We make a homemade lamp to decorate the interior and the most common materials

Desire to get out of the standards and bring to yourhome interior is something special, original and exclusive, made by own hands, is inherent in many. Most often these desires are embodied in the manufacture of home textiles (curtains, bedspreads and carpets), small decorative gizmos and furniture elements. Let's try to make a homemade lamp and decorate their bedroom or children's room. Is it difficult? Not at all. The main thing is to have a great desire, some tools and materials. For this kind of work, you will definitely need an electric fittings (chuck, cord and plug), as well as a lamp shade or a lampshade.

1. Do it yourself lamp from a glass jar for canning (one-, two- or three-liter), everything here depends on the size of the future lamp. So, you need a can, a metal cover, a cord with a plug and a switch, a cartridge and, of course, a beautiful lampshade, which can be made from an old wire frame, wrapped in a new silk case or crocheted.

Retreating from the bottom of the banks for five to seven centimeters,we make a small hole in its wall with a drill and glue it with a thin plastic tube, cut lengthways to seal a sharp edge, or simply we grind it. Now the bank needs to be zadekorirovat. This is a very good reason to show artistic imagination. For example, paint glass with stained-glass paints, glue the side surface with small mosaic tiles (PVA glue) and seal the inter-mosaic seams with a special trowel. Having finished the external decor, pass through the hole in the wall of the cord, pull it through the neck up. If the decorative design is not heavy enough to weight the structure, a layer of sand is poured onto the bottom of the can. Then we wind the metal cover, previously painted with decorative paint, in its center we make a hole and pass through it a cord on which we attach a cartridge with two rings for fastening the lampshade. The base of the cartridge must be slightly recessed into the hole made in the lid. We put on the prepared lampshade or a glass ceiling.

You can differentiate the bank in a different way. For example, leave the glass transparent, and inside pour colorful glass beads or beads, shells or pebbles. First we pull the cord inside the jar, and then fill it with a decor. We put on our homemade luminaire lid, attach the plafond and install the lampshade.

2. Now try to make a ceiling lamp for the bedroom. It differs in that it gives a pleasant diffused light, which does not irritate the eyesight, and creates in the interior a relaxing cozy atmosphere. You can make the lamp itself as follows. In the center of the ceiling, mark the square with the sides about a meter. At the corners of this square to the ceiling we attach four decorative hooks with a length of at least 10 cm. Attach several small cartridges to the central ceiling wire, laying them spirally inside the intended square and attaching to the ceiling brackets. Instead of cartridges, you can use the base of a flat ceiling lamp. From the translucent fabric with a suitable pattern for the interior we cut out a square with sides of 1 m. We cut the edges of the fabric with a ruler. In the corners of the resulting panel we make holes and insert small eyelets for curtains. Previously, you need to determine the location for the eyelets, taking into account that the fabric attached to the hooks on the ceiling should be well stretched. Finished color lampshade hooks on hooks. Homemade lamp on the ceiling is ready.

Making out the interior of the apartment, it is worth decorating itoriginal objects made independently. It is important here that they be made accurately and skillfully. Do not take difficult things, if there is not enough skill for this. A homemade lamp in a bedroom, a nursery or in the kitchen can successfully complement the interior, bringing to it an identity and a special cosiness.

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