Sleep, foreshadowing pregnancy. Prophetic dreams for women

Onyrology is a science that deals with the study of dreams. About prophetic visions are written whole treatises. There are real cases when dreams helped in life. About dreams mentioned in all known religions, since antiquity. There is a description of how Maha Maya, the woman who gave birth to the Buddha, before his conception saw a white elephant in a dream. In the Quran it is stated that Amina Bint Vahb saw a vision of a growing green tree. Such a dream predicted an early conception.

dream beautiful

In the Christian religion, conception and birth are alwaysforeshadowed through the vision. And not necessarily those dreams dreamed mothers. About the birth of the Virgin Mary prophetic dream dreamed of her father Joachim. And the next day and his wife Anne. Although they were elderly people and were no longer hoping for the miracle of a child's birth.

Mankind is used to seeking explanations of its ownvisions. The first mention of interpreters of dreams appeared on the papyri of ancient Egypt. There are whole treatises on the symbolism of night visions, foreshadowing important events: marriage, conception, birth.

Young girls and women of naturesubconscious are focused on motherhood. Disputes over whether dreams can portend pregnancy, have not been conducted for a long time. After such a vision, a woman wakes up with a persistent feeling of early conception.

What dreams foreshadow pregnancy? Now we'll figure it out.

A fish

First of all, great importance is attached todreams with live fish. Pictures in which she is present in a pond can be regarded as a sign to a young girl about the imminent conception. The most reliable sign is that if the fish is being talked to, the language is shown, accompanied by a smile or a laugh.

watermelon in a dream

Catch this inhabitant of the river with your bare hands inclean, transparent water is another indisputable feature. Usually these kinds of dreams are foreshadowing pregnancy twins. And if the catch is successful and the fish is not caught alone, the number of individuals predicts the number of children that a woman will have in her life.

Buy a living inhabitant of the river nearthe seller is a man or a woman - a hint at the sex of the child. What else determines if a girl or boy is born? The species of the fish indicates on the floor. Perch, carp or carp are symbolic of the boy, burbot, catfish and pike - this is a hint at the appearance of the girl.

Sometimes a close relative (mother or sister),which does not wait for the addition, can see a prophetic dream. The fish, floating in the direction of the raging mother, makes it clear who the message is meant for. What does it mean to talk with a friend on the shore of a pond with a splashing carp or trout? Such a dream symbolizes for the girl not her pregnancy, but the one with whom there was a conversation.

Fried fish can also mean a hint ofpregnancy. But in this case, it must necessarily be tasty and juicy. There is a fried fish should the girl herself or her chosen one. A clearer sign will be if a joint meal with a dish is to be seen.

The plot of a girlfriend's or wife's pregnancy canTo dream to the man. Usually it's a dream about a pond with clean water, in which there are a lot of fish. Especially good if it gaily splashes and jumps out of the water. Another prophetic vision is fishing with a rich catch where the fish are removed from the hook with bare hands.

It happens that in a dream there is a pond, and itsinhabitants, but it is interpreted as a negative dream. Fish was caught by a girl, but missed (slipped out of hands), such a message foreshadows a miscarriage. But still, even if you saw this, do not get upset and adjust yourself to the negative.


What else can dreams represent, foreshadowingPregnancy, except fish? Visions related to water. For example, be on the shore of a transparent pond and see the bottom, to wade a river or stream with a calm current. Wash with cold clear water. And also see the pool, bath, pond, aquarium with a clean, not turbid water.

Talk about an interesting situation

There can be a dream about visiting a gynecologist, wherea joyful message is announced. Or an ultrasound procedure showing the presence of the fetus. In such visions the child's sex is sometimes pronounced, the date of birth is indicated. Some mothers even recognize the baby's name. It is good if in such dreams bright light, pleasant atmosphere, smiles on the faces of the interlocutors or the presence of joyful notes in the voice.


Dreams in which eggs are taken from under the chicken or come out of the coop with them in hand, as well as buying or picking up in the store - these are symbols of an imminent pregnancy.

dream prediction of pregnancy

The number of them in such visions does not indicate the number of children. If you break an egg in a dream, it warns about the possibility of a miscarriage.


In popular beliefs, this bird, most likely, migrated their prophetic dreams. To see a stork in a dream is a dream that foreshadows pregnancy. This is believed by the Finns, the Irish, the Greeks and the inhabitants of modern Egypt.

Round objects

Play in a dream in volleyball or basketball -these are signs of a future pregnancy. Football in this category is not included, in a dream the ball must necessarily be taken by hand. You can also include games in bowling in a dream, where by the number of pins you can recognize the sex of the child (even points to the boy, and the odd one points to the girl).


Visions in which children are present do not speakthat it is a dream foretelling a pregnancy. Such pictures are often seen in women on demolitions that are worried about the result of childbirth. In these dreams, the mother can see the color of her hair, hear the voice and understand what sex the child is. The age of the child can be very different. Sometimes such a dream is not remembered immediately. After birth, at a certain stage, at some point the vision comes up in memory and the mother vaguely remembers that she already saw and experienced it somewhere.


