Caution, power suction! How to protect yourself from evil people?

Man is a social being.We all live among our own kind. We are surrounded by people of a different nature, mentality and worldview. Some are always ready to support us in aspirations, endeavors, they are a support in difficult situations. Communication with such people, of course, generates a whole bunch of pleasant emotions and sensations. However, where there is good, it can not do without evil. Another category of social society is vampires. No, do not worry, they are not such vampires who come to their victims at night and kill them, sucking blood from them. The vampires we are talking about are emotional. They are able to take away the strength of other people by their attitude towards them. They make the hopeless pessimist out of the most optimistic optimist. Let's find out how to protect ourselves from evil people.

How to protect yourself from evil people
Caution, power suction!

Unfortunately, in the household and, especially, in theprofessional sphere, we have to face people who have negative experiences. By directing their negative impulses to others, they make them "slaves" of their painful reactions. They internally devastate a person, he does not have any desire to engage in this or that important business. And this disgrace will not stop until you take any measures yourself. Today, written a whole methodological recommendations on how to protect themselves from evil people. There are several most common ways. For a successful result, you must try very hard to break your inner psychological barrier. So, what are these ways?

How to protect yourself from evil people. Guidelines

  1. Try to reduce your communication with them to a minimum: either move away from emotional vampires in general, or try to stay with them.
  2. If you are compelled to communicate with them, then never expose your emotions to them. Communicate in an even and calm tone. This will make you uninteresting for them.
  3. Any vampire likes to talk about yourself - it generates strong emotions on your part, and, hence, "food" for him. Be sure to change the subject of the conversation.
  4. Do not resort to advice received from evil people. By the way, they always behave differently than they advise!
    How to protect yourself from evil eye and envy

How to protect yourself from evil eye and envy

  1. Soul at the castle. Do not open your soul and do not share your impressions (luck, successes, achievements) with unfamiliar people.
  2. Holy water. Wash with consecrated water. Wet her temples, lips and forehead. Add it to the bath when taking a shower.
  3. Mascot. If you are a religious person, the best way to protect yourself from evil people, and also from their envy and evil eye, will be a cross. The rest of the people will use talismans and amulets.
    how to protect from witchcraft

How to protect yourself from witchcraft

Wizards and witches do not slumber!They send to good people spoilage or various sorcerous charms, under the influence of which a person withers. Of course, the most common type of witchcraft in our time is spoilage. How not to succumb to its impact?

  1. Do not scatter your photos! Do not give them all in a row. Do not leave them to former friends, wives and husbands.
  2. Do not pick up any items (even the most valuable ones) lying, for example, at a crossroads. Perhaps this is already filmed corruption, which can pass to you.
  3. Never touch a coin if it lies on the threshold of your apartment (for example, in the corner between the wall and the door). Mark her with a broom away!
  4. Do not step over all sorts of "podklady" with damage - balls of wool, hair, bird feathers, threads and so on.
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