Panel from wallpaper - a work of art

For those who want to revive the walls, give moods and dynamics to the interior, wallpaper from the wallpaper is the most expedient option. It will fit in any room and kitchen.

What is a panel

This is a decorative wallpaper on paper ornon-woven base. Textured material is glued to the canvas. The process is somewhat more complicated than conventional coating production, but at a price it is quite affordable. Images on the panels can be very different: flora and fauna, a rural landscape or a children's merry-go-round. The drawing should not merge with the wallpaper. If they are bright enough, then the panel is better to choose quiet tones.

wallpapers from wallpapers

Wallpaper for decorating the kitchen wall can simulate a wine cellar, an Italian landscape or a Chinese tea ceremony.

Material for liquid wallpaper allows you to make a choicefrom a rich color palette. Luminous in the dark, the polymer crumb will give originality and mysterious applications. The relief of the panel will add stylishness and refinement. Of the liquid wallpaper to create an excellent application can be on the most uneven wall. Even a beginner designer can do a beautiful geometric ornament, which will transform the room.

Decorative panels can act aspattern, background, panel. It will attract attention, so its choice must be approached very carefully. A high-quality panel from ordinary wallpaper is distinguished by the presence of a certain energy. He rightly can be attributed to works of art.

Room Design

Panel from the wallpaper is chosen, based on the interior and the task. Such an ornament can focus on a certain design subject or emphasize the general style of the situation.

The panel from the wallpaper will add individuality and depthany interior. For minimalism, the picture "Window overlooking the metropolis" is suitable, the Mediterranean mood will be reflected in the form of images of shell rock or light sand, for modern, you can choose soft colors. Against the backdrop of the wallpaper, reflecting the masonry of natural stone or tiles, it will look good falshkem. It should be finished in the same style.

picture from wallpaper

Wall panels from wallpaper, photos of whichpresented above, can be made from the remains of wallpaper with a neutral pattern and arranged separately, for example, above the sofa, and the gallery along the entire wall, say, in the corridor.

Dimensions and functionality

Using the panel allows you to divide the wall intopart, on its background you can put a mirror or picture. The dimensions of these decor elements can be different, but the distance between them must be the same.

decorative panel on the wall wallpaper

Before you start, you need to choose a place forthe main panel. It can be placed on the ceiling, then the height of the room will visually increase. To simplify the task, first draw a plan, which denotes windows, doors, built-in furniture and other features. Then choose the place where the panel will be located, and specify the dimensions.

Liquid wallpaper for a panel

They combined the characteristics of papercoating and plaster. From such a composition, you can make a beautiful decorative panel on the wall. The wallpaper, though called liquid, is sold in the form of a powder of different colors. In the instruction explaining how to make a wallpaper from the wallpaper, it is provided for its mixing with water.

a panel of liquid wallpaper

Unique properties are due to thecomposition of cotton, cellulose, dyes, fungicides, acrylic dispersion, plasticizer, wool fibers, mother of pearl and other components. To make a panel of liquid wallpaper, you need to choose from three types. They are silk, cellulose and mixed. The first is more expensive, but they have a longer service life, they are more resistant to ultraviolet radiation.

Advantages of liquid wallpaper

  • The surface does not require careful alignment.
  • Equally well applied to horizontal and vertical surfaces.
  • Joints do not have a covering.
  • The material is antistatic.
  • Fungicides prevent the appearance of fungus.

Such material is pleasant in work, it does not dust and does notrequires expensive equipment to be applied. If you want to remove the liquid wallpaper from the wall, it is enough to wet and remove them with a spatula - very convenient for repair. You can only remove some of the material, and then apply a new layer.

The disadvantages include high cost, drying time (24 hours) and the need to cover them with varnish in rooms with high humidity (bathroom, kitchen).

Panel from liquid wallpaper

First prepare the surface:

  • For a concrete-lime wall - putty with gypsum mixture, primer for deep impregnation and two layers of Vdak (white).
  • For wood (plywood, MDF, particleboard) - alkyd primer (GF 021) and VDAK.
  • For gypsum board - putty with gypsum mixture and two layers of white water-dispersive acrylic paint.
  • The oil paint is cleaned, the surface is treated with a plaster mixture and two layers of Vdak.

When the site for the panel is prepared, simpleUse the pencil to apply the selected pattern. Then make the mixture. In a plastic container, pour water and pour into it wallpaper powder and the right colors. Thoroughly place and leave for 12 hours to completely dissolve and swell.

how to draw a wallpaper

When the mixture has reached the required condition, you canto start creating a masterpiece. Plastic trowel put the material on the drawing so that it closes the contour. Rubber trowel gently push the mixture inside the border. On adjacent parts of the pattern, the material is applied alternately, as it dries (3 hours).

To the finished product you can add pearls, sequins, mark out the contour with a marker.

The panel made of liquid wallpaper looks particularly impressive with gold threads. Avant-gardists can create interior elements in the form of bright multi-colored spots.

liquid wallpaper

The thickness of the panel depends on the structure of the wallpaper. Cellulose lay down in a layer of 3 mm, and tissue - in 5 mm.

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