Dolphin - a symbol of joy, happiness and goodnews. For women who have problems with conception, this marine life means the long-awaited glad tidings. Well, if you are swimming in the sea, stroking and hugging the dolphin. If you see this animal in the pool performing tricks, it should be taken as a sign that it is worth changing the environment, agree to move or change jobs.


Apples are a symbol of joyful excitement and abundance.Red fruits in green foliage mean that nothing threatens well-being. Dream beautiful about the flowering apple trees, symbolizing a large harvest, dreams of a happy childbirth. Collect the ripe apples in the hem of the dress - to the soonest conceit.


Pomegranate and fruit in Greece and according to the presentthe day is considered a symbol of fertility. In dream books, they are described as a symbol of the birth of a new life. But only if you tear off a grenade. If in a dream there are grains of such fruit, then it foretells temptations and temptations.


Watermelons symbolize the mother's womb.But not all interpreters come to this opinion to a single opinion. In biblical interpretations, this berry is a forerunner of an early conception. There is a modern interpretation of if you saw a watermelon in a dream. Why dream of such a berry? There are two explanations. Young girls such a dream speaks of their imminent marriage. To patients such vision promises fast correction and recovery. For men who are engaged in business and business, dreams with this berry promise a quick receipt of goods or money. And what does it mean to choose a watermelon in the market in a dream? Why dream like that? For women - to gossip and gossip, for men - to skirmishes and conflicts at work.


Mice are not very fond of women.And they do not like to see them in a dream, it seems to them an omen of troubles. Although it's quite the opposite. To dream of a small mouse, like chickens, borrow, puppies, means children. Another interpretation of such a vision is their early appearance. Children's toys of any kind, as well as to see a mouse in a dream toy for a woman with children, means the next addition.


Dreams in which mushrooms are collected are in equaldegree of good sign for men and women. Couples who are already desperate to have children, the mushrooms are dreamed as a symbol of the reward for patience. For young people, such a dream is a hint of an active sexual life, which can lead to a partner's pregnancy. Therefore, if you do not plan for children yet, do not forget to protect yourself.


Seeing yourself in a pregnant woman does not mean at all that this is a dream prophetic. Our subconscious seldom sends clear and clear images that take place in real life.

dream fish

But to see a pregnant girlfriend in a dream - a signthe fact that, most likely, the dream will come true. This girl will soon find out about her situation or will share with you a joyful message. Unmarried ladies of dreams, in which they are pregnant, dream about cheating and warn of danger. For a married, this vision is treated differently: to an early large purchase.

To see in a dream an unknown pregnant woman - to profit and prosperity in the family.

To give birth in a dream is a good sign forwomen who are engaged in building plans for the future. Sleep means that everything will be fulfilled, but you will have to suffer. Taking births from another woman is a hint of quick difficulties and problems. Sometimes a pregnancy dreams of an increase in wages or inheritance.


What else can you see a dream, foreshadowingpregnancy? A vision in which there are spiders. Also, a dream in which a spider's web on its head fell, is a harbinger of pregnancy. Butterflies are also considered to be messengers of conception.


Some colors, seen in dreams, are attributed to the significance of an early pregnancy.

dreams predicting pregnancy other than fish

For example, a lotus flower on the water surface or whengo into the water and pick flowers. Vasilek is a sign of an interesting situation soon. Therefore, if you saw a beautiful dream, where a whole bouquet of cornflowers or forget-me-nots is presented, you can prepare for the addition.

Items caught in a glimpse

There are a number of indirect hints on the soon-to-be joyful event. Here you can relate items that were seen in a flash, on which attention was not focused.

what dreams foreshadow pregnancy

It can be a baby rattle, a crib,toy doll, raspashonka, booties, nipple, baby bottle. Pregnancy also dreams of choosing a new dress, especially if it is blue, as well as peace, peace in the house and a pleasant sensation of someone's presence.

Emotions at the moment of awakening

The emotional situation is very important at the momentawakening. A sense of joy and a good mood is the best indicator that a dream is positive. But the feeling of anxiety at the moment of awakening is not always an indicator of bad events in the near future. Perhaps your fears and fears that you are trying to suppress find a way out in your dreams. Maybe, before going to bed, drink a soothing decoction, take a warm bath, help the body to relax as much as possible. Peace in the soul will bring peace and into your dreams.

to see a mouse in a dream

The famous astrologer and prophet Nostradamussaw a lot of prophetic dreams. This he explained with a heightened sense of his intuition. These abilities, to varying degrees, he attributed to all mankind. Hints on many events we see in our dreams, but discarded in the morning, considering unnecessary information.


Now you know what you can dream,foreshadowing pregnancy. But such visions can not be called a standard. Each consciousness is individual. Someone does not wait for joyful news, and someone is afraid of a possible conception. All these emotions migrate to our subconscious. And we begin to see what we want or what we fear.

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