Beaver meat is a valuable product and a delicious dish.

Due to the constant preservation of heat - beaverslive in water - animals must take care of the accumulation of subcutaneous fat, so they have a very juicy and fat meat. How to cook beaver meat? Let's consider further.


beaver meat
Carcase my water and cut it with random pieces. Put in a deep container, add a spoonful of lemon juice, a little grated ginger, a scoop of oregano, as well as pepper and salt. Leave in the refrigerator under the film for 30 minutes for marinating. In the meantime, cook broth from the bones of the animal. Add the spices, clean the carrots and onions, fry them and put them in the broth. Boil the bones for 2 hours, then filter and cool the liquid. Pickled beaver meat is fried in a frying pan, we add carrots and onions, as well as spices and herbs. After a few minutes, pour in the broth and stew for about an hour and a half. We serve with vegetables.

Canned stewed meat

how to cook beaver meat
Wash and chop the carcass with chunks, mix witha small amount of pepper and salt, citric acid. Roll the meat of the beaver in flour and fry it well in a frying pan in fat. Add the ingredients to the pan, add the fat, water (you can broth). Peel the onions and carrots, chop the parsley. Add onion, add to meat, send grated carrot and parsley to the grater. Stew until cooked, then add a glass of sour cream and boil again. The ideal side dish for such meat will be boiled potatoes or rice.


how to cook beaver meat

The meat of the beaver is very tasty, but no less interesting,The original and hearty dish is obtained from the tails of the animal. So, a couple of back parts need to be washed and cleaned from the skin. Cut into small pieces and put in glass, clay or enameled dishes. Pour a glass of vinegar and add water so that the liquid completely covers the tails. It is better to do this procedure at night, then in the morning you can start cooking. Then pour out the water and add 4 liters of liquid from the tap. Put on the stove and add spices, garlic, onions, carrots and a glass of rice. Wait for boiling and cook for 20-30 minutes until the cereals are ready. Serve with the addition of tomato paste (sauce) and greens.


Remove from the carcass of the bone, beat the beaver meat. Mix salt, citric acid, pepper and grated garlic, rub the base of the roll with this mixture. Protein to a strong foam (droplet should not drain) and mix it with pieces of plum or apple. Lay on the carcass and roll up a tight roll, it must be tied with threads. Lubricate the meat on all sides with butter and put in a mold or on a baking sheet. Add there a couple of spoonfuls of water and a few leaves of the laurel, bake in the oven for about 90 minutes. Periodically pour the meat on the juice that has appeared on the baking sheet. Ready dish should be cut in circles and can be served as a snack for vegetable salads.


How to properly cook beaver meat, you learnedfrom the text of the article, of course, these are not all existing recipes. The carcass of the animal can be stuffed with rice or cranberries, twisting the meat can be made cutlets or meatballs in flavored sauce. If desired, you can even smoke - it all depends on your imagination and desire to create and surprise your loved ones and guests.

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