simply following the signals, you can safely day by day accumulate profits.

Creators about their creation

According to the developers, the main advantagethe program is that it is the first to provide the user with profit signals that indicate the beginning of a trend within the current market situation.

"Algobite", reviews of which in most casespositive due to the active work of project partners, is considered to be a revolutionary product in the trade and financial spheres. The program has two awards: "The Best Product in 2012 Financial InnovationAwards (F I A)" and "Best Innovative Technology in 2012". According to the creators of innovation, the program is able to determine the future direction of the trend with a probability of up to 99%.

Quite common is the view that creatorsoverly praise their product, and the real probability of an accurate forecast is kept in the range of 80 to 85%. Too much to believe the figures from advertising, especially in trading on the foreign exchange market, is not worth it. Moreover, reviews of professional traders often leave much to be desired about the Algobit program.

Myth or Reality

If you believe all the information about the program, then with itsYou can not even consider the situation on the market yourself. It's enough just to follow the advertisement. Due to their experience, professional market participants warn newcomers that no automated program will ensure a stable profit. Although it is able to find long-term and short-term trends, its efficiency leaves much to be desired.

Professional traders focus onThe fact that the use of the Algobit system, which the company-creator and partners provided the best, will not yield money without using their own skills and without analyzing the situation. Dry adherence to any adviser is the first step in the way of draining your own deposit.

The sensitivity of the signal is the time for alertness

program algobit reviews

Quite often about the program "Algobit" reviews you canto meet negative. The emphasis in them is on the quality of an adviser, like sensitivity. The specifics of the functioning of this part of the guarantee are kept by the creators in secret. Experienced traders have already figured out this trick. The bottom line is that the more sensitive the system reacts to market changes, the more often it gives false signals. The abundance of weak signals in the market and trading on them does not always end well for the trader. Experience shows that signals from any adviser need to be carefully filtered, taking into account only the strongest in the trade, including those confirmed by other patterns and indicators of programs.

All the subtleties of trading with the program

For successful trading in the market you need to be able to clearly identify the following points:

  • The entry point to the market.
  • The optimal position size.
  • The most favorable moment for closing the deal.

The optimal position size is calculated fromusing fairly precise formulas and has a clear correlation with the size of the deposit. Determining the entry and exit points for the market is exactly what causes the majority of newcomers to trade problems.

In accordance with the advertisement, the OptionBit brokerhas developed an absolutely free program that helps solve the two most difficult issues in the trade. The program "Algobit", reviews on the Internet presented in the best light, works on the basis of algorithms that show the moments of the origin of trends. Doubt is caused by the fact that the security does not require a purchase, but, as you know, it is unprofitable for brokers when all their clients trade in a plus. Moreover, there is an interesting statistics, according to which only 2-3% of the participants in the trade make a profit. The rest lose. The discrepancy of the capitalist truth of the currency market makes one think.

There is no magical adviser

algobit reviews negative

Experienced market participants who, with trade inyou understand perfectly well that there is no single successful strategy or an impeccable advisor. Attracting the attention of newbies "Algobit", the feedback of traders about which, as a result of its testing, is often sharply negative, is not able to replace manual trading. Although the creators are talking about 99% of the tool's effectiveness, in reality it does not give out even 65%.

After preliminary testing, one of thetraders fixed the effectiveness of signals from the program at the level of 52%, which is not even enough to just not lower your deposit. Any trading on the market, including binary options, is a hard and laborious work, which must be approached very seriously.

"Algobite", according to traders, may bea perfect addition to a proven trading strategy, but he is not able to speak in the format of the only tool for analyzing the situation. The capriciousness of the market can not be correctly estimated by the program.

The simplicity of the signal is not the key to success

algobit reviews of traders

The program "Algobit", negative reviews about whichare much less common than positive, very easy to use, which attracts many newcomers to the trade. In the left part of the terminal you can see certain basic assets in combination with the current market price and signal strength. The transaction is opened by pressing the "Start" key. On the right side of the terminal there are statistics on transactions with the size of the trader's earnings inclusive.

All that is required from the trader is carefullyto monitor the strength of the signal, and as soon as it reaches the maximum level, that is, when all the bars (yellow, green and red) are filled, you can safely buy an option for a certain type of asset.

We remind you that feedback about the "Algobit" service fromOptionBit with a negative tinge is often left by beginners. They are indignant about the discharge of the deposit and the incorrect operation of the program. The loss of money is because the software is used outside the strategy. Applying it as an auxiliary tool can help to achieve good results.

Negative feedback on the program

algobit feedback

As with most advisers, the available feedbackabout "Algobit" is often recommended not to use it in trade. People write about the loss of deposits and the completely incorrect operation of the system, thereby repelling newcomers to the market from using the program.

The whole point is that the basis of the automatedsystems are certain indicators that are known to be prone to giving false signals. Experienced market participants know how to filter them, but newcomers blindly follow them, which leads to a gradual reduction in the deposit. Advertising, which promises to everyone who uses the program, to earn a million in the near future, brazenly lies. But the application of the tool in the framework of some profitable strategy will improve the results of trading.

Explicit exaggeration

algobit reviews of professional traders

Studying on the Internet reviews about the program, you canto meet the saying of traders that with its help it is possible to get an average increase in the deposit over an average of two weeks. Someone says about the growth of 230%, somewhere they sound a figure of 350%. There are even clever people who talk about the increase to the base capital as a result of using the system at 720%.

Experienced market participants perfectly understand thatthis is no more than an obvious exaggeration, newcomers blindly believe in promises. In fact, the system is capable of making a profit, albeit small. In combination with other analysis tools, you can safely count, even if not on millions, but on a good 40%, which is a very worthy result of the trade.

Rules for the use of Algobit systems

The program "Algobit", reviews about which are foundboth positive and negative, is able to provide worthy assistance to a beginner trader. Negative feedback - it's just a product of improper operation of the program. It must be remembered that software can not predict changes related to news, which makes its application on the eve of the release of weighty economic data in the calendar ineffective.

review about service algobit from optionbit

Use the tool is better for determininglong-term trends. Strong sensitivity, inherent in the product, leads to the formation of an abundance of false signals in the medium and short term. You should not rush to believe everything that is written on the Internet. To truly evaluate the offer from the broker of binary options, you can, if only independently test and analyze it.

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