The fall from the height - what does the dream book say? Height in a dream, what does it mean?

One of the most horrible dreams, which, perhaps,dreamed to everyone, is a dream in which a person falls from a height down. What does height mean in a dream and how it is interpreted by various dream books, we learn from this article.

dream dream height

French dream book

According to the tradition of this dream book, falling down meansvarious kinds of difficulties and problems. It is important in this case, what happens after the person fell. If he rose, then the dream promises victory and a favorable outcome of events in reality. But if the fall from the height ended tragically, and the person could not rise, then in reality we have to wait for misfortunes and bad news.

Explanatory dream book

In accordance with the interpretation given by this dream interpretation, falling down should be understood as an insult that will be inflicted on you in the near future. Probably, your reputation will be damp.

Female dream book

The fall from the height of the female dream book isan indication that soon you will have to solve any problems. However, this story promises you that you will manage. However, if you fall hard during a fall, then awake be prepared for serious material losses or even for parting with people close to you.

dream to fall from a height

Psychoanalytic dream book

Very multifaceted interpretation suggestspsychoanalytic dream book. Height and fall from the height of it are interpreted as a shaky situation in reality, the presence of problems and setbacks. In addition, the fall is seen in it as a symbol of falling under adverse influence or simply under the power of your enemies. As a symbolic burial, such a dream can mean and quick death - so this suggests to understand this dream book. Falling from the height for women, in addition to the above, can mean sexual intercourse. This interpretation is due to a number of physiological associations, as well as from the definition of "fallen woman".

to be afraid of height in a dream

If in your dreams you see how from a height fallsanother person, this is understood as the unmanifested desire of death. However, for a man, this may have another meaning, namely, the latent desire to possess a fallen woman, according to this dream book. To jump from a height, having first ascended to the hill, is a sign of an instinctive fear of one's own inflated ambitions, a fear of failure and failure. Also, falling can mean a transition from an active action to a passive state of waiting, a change of mindset. If you fall into the bottomless abyss, then her dream book suggests to understand as the abyss of your loneliness or despair. An alternative variant of the interpretation of the abyss is the subconscious. That is, falling into an abyss in a dream implies that you have to experience the need to find contact with your unconscious, to feel the need to deepen the standard of living.

Dream Medea

As a warning about future misfortunessuggests to understand the fall of this dream book. To fall from a height in a dream means the loss of material wealth, reputation or status in reality. Also this dream can mean that your secret will be revealed and you will be exposed. If you fall in a pit, then this may mean, in addition to the above, an early illness. To be afraid of heights in a dream and even to wake up in the fall is a good sign, which says that everything starts to get better.

Sonnik Miller

If you fall in a dream when you are injured, thenit is an omen of any loss in reality. Maybe even that, and betrayal from friends. To be afraid of height in a dream is considered a good sign, especially if you fall. Such fear promises you victory in the fight against your problems and future success.

falling from height

Psychological dream book

As such, falling in a dream is considered a signheightened anxiety, if you believe what this dream book says. Height means your fear and willingness to surrender to difficulties. You tend to give in, and if you have not already done so, then the dream shows your hesitation. Also, such a dream can mean a loss of self-control, a feeling of helplessness, despair.

The Dream of Azar

This dream interpretation is a positive interpretation. The height, or rather the fall from it, is interpreted as promotion, career growth, expansion of the sphere of influence and so on.

The American dream book

According to this dream book, the fall from the height isa symbol of falling when trying to learn to walk. Such dreams reflect your attempts to cope with reality, find your place in life and solve your problems. In addition, according to this dream book, the height is a sign of your insecurity in yourself and your own strengths.

English dream book

This dream book has four optionsinterpretation of sleep, in which you have to fall from a height. According to the first meaning, a dream speaks of the loss and loss of your current status. The second option is more specific and suitable only for those who are experiencing a state of falling in love. Sleep in this case is interpreted as vain attempts to tie the relationship - they still end up in nothing. The third meaning is connected with the management of trade matters and with business. In general, financial losses and a difficult period - this is what the dream book portrays for businessmen. The height and the fall from it, according to the fourth interpretation, mean a shipwreck and an unfortunate journey. This is especially true for those who are going to travel by water. The greatest negative value in this case is a dream when you have to jump into the water from a height.

dream dream jump

East dream book

How a good sign is understood by this dream booka dream in which, when you fall down, you experience fear. This means that your problems will be solved safely. Worse, however, things are, if you fall into the abyss. In this case, you will have to wait for losses and worsen relationships with loved ones. The same thing means a dream, in which, if you fall, you hurt yourself.

Idiomatic dream book

In this case, the interpreter proposes to goby means of associations with expressions such as "low to fall" and "to sink to the very bottom". This means that sleep should be understood as a sign of internal degradation of the person. There is, however, another side, based on the expression "go down to earth." From it the second interpretation of sleep is derived, which speaks of the acquisition of a sense of reality awakened in human realism.

The Imperial Dream Book

In general, the imperial dream book offers to understandfall from height as an illustration of own inadequacy in the developed situation. This dream says that all actions taken in reality are meaningless, and chaos reigns in your head. Sleep also illustrates your spiritual decline, loss and stupidity. At the level of physiology can also foreshadow the diseases of the kidneys, liver and spleen.

jump into the water from a height

Icelandic dream book

The interpretation of this dream book is unequivocal. So, he suggests to understand the fall down as a loss of honor in reality.

The Italian dream book

According to the Italian dream book, falling down cantalk about your underlying fear of losing your current status and career achievements. He also says that because of this you are under the influence of others and do not own yourself to the fullest. Another possible meaning is associated this dream with death. Either in the sense that you are experiencing a strong fear of death or a serious illness, or as an indicator of the death of some of your relationships, plans or desires. Also, a dream in which a person sees himself as falling can tell him about his inability to stand firmly on his feet - in the figurative meaning of the word. Sleep can also be regarded as an allegory of the collapse of erotic hopes and desires associated with someone.

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