Cat's eye stone: properties, description

Stone cat's eye, whose properties are unique,has a fibrous structure. It is thanks to it in the mineral is observed such a unique effect. Thin and parallel fibers contribute to the reflection of light at a certain angle. As a result, a strip appears, and the mineral becomes like a cat's eye. This effect is possessed by quartz and chrysoberyl, tourmaline, fibrolite, topaz and pink opal. The most valuable is cymophane.

stone cat's eye properties
The strip in it glows blue. In addition, it is able to change the shade depending on the amount of light that falls on it. In the afternoon it is green, and at night - red, pink, brown.

The stone is a cat's eye. Properties

The stone is widely used. Its properties can be used in a variety of situations. As an assistant for various diseases, it perfectly suits those who suffer from bronchial asthma, severe colds and any disturbances in the respiratory system. It will be useful to put on even children with angina. This way you can avoid complications, and the disease itself will be easier and faster.

magical properties of the cat's eye

Stone cat's eye (its properties were knowneven ancient healers) is used for violations of the gastrointestinal tract. It is able to stop the inflammatory processes in the body, normalizes low blood pressure and helps with kidney disease. For those who work long hours at the computer, this mineral is simply irreplaceable. He relieves fatigue, struggles with insomnia and gives strength.

It should be borne in mind that the properties of the stone inDepending on the shade, they may intensify or weaken. Mineral helps to get rid of nervous tension and will be useful in the treatment of mental illness. Such unique therapeutic properties have a cat's eye.

A stone whose magical properties were notedOur ancestors, has a strong influence on its owner. Those people who wear it will always attract the attention of others and arouse their sympathy. Uncertain in himself he will give determination and firmness. He protects a person from treason of any kind. The stone of the cat's eye, whose properties are mostly positive, is able to influence the character of a person. Its owner will become more peace-loving and friendly.

cat's eye stone properties photo

It is very useful to wear this stone to adolescents. Gem protects them from troubles and negativity, which is typical for a given age. Thanks to the mineral, young people are easier to adapt to society and easier to enter adulthood. The stone perfectly suits diplomats, teachers, artists, writers, artists, musicians. Such people often experience emotional upheavals, and the stone will smooth them and return to the person the lost calmness.

Such signs of the zodiac as Cancer, Pisces, Scorpio,astrologers advise you to wear a cat's eye (stone). Properties (photos show how varied it is) its most suitable for these people. The main thing is not to wear other stones.

The cat's eye has a strong connection with its owner and helps him in all endeavors.

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